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Window Home Server Compatible with Itune?

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I am thinking about converting one of my old Pentium 4 Dell PC into A NAS using Window Home server software. Based on all of my research, it seems like a win-win situation for my need. First, I recycle my old PC for minimal cost (compared to Thecus N5200 B Pro at $700), and I am not limited to number of hard drives and hardware.


Now, I am not sure if it would work with Itune library? I have not seen this mentioned in any reviews. Do you see any reasons why it would not work?





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My music PC runs both foobar and Itunes, sourcing the tracks from a HP EX470 Mediasmartserver (MSS) running Windows Home Server - ~4900 tracks, ripped mostly in AAC, but with increasing 24/96 FLAC and the odd HRx file as well...


The machines are linked via a hard ethernet connection running through a Dlink-N router - Wi-Fi should also work.


On the PC, I mapped selected server folders as network drives, and pointed the music players at them...


The MSS is also running Squeeze center - for smooth operation this requires upgrading its RAM to 2GB - with output to a Squeezebox/Duet.


Pls revert if further clarification is required.




Speakers: Avalon Acoustics Indra; Preamp: Spectral Audio DMC-30SS; Amps: Spectral Audio DMA 360v2 Monoblocks; Analog Cables: MIT Oracle; Power Cables: MIT Oracle; Digital: Bespoke Server [AO WinS16, HDPlex 400 LPS, Pachanko Loom, JCAT FEMTO NET & USB Card / Regen Isolator --> Vivaldi DAC and Clock [ChordMusic Clock Cables; Vertere HB Pulse USB]; Racks: Finite Elemente Pagode Edition HD4 and HD9 Amp Supports. Power: Shunyata Triton v3; DPC-6 v3

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