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Hi all,


Hopefully, this won't be too tedious a question...


Over the past year, I've put together a reasonable system that looks like this:


laptop > original NuForce > HK3490 > Paradigm Atoms and Hsu Sub


Although I am quite happy with the set-up, I have acquired that audiophile disease where I'm thinking of how to step it up. My questions is, what would be the best thing to start saving up for next?


Here are some options I'm thinking about:


1) Buying a decent usb/spif converter so I can utilize the dac in the HK.


2) Buying an HRT streamer to replace the NuForce (analog into the HK)


3) Saving a little longer and buying a Dacmagic, Peachtree dac, or V-dac II (how much of a difference would I hear?)


4) Really saving up (couple years) and buying an amp in the 1K range. or different speakers or...


Any of these options look better than others? Or should I be thinking of something else entirely?





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