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Current Activities ...


Having a hard time tuning into organising an optical waveform 'cleaner' for the Edifiers ... I know what needs to be done, but my loss of energy in recent times is making my interest in sorting the technical design not intense enough to follow through, right now - yes, I could just buy something, and tweak that to get the job done. But that's not the point ... the goal is a low cost solution, commensurate with the cost of the audio components on either side of the conditioner; and requires most effective use of easily available, excellent value for money parts. This is not trivial - and hence the delay ...


In the meantime, :), experimenting with ways to get the DVD player to deliver a better waveform over optical, by how it's operated. Warmup, and changing the sequence of operations to start play makes a big difference; and have evolved a pattern that gives good results. First of all, reload the first CD multiple times; which stabilises that side of the mechanical areas. Then, jump through all the tracks on mute, to the end and back - this exercises that part of the player's assemblies ... and only then, hit play. And do this routine for every new disk that's put in.


Tiresome? You bet!! Sometimes this is still not enough; a track will show signs of sub-par SQ - and for some reason, to do with how the machine's electricals alter with its operation, hitting pause and then skipping up and down quite a few tracks, with a final skip to the track not up to par, and starting play again, 'refreshes' the machine ... and SQ is back to a good standard, again.


Again, why? Well, the implementation of a low cost player means many electrical areas are borderline "good enough" - and doing things to 'wake up' the circuits can be of benefit - equivalent to revving a car engine "to clear its throat", when it's running roughly :).


Of course, adding that waveform cleaner will make the need for this fiddling go away. But this interim, workaround kludge means that I can get satisfying playback right now, without jumping through hoops I'm not motivated to tackle yet, ^_^.

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Have I got further than the first post here? ... Nope! And doesn't time fly!!! :D


Still in the place where getting the planets to align is the issue - and yesterday was no better, no worse than usual ... found a solder joint in one of the mains filter add-ons had gone bad, at some stage, which meant a dip in the SQ. The big problem is, that to secure optimum playback, then everything in the chain has to be working at least to some, necessary level; some parts of the chain are less 'accurate' than others by virtue of a whole series of factors: the design, the implementation, the accessibility to being tweaked, etc - what the ultimate aim is, for any rig, is to have a large "margin of error"; that is, that any link in the chain can be having "a bad day!", but the subjective SQ doesn't suffer noticeable from that - obviously, if it gets too bad, somewhere, then it will be obvious that there is an issue, but the margin for each link should have enough fat in it to give good listening, for a normal below par situation.


This is a large part of the, er, Art :). And the goal of getting robustness in a setup is the hardest to attain - if one is happy to enjoy good days, and suffer bad days, then there is no problem! But my journey is To Get Answers ... and I'm pretty certain that's how it will be, to the last day I fool around with audio ...


How it tends to go, is that one tries an "average" recording. Hmm, sounds good - now try a more difficult one. Okay, still fine, so go for the "real hard ones". Not bad, now try some volume on it - uh, oh ... Not Happy! I've pushed the system, in its current status, juuuust a bit too far - the cracks are showing!


Does this mean, I've hit that notorious, "bad recording" ??! :P No!! I know how good that recording should be to listen to - and my testing has revealed the playback is not up to scratch - at this moment!


So, it's Back To Work ... the journey continues ...

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