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The where and why - a time and place to build



Some three years ago I resided in the state of California. ...  


After arriving in Nampa it was time to get serious and find a place that would house my ideal system. This actually became an obstacle as just about every older home my wife and I looked at were not planned well for an entertainment room. I mean, low or high ceilings? Hard or soft carpeted flooring? And then there was the main issue the wall for the entertainment system. Floor plans, arrrggghhh for new homes I could not find an entertainment room which was ideally planned out for an entertainment system. There was seemingly always that one oddity, maybe a window on the wall the Television might be against or a door and even a fireplace in one corner or the middle of the ideal wall. Amazing to me that so many floor plans lack forethought on an entertainment room. 


From here lemme jump to some pictures of the floor plan I decided upon. I ended up with what I wished for. High ceilings, open floor plan, and hard flooring [I like lively sounding rooms] as well as a wall to actually place the entertainment system against. 


Skipping lots of pictures of the house build these are some pics that are relevant to the entertainment area:


High vaulted ceilings




Smurf tube ran in wall to hide wiring to display equipment




Dedicated power lines for the entertainment system alone




Extra insulation




Hard flooring




To be continued


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