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  1. Interesting find yesterday. I noticed when reaching 82 on the volume level of my Onkyo PR-RZ5100 that Reference Level displays. Perhaps some already know about the THX Reference Level if not then you may find this interesting. THX Reference Levels specifies that your subwoofer peaks are 115dB while the rest of your speakers will peak at 105dB. After the calibration process of the Onkyo this is reached at 82 on the volume knob. However, looking at the actual calibration and seeing the gains as such: Calibrated Gains: LF -12db C -14db RF -12db S -15db The more sensitive the speaker the more minus gain you'll probably find your THX calibration performs. I changed the gains to: LF 0db C -2db RF 0db S -3db As you may note the differences remain the same. However, now the THX Reference Level is reached at a lower volume setting on the knob. Does anyone see an issue making these changes? I need to purchase an SPL meter in order to find the new THX Reference Level on the volume knob which I suspect might be around 70 now.
  2. Gotcha, the current or new sub-forum makes more sense to me now. Thanks for the clarification. Regarding the burden of proof I really appreciated the data a past automobile manufacturer brought to my attention. I purchased a 1997 Callaway Impala SS back in the day. Lots of sensational claims were made. Here's the kicker, Callaway [a division at the time of GM] received one Impala SS from the GM assembly line. They worked their magic, pulled the engine and put their slug into its place along with other modifications. The objective data was supplied [dyno runs], that is, before delivery to the dealer I picked up the car from they actually ran the car around a race track test facility included the speed and times as well as drag strip information to me the new owner. I suppose audio manufacturers actually test their gear? Is it really asking too much from them to post various signal graphs and charts? That is, rather than relying on a reviewer the manufacturer simply supplies the data in which reviewers may verify. Or is there Mr. Guy Tester that sits in every room and when you hit the power button on the remote his mouth opens and tells everyone in the room how the system sounds? 🤣 Drives me insane that my Tektons aren't supplied with such data nor in the case of my amplifier. In my ideal audio world such data would be readily available as manufacturers are transparent about their products 😀 Enjoy, William
  3. Hi Allan, Thanks for sharing the article. Haven't read the article yet [will momentarily] while commenting on the title which I know I shouldn't. The article title is rather ironic coming from the New York Times when hiding behind anonymous sources now-a-days. Don't ya think? Note: Now I've read the article and think it even more ironic especially in consideration of the 1st amendment. Was it the intent of America's forefather to ensure the right of the People to lie, slander, bear false witness, gossip, blaspheme, etc in the name of the press? Yet the author complains about the anonymity the internet provides as the free press does in ensuring the anonymity of certain persons whistleblowers etc. Given the source and/or reference of the principles in which our country's foundation was laid if only truth was emphasized to the degree of endearment in which everyone cherishes. I mean can you imagine if certain principles were "reestablished" in modern society? That is, if a witness is found bearing falsehood, slandering, etc the very same penalty in which the innocent party faced must be applied to the false witness. Can you imagine the impact upon our society? I imagine many would not "say" as much as they do without actual proof or 1st hand testimony. Lastly, there was a movie I saw years ago in which the name escapes me now. An alien race observed the earth and experimented on people as long as recorded time. Among the aliens existed a certain ethical standard if one brought up a question etc that individual alien was accountable and responsible for finding the answer and if they failed they were severely punished. The very burden an unanswered question had on the aliens was dreadful. Imagine that, a principle debaters should know. If you make an assertion, statement, etc it is your responsibility, that is, the burden of proof is on you and not your opponent to supply evidence etc of your position. Too many times in the audio circle I am running into people making sensational claims yet they offer no clear objective proof. They then shift the burden upon other people's shoulders even going so far as to sell their products so others may test them.
  4. Totally agree and nice meeting you! I appreciate those that masterfully deescalate a situation quickly rather than provoke more emotion. When the subject becomes heated and I exhibit difficulty separating my emotion from the subject or topic matter I tend to leave the discussion for a cool down period. Then through introspection attempt to understand how and why my emotional responses. Granted, I cannot control what comes out of another's mouth but my own reactions should meet the standard I hold dear. Have been enjoying your responses and posts @tmtomh. Enjoy, William
  5. I was considering joining a local audio club. I've been told by a member of one that they as you shared have casual conversations while having a beer or brandy during listening of a member's system each go around. The way some people here talk to one another. I'm a little hesitant now because if in-person someone stated something like they do here I'd toss them out of the house onto their head. I guess, it isn't always what we say but how we say it? Having a good conversation while listening to an enjoyable system among friends with shared interests. That appeals to me!
  6. I have a <rant>! Actually, I feel a little like writing, Kinda ironic subject matter, no? I mean objectivist believe truth exists outside themselves and subjectivist believe no truth exists outside themselves. Pretty much the societal issues present between two parties regarding objective absolute camps vs post modernism or relativism. The irony is in history the rise of fundamentalism came about in order to combat post modernism and relativism. There are fundamentalist in more areas than just religion. I suppose any source text be it bible, constitution, data from whatever may be treated in fundamental like fashion. Just humorously ironic that some objectivist reject the truth claims of others with a knee jerk reaction without even consideration. Applied to whatever area of subject matter perhaps agreeing that truth exists might be a foundational ground on which two sides may begin? Story time, sat through a long debate once as two parties argued whether truth exists. The one debater against truth existing made his case that there is no truth and then the debater for truth existing made his case. Just when everyone thought the debate was over the advocate for truth then asked the audience to vote for the person they thought won the debate. I chuckled, because obviously one would only vote for the person they thought closer to the truth. No matter who a person voted for was clear evidence that everyone believed truth exists. Regarding the subjectivisit's approach to truth being experiential or even advocating for relativism I'm reminded that even Einstein was appalled when learning that people were misapplying his theory of relativity [relativism] in an area of absolutes, I refer to morality. Like truth some people believe moral absolutes do not exists so why would anyone expect them to behave morally and/or ethically? Nonetheless civilly? Just a little FYI, in order to combat a person that doesn't believe in absolutes in the area of morality the best line of defense is an offense. Simply steal the wallet out of their back pocket. If they get upset and say that's wrong simply say not to me it isn't. I'm curious how many subjectivist here believe truth is relative to an individual? That is, based on experiences etc? I suppose if a person gets ahead in the world and lying works for them then lying is good and advances them in the world. I wonder how long it takes before someone begins believing their own lies to become self deceived? Snake oil salesman come in various forms, but this I know, unfortunately, in today's world the more a person speaks with conviction the more others believe them. That is independent of whether the subject is true or false. I mean in a way even if something is true and a person doesn't demonstrate conviction then how are they believable? Likewise, do we believe something based on how much they believe? All these arguments or debates I read. What is the objective in debate? In areas of debate which pertain to religious truth the objective is not to win the debate. The opponent is not the adversary. Falsehood is the adversary. The true objective in debate ought to bring the audience as well as the opponent closer to the truth. Sometimes to see the truth one must abandon the position from which they see and move to another perspective. The elephant in the room each blind man only could feel a small part of the whole. Yet objective truth exists by one that sees the entire subject matter. Why am I bringing up all this stuff? Because I betcha that the objectivism vs subjectivism doesn't only affect persons here in the subject area of audio equipment but runs deep. Hi Shawn, What I wrote was inspired by your writings. Of course in the areas of science there are peer reviews. I am not a scientist but I imagine any truly credible scientist follows a scientific method which is based on observability, testability, and repeatability. Likewise, in areas of theology there are processes for interpretation that falls into the area of Hermeneutics which entail basic principles and methods when subject matter is incomprehensible. Point is, basic principles and methods have to be established. Last thought, I imagine this area of study in audio is no different than other sciences or even religion. Macro Evolutionist for example study the fossil record, the data, and come up with their own narrative. How in the world can other scientist which are Creationist come up with totally different conclusions based on the same data resulting in completely different narrations of stick figures? Then we have other areas such climate cooling, warming, and now change when nobody actually observed, tested, and repeated their findings. In science and religion the study of origins is not observable, testable and repeatable. How can any of these areas be considered truly science? Credibility, like the religious fanatics which appeal to horrible theological camps that keep crying end of world how many times does one camp need be wrong before losing all credibility? Hasn't anyone read "Henny Penny"? Good luck fellas in finding the truth ya'll seek to share with others. As for me I believe truth exists and is absolutely beautiful. Like a painter that can look into the sunset and discern the various hues and repeat them upon a canvas into his art. Or even a musician that may hear a melody and pluck a note from out. These things require skill and do not just come naturally to everyone. I imagine both objectivist and subjectivist may find themselves with distorted sight and hearing. Good luck in perceiving what you're hearing and ultimately attempting to convey to others. As a writer do we hate or trust the reader for them to decide? On that note enjoy, William </rant>
  7. Purchased Amazon unlimited with HD last night. My Onkyo PR-5100RZ does have the app. Listening to an album I was going to buy on CD but for 12.95 a month I saved that expense. Out of my whole collection the two best sounding CDs I've run across are both from Jesse Cook, "One World" and "Beyond borders". If you have Amazon Unlimited HD search for it. Jesse Cook has over 10 platinum albums and "was" a Latino guitarist. However, these last two albums are rather unique in that it seems a new genre is unfolding called "global". I'll just post a youtube url so you may understand the global genre which seemingly makes use of melodies and instruments that are culturally known:
  8. Some three years ago I resided in the state of California. Without going overly into political theory or political theology etc I'll just touch upon [rant] the dire politics in the state of California which resulted in about every avenue of my own personal life being impacted. I decided some three years ago to research the most desirable places to live in the United States of America. There were essentially two criteria, the state must be politically Conservative and faithfully Christian. Nampa Idaho came up on various lists fitting that criteria. That's the where. As to why, well, because Conservative states are Constitutional Republicans. That is, they believe Government has to exists, therefore, the Government needs be limited by the Constitution. I was not looking to build my ideal home in a state that thinks themselves entitled to 100% of the fruits of my labor as long as they offer equal benefits to me the taxed citizen. Who are they to tell me what I deserve or not deserve? I don't want to be micro managed or ruled by other people. Financially, the housing median for example in the area of California I was currently residing went from upper 400 thousand dollars to upper 900 thousand dollars in just one year. The housing took an astronomical incline. Even a two bedroom ridiculous apartment surpassed 3000 dollars a month. To top off the housing price the Liberal/DemocRATS repeat the same old narrative, vote them in more authority, power, and taxation to pull the citizen out of the mess they've created through such representation. Keep voting them more authority, power, and taxes a vicious circle in which collapses under its own weight like just about every other Liberal/Dem area in the U.S. Have no money then vote your rights and ultimately your freedom away for generous gifts out of the U.S. Treasury. So, that's the where and why I decided to move to an area that is considered a stronghold for Conservative and Christian values. A complementary relationship like mashed potatoes and gravy both of which come together. After arriving in Nampa it was time to get serious and find a place that would house my ideal system. This actually became an obstacle as just about every older home my wife and I looked at were not planned well for an entertainment room. I mean, low or high ceilings? Hard or soft carpeted flooring? And then there was the main issue the wall for the entertainment system. Floor plans, arrrggghhh for new homes I could not find an entertainment room which was ideally planned out for an entertainment system. There was seemingly always that one oddity, maybe a window on the wall the Television might be against or a door and even a fireplace in one corner or the middle of the ideal wall. Amazing to me that so many floor plans lack forethought on an entertainment room. From here lemme jump to some pictures of the floor plan I decided upon. I ended up with what I wished for. High ceilings, open floor plan, and hard flooring [I like lively sounding rooms] as well as a wall to actually place the entertainment system against. Skipping lots of pictures of the house build these are some pics that are relevant to the entertainment area: High vaulted ceilings Smurf tube ran in wall to hide wiring to display equipment Dedicated power lines for the entertainment system alone Extra insulation Hard flooring To be continued
  9. Hi fellas, So, I've been meaning to get down to the local McIntosh dealer to demo the MC303 as I have never up until this point heard McIntosh equipment. Here's my question since it is impossible for me to transport my own speakers into each store's demo room, "what is the best way to demo amps"? Someone mentioned headphones! Never thought about it before but that would basically be bringing a "room" and same "speakers" into each store. I don't know if amplifiers generally even share the same circuitry from the headphone jack to the amp's speaker outs? If not, what's the best way to demo amplifiers? Enjoy, William
  10. Thanks, We live in an open floor plan house so on one end are the Ulfs and on the other end is the kitchen. I just had the kitchen cabinets sprayed the Ulf color "silver half dollar" in order to pull the entire living space together. If you're ever in the Nampa Idaho area let me know [18 minutes from Boise airport]. We can arrange a demo. Enjoy, William
  11. Finally pulled the grills off for some dusting. Pictures of Tekton's "battleship mode".
  12. Hey audiobomber, Nice to meet you bro and I've enjoyed our casual chat. I agree with you totally.
  13. Just curious as I've read some posters referring to others as being an asshole or arrogant etc. Is there an actual definition of either and or method in determining whether one is truly an ass or arrogant, objectively speaking? Is this board tolerant of identity politics, that is, whether one self identifies as a frizzy haired brown eyed lad or not? Please follow an actual scientific method 'observation test-ability and repeatability', that is, in contrast to Darwinian 'macro evolution' or Climate Change narratives. 🤣
  14. As a conversation piece I'm actually curious about a hypothetical scenario pertaining to the bridge at the speaker binding post. Say, the wiring of one pair ends up becoming "overloaded" and the resulting resistance increases more than that of the jumper or bridge leading to the other pair of wires. Would there be an undesirable "oscillation" between the pairs of speaker wires because of the jumper? Or might that be actually desirable? I guess this scenario assumes that one pair of wires might increase in resistance over the other and of course exceeding the resistance of the bridge. Just wondering whether oscillation might ever be a concern? I personally do not think the bridge is a concern and the resistance of the bridge itself probably prevents itself from being the path taken. That is, if electrical current takes the path of least resistance the very jumper probably acts to keep the pairs of wires segregated unless the above scenario were to occur. Electricity acting like water taking the path of least resistance or seeking out the lowest level.
  15. I joined this board a few months ago. And be quite frank I'm a little confused as to what kinda "hi-fi" board this is. Seems more to do with computers, file encoding, and related gear rather than what I'm used to on other audio sites. Not saying one or the other is good or bad just saying this site is different. And that's my impressionable observation.
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