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  1. I'll go with smaller drivers in more quantity to equal the same area as larger woofers any day!
  2. I'm using my personal theme's "default" font. Of course the default might be different from one site to another. In addition I tweaked it to: line-height: 1.5em; font-size: 1.1em; Haven't had any complaints for a long time. Given I kinda targeted the eye sight of 40ish and above people. I gave up trying to tweak for everyone. Too many people have various sight problems. Have had people say this site is too difficult to read. Then they post a profile picture of them wearing glasses which look like they are seeing through the bottom of glass bottles.
  3. Exaggerated reduced letter-spacing in CSS. Just thought with understanding CSS some might help the admin better to resolve the issue:
  4. CSS word-spacing. Here is another example before [increased] and after [decreased]. The second has reduced word-spacing:
  5. Just showing an example of css line height. First picture is this site while using 15px for font. Second picture is the same 15px but the line height adjusted to 1.0 [em]. I exaggerated the line height intentionally small in order to emphasize the change:
  6. By white spacing are you meaning line-height in CSS? That's one of the things a lot of people don't address when changing font size. When going smaller in font size the line height needs to be adjusted. And when going bigger the line height needs addressing. If for example someone increases font size there's then not enough space between lines and the word we are reading at the moment kinda blends into all those other words surrounding it.
  7. Understandable. And it may be helpful for users with sight impairment. The font size can be adjusted in the browser.
  8. Yes, and there's the wave length. That is actually what led me into this research. For example, in a car a 12" subwoofer may have a wave length of say 12ft. That's just an example and probably not accurate as there are so many variables with enclosure design. Pointing the woofer at the head may only have a 3-4ft distance. Whereas firing the sub backwards against the rear of the car where the waves reflect and reach towards the driver may be closer to 12ft. That's why firing the subs rearwards in cars sounds louder. My personal setup in the home I run Tekton Ulfberhts which house in pair 4 12 inch subwoofers along with the mid and high array. I'm currently piecing together the Tekton 4-10s for 20hz to 80hz impact. 4 of them which are 16 ten inch subs. I've always preferred smaller woofers to large woofer in my thinking of Newtonian law. The smaller woofers are more controlled. In quick bass successive notes or beat line larger woofers reproduce with a rumbling bass note, that is, 18s and 21s. But the smaller woofers reproduce the "distinct" notes in the successive bass lines.
  9. Something to consider. Instead of using fonts which require one to download ya may want to test without all the flare the default font. That's what I do and it minimizes the time it takes to download font because there is none to download.
  10. New member. Note the site is quick and transparent. That is, the site itself doesn't stop me from posting or engaging the community in a timely manner or lift my focus off the topics onto the site itself. Can't ask for much more than that.
  11. I don't get it. Isn't vinyl records like preferring media files on a 3.5 floppy disc? I don't even understand why people prefer MP3s over a CD. Nowhere near the audio bandwidth. Is "convenience" worth that much today in that people are willing to sacrifice sound quality? People suggest that this DAC or another sounds better. But yet they'll claim that the top DACs don't sound any better. Could it be that at a certain level DACs stop "coloring" the music or sound? Shouldn't we prefer equipment that is non coloring and reproduces what the sound engineers intended? Perhaps I'm too old to understand the latest fads?
  12. Hello fellow Audiophiles! One of the pet peeves I had while working in the automotive sound industry is that I was forced to place speakers in less than ideal positions. In turn, I was in the field of automotive sound when the first time delays and processors could compensate for less than ideal conditions such as the driver speaker being located closer than the passenger. I was also in the industry when "Wave Guides" or horns tried to compensate for the varying distancing by delaying the travel of sound through unequal horn lengths. Reflections, Reflections, Reflections everywhere. Sometimes they could be used in a positive manner and at other times they were a nuisance when the fad was using an RTA meter to produce a totally flat curve in the cab of an automobile. Well, now I'm enjoying home audio. And I have the luxury of placing speakers "ideally" in a location to maximize listening pleasure. Is it better to rely on processing or natural distance and reflections? I found this video rather informative and hope that it will help others in maximizing their speaker environment:
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