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  1. Much appreciate you chiming in ecwl. Amazingly, no responses elsewhere I have asked my questions. Sorry about making your run around to see the graphs. Wish I could edit my OP and fix the links. I have since modified the house curve reducing the low frequency output. Whenever I used the 10db curve w/ the mains which house four twelve inch subwoofers to the Tekton 4-10s a result of over 25db occurred. I'm very happy at the moment w/ a 12 db "summation or final" curve around 30-50hz.... I do have my subs crossed over at 120hz and really like them there. I decided to keep track of my pro
  2. If I may ask for verification, tips, or suggestions etc... I generated test tones starting at 10hz to 300hz for subs and 10hz to 20,000hz for mains. Then applied psychoacoustic smoothing for the graphs. Here's both Tekton 4-10 subwoofers: And here's the summation total of 2.2 channels after filters: After only my first few hours ever working w/ REW I'm not sure if I'm doing this "optimally" but I measured each speaker [mains and subs] individually and applied created biquad filters to each channel's outputs on a Minidsp 2x4 HD. The
  3. I don't mean to stir up stuff Phil or be offensive. I've read your listing on FB to sell your Tektons and found it to be as questionable as allegedly dishonest reviewers... . Don't get me wrong, I realize it wouldn't help you selling your D.I.s if you posted that they sounded like crap in your listing. All I am saying is that not all reviewers make something from reviewing gear by the manufacturer. However, if we are going to speculate about everybody's motive or intent it probably be most consistent to exhibit the same optimism towards anyone including ourselves that lists their gear to s
  4. Terry London from Home Theater Review: "I personally know three other professional reviewers who have put their reference speakers (which average $30,000/pair) in the closet and replaced them with Tekton Design Double Impacts." - source: https://hometheaterreview.com/tekton-design-ulfberht-floorstanding-speaker-reviewed/ Personally, if one were to add up the costs of making the D.I.s w/ speakers, cabinets, and crossovers as well as shipping - well, I've come to the conclusion that there really isn't as much profit made by Tekton as other company's gear. The only sacrifice I think people w
  5. People keep parroting this but I wonder how many have tested the manufacturer's sensitivity rating for themselves? Since there's no industry standard I'd think the first thing to verify is the method used by the manufacturer. A lot of people point to an Impact Monitor speaker review performed by Stereophile which deviated from manufacturer methods - not that I have a problem w/ that. Simple sensitivity test performed on Tekton Ulfs: https://www.disqus.social/2020/06/tekton-design-ulfberht-speaker.html
  6. I see a lot of people have move Tektons quick on the FB group Tekton Worldwide Owners.... Lots of established Tekton owners wishing to upgrade or they know someone that has demoed their systems and wish to acquire Tektons. If I were you I'd advertise them as pick up now, brand new speakers and include "avoid the long wait time". I'd list the speakers for what you paid or a couple of hundred dollars more because of avoiding long delays. Some people want their speakers right now and don't want to wait for months...
  7. Refinished Ulfberhts w/ Gelstain to give them a distressed look to match cabinetry elsewhere in the open space living area.


  8. Shouldn't be difficult moving Tektons used even if selling pricewise for same or more because of the delay in manufacturing. Some guys are still waiting for their orders after having been pre-paid for nearly 9 months. I do know a reviewer that recently purchased Double Impacts and from his observation they didn't sound great in his room. Mind you, he experimented w/ distance between the D.I.'s and noted how sensitive they were in this regard. He also stated that "most" speakers didn't sound good in his room and he could get the same kinda fidelity from a pair of Klipsch book shelv
  9. I haven't actually auditioned Qobuz after scrapping Dirac Live from out of the audio chain. Next month I'm going to revisit Qobuz. Question, anyone have anything to offer by way of equipment? I'm streaming from a Bluesound Node 2i directly to an amplifier. The once bottleneck [Dirac Live through a Minidsp DDRC-88A / BM] has been removed. Anyone aware of the Bluesound not being able to deliver the sampling rate Qobuz advertises? I'm using the internal DAC w/in the Bluesound Node 2i for 2.1 channel signaling.
  10. Ha love your response, Please excuse my defeated morale in sarcasm. You gents have been enjoyable to engage w/. I need spend more time here. Enjoy!
  11. Thank you for this additional information. Explains, perhaps, why to my ears I preferred no room correction in the end result. I've ditched Dirac Live for near four months now. Appreciate you input.
  12. Well you definitely live in the wrong time. There used to be a time when contradictions were indicators of illogic, irrationality, or hypocrisy. However, nobody really cares anymore. Welcome to the new norm. Anyhoot, I do understand your point ..... but in my case Dirac Live limiting processors and less than desirable apps as well as major discount offered by Tidal made it more desirable in my eyes. Enjoy!
  13. I am one happy customer w/ Tidal mainly because Tidal offers "major" 40% discounts with monthly subscription services for military service. If you're military just a point ya might want to factor in. In my case Qobuz offered nothing mainly because I was utilizing room correction by Dirac Live. Such processors limit maximum sampling anyhoot. Anyways, I like Tidal's apps etc much better than Qobuz.
  14. Sorry for my delay. No, I sent the amp back to Emotiva. I hadn't realized they have a trial money back guarantee as well if outside the return they'll make an offer to purchase the equipment back.
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