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  1. I haven't actually auditioned Qobuz after scrapping Dirac Live from out of the audio chain. Next month I'm going to revisit Qobuz. Question, anyone have anything to offer by way of equipment? I'm streaming from a Bluesound Node 2i directly to an amplifier. The once bottleneck [Dirac Live through a Minidsp DDRC-88A / BM] has been removed. Anyone aware of the Bluesound not being able to deliver the sampling rate Qobuz advertises? I'm using the internal DAC w/in the Bluesound Node 2i for 2.1 channel signaling.
  2. Ha love your response, Please excuse my defeated morale in sarcasm. You gents have been enjoyable to engage w/. I need spend more time here. Enjoy!
  3. Thank you for this additional information. Explains, perhaps, why to my ears I preferred no room correction in the end result. I've ditched Dirac Live for near four months now. Appreciate you input.
  4. Well you definitely live in the wrong time. There used to be a time when contradictions were indicators of illogic, irrationality, or hypocrisy. However, nobody really cares anymore. Welcome to the new norm. Anyhoot, I do understand your point ..... but in my case Dirac Live limiting processors and less than desirable apps as well as major discount offered by Tidal made it more desirable in my eyes. Enjoy!
  5. I am one happy customer w/ Tidal mainly because Tidal offers "major" 40% discounts with monthly subscription services for military service. If you're military just a point ya might want to factor in. In my case Qobuz offered nothing mainly because I was utilizing room correction by Dirac Live. Such processors limit maximum sampling anyhoot. Anyways, I like Tidal's apps etc much better than Qobuz.
  6. Sorry for my delay. No, I sent the amp back to Emotiva. I hadn't realized they have a trial money back guarantee as well if outside the return they'll make an offer to purchase the equipment back.
  7. I don't know enough bout the terminals to hook anything up [safe ranges etc]. Terry London mentioned them briefly in his review just stating that they accept resistors to tame a hot sounding amp. As delivered the Ulfberhts were incredible as delivered and only became better after breaking in. Owners not tweaking the speakers might be testimony of how good these speakers sound as is. I think a lot of people see the Be price tag and out of curiosity want to try them. I mean, installing them myself I can easily go back to the stock soft domes. The Bes are definitely different sounding, however, d
  8. Hi Ben, The top terminals are for resistors to tame the high frequency tweeter. I haven't experimented myself but was curious how a potentiometer might fare there offering variable resistance to tune. The Be tweeters are absolutely beautiful sounding. I made the upgrade myself replacing the stock Scanspeak softdome w/ the Be Illuminator from ScanSpeak est $500.00 ea). After about ten hours of break in the Be became rather "hot" and needed taming down. I decided to use the MiniDSP to achieve this, but do recommend your route by contacting Eric and having your tweeter of choice installe
  9. Here's an updated picture of the room treatment as I begin making way up the left side wall. I'm going to need round 8 more panels I think to finish up the walls. Then I may begin removable/hanging panels for window coverings and the television for those critical listening times.
  10. An abrupt NO! if "they" dare even look upwards before the mighty towers. Also there's a tall clawing post nearby. The newest guy Asher is already trained and seemingly understands his claws are only to come out on his clawing post. Kinda funny in that both Asher and Abigail come running no matter where they are in the house to the prime listening position when they hear the click of the system powering on. Both will lay down and listen while falling asleep. I mean, it's every time. Guess the system passes the feline listening test! Seen b
  11. Thanks! I actually began working on the review again after having several months with the Ulfberhts. The article review is a work in progress, I'm taking a different angle while having fun as an amateur reviewer: https://www.disqus.social/2020/09/review-tekton-design-ulfberhts.html
  12. Just purchased my first DSP. Wrote a little mini review or just shared some of the initial hiccups I encountered and remedies which hopefully may help others. 

    MiniDSP DDRC-88A with Bass Management and Dirac Live 3

  13. Second Tekton Design 4-10 installed. 

    Complete Sound Stage.jpg

    Tidal Streaming.jpg

  14. hi there is your amp still for sale? and will you post to uk ? thanks Oz

    1. Shimei


      Hi, I no longer have the amp. After contacting Emotiva they allowed me to return the amp to them. 

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