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Some looks at Munich 2018 clips



First YouTube videos of the High End show over there have gone up, courtesy of B HiEnd, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCve-Zui5Z5AaHruHv9MylJQ/videos. Closed sound on some, and when one of them tries for the Big Sound it can't pull it off, the drumming fails rather badly,



It's getting close to projecting the atmosphere of this intro, but can't reach high enough ...


This was probably the pick of the bunch,




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Another clip which tells me a lot,



This is a rig which is producing BIG sound, but the audiophiles don't like it - the walkouts are constant. It doesn't have a nice, polite sound, but the essence of a live music performance is there. Once you have this, you then refine whatever is not "perfect", and fully competent playback is experienced.

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And here, by comparison, you have some typical, audiophile approved, 'squashed' sound ... 9_9



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Ahhh, relief!! Proper stuff again, throwing up a lovely deep sound; plenty of, ahem, brass doing it nicely ...



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