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Sean Jacobs Unregulated ARC6 PSU with Taiko Audio DC DC-ATX

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Sean Jacobs Unregulated ARC6 PSU with Taiko Audio DC DC-ATX

I’m selling my DIY project in pieces (and in fact my entire digital setup with everything around it). I’ve been super happy with it and it’s been one of the most interesting journeys I’ve ever done, I’ve learned so much along the way from all of you and the reward has been amazing for every step towards better sound. I would never wish to have all of this this undone, but the time has come for me to aim higher than what I’m capable of achieving on my own.


Both the Taiko converter and the Sean Jacobs PSU were essential to this project, nothing else had such a significant impact and improvement of sound quality. I would say this is the foundation to great sound.


Sean Jacobs Unregulated ARC6:

-Silver front (easily replaceable to black)

-Mounted IsoAcoustic feet (€200 value)

-Synergistic Research Purple fuse (optional, €200 value)

-DC cable Neotech 16AWG 4-pin GX16 → 6-pin DC Input

-Bought new by me in October 2021


Taiko Audio DC DC-ATX:

-Bought new by me in September 2021


Buy both together: €3000

Buy ONLY Sean Jacobs PSU: €2200 (PSU €2500, IsoAcoustic +€200, SR Purple +€200 = €2900 NEW)

Buy ONLY Taiko converter: €1100 (€1542 NEW including shipping & VAT)


Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions. Shipping (or pickup) from Sweden.


Kroma Atelier Thais - Absolare Integrated Signature v2 - LampizatOr Baltic 3 - Studer A810 Tape Recorder - Ansuz Mainz 8 DTC - Sean Jacobs Unregulated ARC6 - Innuos PhoenixNET/USB - Sablon Audio Evo - Vertere Pulse HBS/Redline - Graphite Audio

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