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How many are still using their PonoPlayer?

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Hi @Doug A Hi @Doctorsteve Hi @Magic_Randy! Hi Everyone else!  I still have all 4 of my PONO players.... NYLE, Black, Yellow and Clear.  I have the clear and NYLE stashed away in their original packaging, taking them out periodically to check the battery charge.  I alternate the one I have hooked up to my living room receiver between the black & Yellow.  Both have 512GB cards in them... fully (side) loaded.  I keep my internal memory empty on all.  Since COVID I am not travelling so, like many others all my PONO use is at home.  I also recently upgraded my car audio to have an Alpine CDE-W265BT and a SiriusXM tuner. So I have many more options now than before. My PONO will connect as will my old iPod Classic (for the longest road trips). And there are always the many SiriusXM channels if I desire. Great to see all y'all!

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