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A Question of Bach and HDTracks


Just wondering if anyone out there has heard the new 24/96 offering from HDTracks of Glenn Gould doing the Goldberg Variations?


While I already have a number of variants of the Variations (on vinyl or ripped to 16/44) done by not only Glenn Gould, but Angela Hewitt, Andras Schiff, Igor Kipnis, et. al., as this is perhaps my single most favorite work by Bach (or is it the Cello Suites? or the Mass in B Minor?), I am curious about feedback on this one, especially in light of how controversial HDTracks seems to have become here at CA.


This brings to mind a new friend I made when I worked at UCLA a couple of decades ago. She was working on her doctoral harpsichord recital, and was devoting a year of her life (ala Pablo Casals and Bach cello*) to exclusively exploring every extant Goldberg recording and working on her own mastery of the music. And we became acquainted and chanced upon our mutual love of Bach and the Variations while functioning in a totally unrelated business context -- one of life's small but wonderful surprises.


*SIDEBAR: I'm not sure what the real facts are here, but I have variously heard that Casals, after discovering notes on the "exercises" that were the foundation of the Cello Suites, devoted a year of his life, one for each of the six, to understanding and perfecting his performance of each ... or that he played one of the suites every day for the rest of his life ... or both, or something else ...


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