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MANGER. Reference Active System MSMs1.


MSMs1_008.jpgFrom rapid detection to constant repetition...


Our sense of hearing is much more than the frequency analyzer most people take it for. In a musical context humans first perceive and interpret a pitchless noise (a so-called transient) followed by the actual note (a repeating vibration, frequency). In fact each natural tone is preceded by such a transient noise. It informs our sense of hearing about the location, type and size of the sound source, e. g. an instrument. And as music is such a complex mixture of transients and tones, it can only be reproduced naturally by means of extremely fast and precise sound transducers.


 The Manger sound transducer works according to the bending wave principle similar to an inverted ear. This fullrange driver is not based on energy-storing powers and reproduces music and other sound events without any delay. Thanks to an extremely fast rise time of less than 13 ?s and a wide frequency range of 80 Hz to 40 kHz even the most rapid transients and most complex musical structures are radiated naturally from one point: The prerequisite for realistic spatial imaging of the instruments and extraordinarily detailed resolution of the music.





Thinking ahead for you



Fast sound transducers which accurately reproduce subtle musical structures, and woofers which generate even the lowest octaves with ease are important but not the end of the story.



The design of the MSMs1 is inherently consistent and its functions are very effective. The dimensions adhere to physical laws and the cabinet perfectly enhances the sonic reproduction. Despite its functional design the enclosure is stylishly elegant and classy. It blends into the room without looking like a status symbol. Manger also implemented a number of control options that will facilitate the life of music lovers, including various correction filters and control switches as well as a limiter for preventing system overload.

 The clearly laid out and selfexplaining control panel makes user manuals dispensable.

Classic design, excellent quality, amazing reproduction – the accurate, innovative and authentic MSMs1.


Precise – in the tradition of the watchmaker’s craft.



                  Innovative – like an inverted human ear, minute details arranged in space



                                             Authentic – the artist, the reproduction, the experience



                                                                     Music – rediscovered in its true dimension...


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