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Found 3 results

  1. It was definitely worth the wait on this custom A-Tech Fabrication PC chassis. The case was built by a master craftsman/machinist and is a true handmade case built in the USA; although a tad expensive, well worth it if you think about the hours they must have spent to make every part, the large heatsinks, hand brush even the inside surfaces, etc... If you don't have a CNC machine and months to spend designing such a case, it is an extreme value for what you get (compared to the snake oil stuff I see anyways) and they really do make the best PC cases I have ever seen. http://atechfabrication.com/ Glenn and his team did an incredible job. The fit and finish is something you'd see on a $10k+ audio component. A-Tech's custom mount for the Griffin PowerMate knob: Some more pics of the inside. I made the internal cables, bought and assembled the PC components, custom programmed the VFD and Griffin Powermate knob, replaced Nvidia GTX 1080 fans and power supply fan, etc... This PC is super super quiet incase you are wondering. Regrettably, I couldn't passively cool the GPU as the highest A-Tech can do right now in my case is a GTX 1070 and I had already bought the GTX 1080 on Black Friday (for under $500... crazy how video cards went up in price). Older pics of the back of the front rack. I built these and made all audio cables (this older pic has a OrigenAE case). Some note worthy technical details: Hard to find slim Pioneer UHD drive (for 4k UHD blu-ray playback) Nvidia GTX 1080, fed using MadVR for video rendering RME HDSPe AES audio card with 16 in/out channels. This card has a 42 bit internal DSP and the RME TotalMix software is used for crystal clear volume control at very low volumes. Benchmark AHB2 amps, truly a technological achievement with the best measurements ever shown on Stereophile: https://www.stereophile.com/content/benchmark-media-systems-ahb2-power-amplifier-measurements. The noise floor is so low you cannot hear it, and the distortion is the best available right now. The difference is very audible incase you were wondering too! Xilica XD4080 speaker processors (each unit has 40 bit DSPs and integrated DACs for output channels, 4 in/8 out). The Xilica's are setup to tri-amp my front speakers and cross to 5 subs to yield even lower distortion. They have FIR filters for high/mid/low, and I use a low order Bessel filter to cross to the subs. Of course the room has several sound treatments and bass traps to enhance performance evermore, and no EQ adjustment is needed to achieve +/-5dB at main listening position all the way down to about 16Hz. This took 5 time aligned and level matched subs to do without Dirac, but the performance improvement is incredible.
  2. Hi, i startet to install the server 2016 on a single pc in core modus. Then I started to run the audiophile Optimizer to get into the device manager with the by AO created command. Everything was fine. My problem ist the rme driver. I tried to install before running AO, after running AO, I booted and preesed F8 to take out the driver signature. The result in these steps were different. Sometimes the RME driver could not be installed, sometimes he was installed, but I had a exclamation mark in the device manager, and now there is a question mark after another tries. Also the firmware could now be fixed. Windows can not determine that the rme is a USB Sound Card because the description above the RME in the device manager is stated ( && system 32.....) Tidal also doesn´t find the rme. How can i solve the problem?
  3. Hey folks Recently got a RME HDSPE AIO PCI-E card to play with. Trying to output digital AES/EBU to an external DAC. My question is related to AES/EBU digital cables. Does it really matter - the digital cable? I mean just a decent cable will do? Or should I start to look at MIT reference or Valhalla or Cardas or other boutique cable? Reason I ask is that the card has a rather average looking breakout cable to output digital AES and if a high-end cable is used between this and the external DAC, I don't see how the high end cable can extract more details because of this limiting breakout cable. That is assuming the more expensive digital AES/EBU cable is in fact much better overall than the breakout cable section that came with the PCI-E card if you know what I mean... Or does digital only care about signal going from A to B (B being the DAC) in a timely manner. Should I upgrade the breakout cable? Figured this sub forum would get more attention than the others. But let me know if this is the wrong place to start this thread. Cheers Nk7