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Found 4 results

  1. Pretty much what the title says. As soon as I plug it in all the lights start flashing I immediately unplugged it. Any ideas? What am I missing or did I get a faulty power supply? Thanks!
  2. Hi maybe most of view are mac users , I read a lot about mac is far better for music then pc by the way i have a pc and a laptop about pc , i tried on different machines with a built in realteak ausus motherboard and and other with soundblaster audio card on these machine same drivers i started to listenen music with headphone and with densen amply i used foobar2000 and aimp to play music and (i haven't tried windows 8.1 ) but again same hardware same ,audio settings, same audio card settings ,music under w10 sounds better then windows 7 i wanted to use the WSAPI on foobar last version and aimp 4 too (by the way i haven't understood the different between foobar (Wsapi event vs push) but it's not relevant seeings i used aimp too i tried asio too the audio -> flac but seems that w10 again sounds always better is wrong ? ps hope it's the right section thanks best regards
  3. So, Ive got myself some Polk Audio RTi A1s. Ive figured out that I'm going to need an amp to power them (at least, I think I do). My plan was to wire the aux connection from the back of my PC to a SMSL Q5 Pro, then run the Q5 to the Polk. My questions. Will this work? What stereo connectors are on the Q5 Pro? Are they banana plugs or something else? Will the Q5 Pro power the Polk A1s? What cords do I need? Do the Polk A1s accept banana plugs? (I was planning to buy 50ft of speaker wire, cut it to what I need, then put banana plugs on each end.)
  4. I recently upgraded to Windows 10. After my upgrade was complete I realized my sound card (Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium Pro) the manufacturer won't update them anytime soon. This sprung me to do some research on finding a new audio solution. Upon doing some research I found that using an internal sound card especially one like the one I was using was inferior to many other options. Now here comes my dilemma and confusion as to what I need. A buddy of mine uses a stereo receiver to play back audio over his computer. I like the way that looks and sounds and was thinking that would be the route I would go as I want something with multi-channel capabilities (I'm currently running 5.1 surround on my computer) although I would be willing to drop down to a 2 channel setup although ultimately I would like the option to have a full surround setup. Would a good stereo receiver benefit from a DAC? Or should I just hook the receiver directly up to my computer?
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