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Found 15 results

  1. Some how, I have created duplicate media folders on my MacBook Pro. In the users folder with my name, there is one music folder and inside that are three folders listed as music, music and music 1. In the first music folder there is an iTunes library folder which has what I believe to be most of my music files. The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary". Music 1 has a file "music library". This all began when I installed Catalina. In the users folder in the shared folder are three folders again Music, Music and Music 1. The first music folder has iTunes library folder also, but his one has all the files and folders from my original pre catalina library and a media folder with Music listed. In that folder is what I believe is most of my music. The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary". Music 1 has a file "music library". A lot of space is being taken up by duplicate music files. Any suggestions on how to merge and find a happy compromise? The folder names are not the same, so finder does not offer a merge. Also what is the file music library and the other files musiclibrary.musiclibrary are these needed by the new music app? Thanks for any assistance. I tried apple support, they were of no help.
  2. I have a mid 2012 Macbook Pro, Mackie CR3's, Behringer HPX2000 and I'm just kinda happy. Mackies are connected to 3.5mm headphone output of Macbook Pro to the 1/4 TRS inputs of the Mackies. The Mackies have a 3.5mm aux output I can run the headphones on but when I plug them in the speakers shut off. I read that my laptop has 3.5mm/optical mini toslink output. How can I 100% find that out? I installed a programs called Mactracker and it said I had it but I followed some other instructions to check and it didn't show I do. In any event, without upgrading the Mackies I'd like to improve my all around sound quality and achieve deeper bass expecially when wearing the heaphones which aren't very load from the Mackies. I cloud try going straight to the Macbook with them but I don't want to be moving the cable a lot, the jack already seems loose. Please help, this is what I kinda have in mind, keep in mind I know nothing about all this stuff. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X238W58/?coliid=I3OM2SNSG0CQXA&colid=CC9E3PYS8XU9&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  3. I play ripped CD's, internet radio and Youtube on my stereo from a MacBook Pro to PS Audio Nuwave DAC. I have hundreds of songs on various Youtube playlists I listen to. Would a Bluesound Node 2 give me better sound quality connected to the Nuwave DAC than I can get with the MacBook Pro while streaming Youtube? I know it's mp3 quality! So don't beat me up! And how would I connect the Node 2. Can I eliminate the MacBook Pro all together? The Node 2 has no screen. How's that work to choose the websites? Or do I connect it to the Macbook Pro? Thanks in advance
  4. I know that nobody really knows, but do you have any guesses? I'm assuming they will soon be on their way out, given the direction the newest retina MBPs are taking. My MBP is just under three years old, but I'm tempted to grab a new 13" non-retina MBP (the only one left with an internal disc drive) while they're still around. (Reasons if you're interested: They are cheaper; I don't like extra hardware cluttering my desk, i.e., an external drive; I like having an Ethernet port, which the retina versions do not have.) THANKS. -Bob
  5. I have the Tidal app running on my macbook pro retina but can't figure out how to send it to my Oppo BDP 105. I have JRiver and use it to wirelessly send my music file to the Oppo so I am set up for wireless connection to my Oppo. Just don't know how to get mac to send to Oppo without JRiver. Sorry for the dumb question. This computer audio revolution sure is making me feel like an old man!
  6. Hi all, I'm new here and I need some advice. I've been using for sometime now an "old" 2007 MacBook Pro running Lion and Fidelia Advance. The Mac is connected to an Stello Signature DA100 through optical and then the DAC is balanced connected to an SPL Phonitor Headphone Amplifier. The last link of the chain is the sennheiser HD800. I really like how everything sounds and also think Fidelia is an excellent software in terms of sound quality and stability, I guess my only complain is the iPhone/iPad remote app which I found sometime useless when dealing with long names in classical music.... anyway, finally my question...I'm thinking is about time to get a new MacBook Pro, and I was wondering if the solid state storage in the Retina model will some how make any improvement SOUND WISE in my setting or not at all? Thanks!
  7. Good afternoon. I recently purchased a new Macbook Pro solely to run Amarra on my new sound system. I will be playing DSD files from an external HDD, and the current system set up has a dual-core i5, 2.6GHz, and 8GB of 1600MHz RAM. I'm trying to figure out if I should get a quad-core i7 processor, or possibly more RAM since the files exceed 3GB in size, and I would like to play off a cached list. Would either of these upgrades be significantly beneficial? Thank you for your replies. Everything is greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm looking for a music server that can run both Mac OS and Windows. Not going to go the Hackintosh route so it would have to be a Mac Mini or Macbook Pro running both OS. n theory, what do you think would be better: a Macbook Pro laptop with the external power supply some feet away and the wall plug "cheated" or A Mac Mini (same chip and internal SSD) with its stock power supply pulled and replaced by an external linear power supply that could also be a few feet away and again, the lps wall plug also cheated? Has anyone ever done this comparison? I know Chris C still uses his MBP so I'd love to hear his take on the differences between it and his Aurender and Caps 2.0 in terms of SQ (eg, for his recent Meitner reviews) Thanks all. Mike
  9. Hi guys, I just acquired a macbook pro and have ordered a 1tb external hard drive. I hope to rip my sizable CD collection in Apple Lossless and play through iTunes (possibly getting audiophile plug-ins in future). I am wondering which ripping software is best? iTunes is most convenient but I want accurate rips(I don't want to rip again), so should I use a program like XLD? I don't have access to a windows machine or I'd just rip with dbPoweramp.
  10. Hello, i want to improve audio quality go my macbook because i listen a lots of lossless music. I want to buy a DAC which can connect with my radial JBL speaker and my home system ( amplifier). Can you advice me the way of connect between my mac and DAC! i found that we have have two ways: toslink and usb! which will be give the best quality thanks! I have plan to use my DAC at home so wall power supply should be the best! thanks
  11. Help!!! I would like to repurpose my old MacBook Pro (2006, Core Duo, 2GB RAM, OS X 10.6.8; this is maxed out, btw). I have concerns about the underpowered, shared USB 2.0 port. My USB powered external drive won't work on the shared (with iSight camera and more?) USB port, but is fine plugged into the other USB port. My plan is to buy an M2tech hiFace2 to send music to my non-USB DAC. I'm trying to be as cost-effecient as possible here. Could I use the underpowered, shared USB port with the hiFace2? Would that be a detriment to the sound, even with no other devices on the shared USB turned on (I'm guessing the answer is, "yes.")? The other possibility is to plug the hiFace2 into the "better" USB port and get a cheap powered USB hub for the hard drive or maybe a powered external drive enclosure. Again, I've got to wonder, am I going to kill the sound adding a powered USB hub or enclosure to the lesser of the two USB ports? My setup will look something like: FLAC/ALAC files -> Audirvana+ -> hiFace2(RCA) -> AVA Vision DAC
  12. Here's what I currently have: A pair of wireless Audioengine A5+ powered speakers with an Airport Express that I stream my iTunes library to from my MacBook Pro via Airfoil, which also lets me play to my old Yamaha stereo system with two wired speakers through our Sony TV/Apple TV at the same time - giving me four speakers in our main living space. We also have a Denon turntable hooked up to the stereo. It, and the TV/BlueRay/Apple TV play through the stereo to the two wired speakers only. Here's what I want: The stereo is old and I'd like to replace it with a new amp and a decent pair of speakers - something as good as the A5+s. I want to be able to play everything through all four speakers - iTunes/Spotify and anything else on my Mac, as well as the turntable and TV/Apple TV. What do I buy? A new amp (suggestions for amps under $600) with a bluetooth adapter (suggestions?) to send to the A5+s, and a new set of passive speakers (maybe the Audioengine P4s?). Or do I even need an amp? Can I buy another set of A5+s and is there some kind of hub that will take all the inputs and then output to the wireless speakers, which have built-in amps? Does such a thing exist? I'm also considering setting up an older MacBook Pro as a music server, and it could be physically or wirelessly attached to any/all of the above. Also, should I add in a DAC for better sound? Thanks for your help.
  13. ladies & gents, using a mbpro (early 2011 2.2Ghz quad-core i7) which will be 4 years old in a few months. due to several considerations (inc. power/reliability for daily pro use, os pref, tax relief, etc), have been thinking of upgrading. now that audiophilia has been added to the equation, wondering if one should wait for the (long awaited) broadwell mbpros? “fanless" tech sounds cool. + apple’s current prices for customised SSD upgrades is kind of depressing. 1. to wait or not to wait? 2. would also appreciate input from anyone running 2014 gen of retina mbpros (13” or 15”) for audio, in terms of pros and cons. thank you.
  14. Bonjour everybody, after having spent weeks reading through this forum, I dare today write my first post. Please forgive my bad writing as I post to you from Paris France. I'm currently setting up my first real Audiophile equipment: I chose to pair PMC twenty 22's with a Naim Nait XS2 amp, so that's the kit sitting proudly in my living room waiting for a source to join. I've got almost all my music on CD plus a couple of Hi-res albums I downloaded. I ripped all of my CD's (into 16/44 AIFF) to my (2009) MacBookPro for the convenience of iTunes playlists. Thanks to all of you, I understood I had to look for a proper reading software to overrule iTunes, I'm currently trying Audirvana plus out. So, to my questions: I went, a couple of weeks ago, to my local dealer to try some DACs out. I brought my MacBookPro and we plugged it into the different ones. I quickly narrowed the choice to one of the tested DAC's, a PSAudio nuwave DAC. The tests were done plugging in the Mac into the PSAudio by USB and using iTunes as player (I did not have Audirvana plus at the time). And I must say I was quite disappointed at the sound coming out through this setup, what ever the DAC, compared to sound I got through a CD player plugged to the Naim (Audiolab 8200CD and CambridgeAudio 851C). Cd sounded crisp and bright, precise, while through the Mac and DAC the same tracks converted into AIFF (stored on the Mac's hard drive) sounded dull and muffled. Was it because I was using iTunes as a player? Was it because the DACs were not suited to my kit (Naim NaitXS2+PMC 22s)? Was it because I should have stored the files on an external Drive and not the Mac's one to avoid the computer's proper OS to disrupt the signal by accessing to the Hard drive for its own needs? I'm planing to return to my dealer's for some new listening using Audirvana plus but I'm not sure this was the only explanation to my problem. Am I wrong to be expecting the same crispness of sound coming out of my computer+DAC as from a CD player? Thank you in advance for your Help!
  15. What is the optimal way to connect my MacBook Pro to my QNAP HS-210 NAS? Currently I am connected via ethernet (thunderbolt adaptor) to a router, which is connected via ethernet to the QNAP. Would it be better to connect to the QNAP directly via ethernet or USB? (My MacBook does have two USB 3.0 ports, so I suppose it would not conflict to use one USB port for the QNAP and the other for my Teac UD-501). If I connect to the QNAP directly via ethernet, would this preclude connecting the QNAP to the internet for remote access? Secondly, should I add a library manually to JRiver or use the one that automatically appears on the library list? I think I need to maintain two JRiver libraries - one for at-home listening and one for headphone listening on the go - or is there a way to connect to my NAS to JRiver via the internet?
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