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Found 6 results

  1. I have long thought about getting a LAN-isolators from either SOtM, Acoustic Revive or Pink Faun, but actually never did. I was mostly interested in the one from Acoustic Revive, because it come with a cable at one side. It was until I read some reviews about SOtM’s LAN-isolators. Now we also have the JCAT NET isolator that cost less than the other ones. I like to know if anyone has any personal experience with a LAN-isolators they want to share, good or bad. A compare between different LAN-isolators and LAN isolators at different places in the digital chain would be even better. Marcin wrote: I use the NET Isolator with my single PC setup in 2 scenarios: 1) between the router and the JCAT NET FEMTO. The Ethernet cable from the router to the NET Isolator is not audio-grade. The cable from the NET Isolator to the PC with JCAT NET is JCAT Signature. The last 1m of the cable is crucial, similar to power cords. 2) between the router and the M12 SWITCH MAGIC or GOLD. Then the switch connects directly to the JCAT NET Card FEMTO. Note that music does NOT have to be streamed over network - the improvement in sound quality is always as long as your audio PC/music server is connected to the network. I can recommend the NET Isolator to anyone who is not interested in buying expensive network switch such as the M12 SWITCH GOLD / MAGIC. I'd recommend investing in one short (1m) audio-grade ethernet cable, the best possible you can afford and use this ethernet cable to connect your PC/music server with the NET Isolator. This combination, depending on the quality of the Ethernet cable, will not offer the same level of performance as the expensive M12 SWITCH GOLD / MAGIC, but can offer the performance that is not too far away. https://jcat.eu/product/net-isolator/ http://jplay.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/3019-net-isolator/
  2. Just finished the build of my first Audio PC and I wanted to share it here. It consists of: - HDPlex 2nd Generation H5 fanless case - Supermicro X11SAE-M motherboard - Intel XEON E3-1245V5 CPU - 2x8Gb Apacer Industrial DDR4 - 32GB Apacer Industrial SSD - JCAT USB Card FEMTO The system is powered by Uptone JS-2 LPS and runs on Win Server 2012 R2 + AO in Core Mode. Players I use are Infinity Blade, HQ Player and JRiver, with the first one being my favorite. So far, after about ~150 hours of playback I can say that it's a big step up in SQ from the regular PC I used before. The sound is much tighter, more articulate and faster. The imaging has greatly improved, the background is very dark with much better instrument separation and overall a less digital and more natural presentation. I'm posting here a few photos, I hope you enjoy them: Thanks!
  3. JCAT USB Card, PCIe to USB Audio card for desktop PCs, is the ultimate solution for computer audiophiles who want to achieve the best sound quality from their USB DACs and USB-to-S/PDIF converters. The card created together with Adnaco Technology, the company with expertise in design of low noise high dynamic range (120dB+) data acquisition systems for sonar and radar applications, was made specifically for low noise high performance audio applications like hi-end audio playback. Specification: – audiophile USB Audio output for USB DACs & USB-to-S/PDIF converters – ultra low noise design for noise sensitive audio applications – ultra low noise linear regulators and high quality filters – high precision ultra low phase noise oscillator – uDP720201 NEC controller – two USB 3.0 connectors supporting Low Speed (1.5 Mbps), Full-Speed (12 Mbps), Hi-Speed (480 Mbps) and Super-Speed (5 Gbps) data rates – 5V for USB devices can be supplied from a PC’s power supply via an HDD LP4 connector or from an external power supply via a power jack connector – for noise sensitive applications the 5V USB power can be filtered by two onboard high performance filters with PSRR better than 90dB at 10kHz – in case external PSU is of very high quality, it is possible to bypass the filters and pass 5V USB voltage from the external PSU directly to the USB connectors – for self-powered USB devices a 5V power is not required for the card operation Price incuding shipment 300 euros.
  4. For sale Jcat V1.1 USB card $200 As new condition. Shipping: EU: €30 US: $50 Comes with the original box. PayPal add 4.9%
  5. JCAT version 1 USB Card for sale. I have the larger back plate as well and would be included. $240 including PayPal and shipping to continental United States.
  6. Late last year I upgraded my audio system and as the final touch I’ve been trying out Ethernet cables. Already I had tried the Audioquest Vodka and the Wireworld Starlight Platinum Cat 8 but didn’t hear an appreciable difference between them and the Ethernet cable that came with my dCS Network Bridge. Marcin of JPLAY advised me I needed to try his JCAT Signature LAN cable. A logical mate for my JCAT Femto Net card I thought, and I decided to give them a try. The only condition of sale was that if I didn’t hear a difference, I could return them, which Marcin granted. No financial incentive was given to keep them, or to write this mini review; I was prepared to send them back and resolve that the anti-audiophile-Ethernet mob had a point. The music I’ve been using to audition Ethernet cables is the new 24/192 remastering of the Karajan/BPO Bruckner 8 on DG and Bach Cantatas 131 & 182 from Thomas Gropper and his Arcis-Vocalisten München on Oehms Classics. Conveniently my most recent recordings, they work for the cable auditions. The legacy Bruckner, while nicely restored by Emil Berliner Studios, is not ideal, still edgy with somewhat veiled winds behind Karajan’s typically massive strings and brass. On the other hand the Gropper Bach are the most beautifully recorded choral discs in my library, and 16/44 at that! I had two one-meter lengths of the JCAT Signature LAN, but initially I restricted myself to inserting only a single JCAT cable between the file server’s JCAT Net card output and the Ethernet input of the dCS Bridge (I employ network bridging in Linux for a direct link). I started Bruckner 8 from my iPad. The shimmering, pianissimo strings of the opening were clearer, more space around them. Similarly, the slightly muted oboe entry also had much more space around it, as did the responding celli. The entire work had a more defined bottom end. I was riveted to a recording I’d had for years. The Gropper Bach, already gorgeous, sounded even more engaging with its layering of exquisite chorus, soloists and period orchestral timbres. My favorite is the “Ich harre des Herrn” of Cantata 131. Choral music playback had been problematic on my system, but the JCAT seems have been the missing link. I need to try some of my Mahler 8’s! My system sounded great before the JCAT Signature LAN, but the listening experience is even better now. I could go on about Marcin’s kindness and patience, and the meticulous, water-tight packages expressed from Poland, but you get the point – I really like the JCAT Ethernet cables and I’m keeping them. https://jcat.eu/product/signature-lan-cable/ Happy Listening, Darryl Equipment: Home-built file server -- Streacom FC8a/Gigabit H270N/i3-7300T/4TB SSD/JCAT Net Card with bridged connections/Ubuntu dCS Network Bridge dCS Vivaldi Momentum Mono Amps Alexia 2 Shunyata Sigma interconnect and speaker cable Shunyata Alpha power cable
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