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Found 13 results

  1. I asked Kirk about this in his The Problem with Apple’s HomePods thread. He was able to get this working, but I haven’t. Here’s my problem: Updated to Catalina. Using Apple Music. The Remote app can see the music library, but won't start playback (tapping play or a song selects it, but won’t start it ). Anyone else having trouble with this?
  2. Both in this general forum an in the music forums (fora ?) there are a lot of music recommendations, presented on youtube. I would like to look at the music video on my Ipad, but casting the audio to my hifi setup. I have the Chromecast Audio which I use to cast Qobuz streaming, using the Qobuz app, and it is working very well. The Chromecast Audio is connected via an optical link to my T+A DSD8 dac. Apparently, as far as I can find out, it is not possible today to cast youtube with the Chromecast Audio (and I have not found any mentioning of a possible workaround) Are there other solutions that can help accomplish this? Dirk
  3. Hi I'm looking for a good transport for iPhone/iPad that doesn't have a internal DAC, any recommendation on Wadia 171i and Cambridge iD100? Are they both work great? I know Wadia is discontinued, is it still working with todays iOS 7? (I don't need to charge the battery and control the volume via the transport, just deliver data bypass i devices internal DAC is fine) Seeking for advices on Coaxial cable (from transport to DAC), and digital to audio cable as well, any recommendation? Thank you very much!
  4. Experiment: - Streaming 24bit/96kHz signal from (Win 7) PC (using iTunes Home Sharing) to iPad+ID100 and then onwards to Cambridge Audio DacMagicPlus results in 48 kHz signal shown on the Dac. - Using the Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK) (USB) results in 96 kHz signal shown on the Dac (as it should.) - Playing (using FLAC player) 24/96 file via ID100 is also downsampled. Using the CCK it is bit perfect, i.e. 96 kHz. Conclusion: the ID100's ceiling is 24 bit/48 kHz. I checked this with Cambridge Audio and got feedback that this is according to Apple specs. That being said, the combination ID100 + DacMagicPlus sounds great.
  5. I'm sure this is probably discussed somewhere in here, but I had no luck finding it. My existing library is in an iTunes directory /Users/name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media. These are all ripped as AIFF as I use them to playback through my stereo using a mac mini as a server. I would like to be able to convert these to a "compressed" format, but in a different directory so I can put them on my iPad and iPod Touch without using so much memory. I'm not as concerned with my iPad as it is the 64G model, but then again, I don't know if there are any advantages to having the non-compressed AIFF files on it. I am using iTunes 11. Your methodology/recommendations/suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I posed this question to a salesperson at an Apple Store and to a salesperson at an independent Apple dealer. Neither had any idea what I was talking about. So, I thought I would check with the real experts. I just bought my first Mac, a Mini. I have had an iPhone and an iPad for a while so I sort of understand the Apple operating system. My goal, based on what I have read here as possible, is to run my Mini "headless", that is without a monitor, keyboard or mouse, for running Spotify, Roon, JRiver, maybe even iTunes. I want to do all of the controlling on my iPad but have the Mini do the work of processing the stream and sending it to the analog components. I understand that I need to have the usual keyboard and mouse available for system maintenance, etc. The Mac Mini will plug into my Marantz AV8801 via HDMI. D/A will occur on the AV8801. So, on my Mini, under System, there is a place with a bunch of options, called Sharing. Looking at the options, it seems I am in the right place to configure my system. But being very new to Macs, I don't really understand all of the options. May I ask the help of the Mac computer audiophiles that frequent this forum? Thanks in advance. Tim
  7. I use my audio system mainly to listen to Tidal FLAC 1,441 kbps streams. My setup: A pair ofMartin Logan Aeon-i speakers, powered by a Krell KSA amplifier/Krell KSL-2 Preamp Combo. The Tidal stream from my router has a wired connection to a Sonore microRendu, which turn is connected to the USB input of a PS Audio NuWave DSD. The DSD is connected to the Krell preamp with a pair of balanced XLR cables. This system provides great undistorted audio with spacious staging of 2 channel classical music as it might sound in a Symphony Hall or Opera house with a seat in the center section. The reason for this post is to share the discovery that you do NOT need a PC with Logitech Media Server running or an account with Logitech’s Mysqueezebox. These items add unneccessary complexities to the task of streaming Tidal to your audio system. Instead simply install the LUMIN app on your iPad. It will serve as an elegant and intuitive “controller”, telling Tidal what albums/tracks you want to listen to. You can easily save your favorites in a playlist format. I hope this will help other audiophiles to enjoy their Tidal and microRendu Combo to the fullest? Claus
  8. I am new to computer hi-fi. Yesterday I connected my new external DAC (Heed Dactilus III) to my MacPro (2006) and I also tried my iPad (2.gen) with a camera-connector-USB adaptor. The amplifier (Eclipse A501) and speakers (Eclipse 508) were the same. The music files were Apple Lossless files from iTunes. There was a noticeable difference in the sound quality. The iPad-USB-DAC was much worse than the MacPro-USB-DAC combination. I thought that USB signal should be identical in both scenarios. Could someone help me explain why this difference between iPad and MacPro? Thanks. Lez
  9. I am new here, and super discouraged right now with the Mac Mini setup we have. Before I get into that though, let me explain my setup so I can get your expert feedback on the best course forward. Keep in mind our goal is ultimate SQ within the realm of a computer (mac mini) server. We are using a 2012 Mac Mini (stock) with a Promise Pegasus R6 setup for music file storage. From the mac mini we go to an Oppo BDP-105 via an AudioQuest Cinnamon Async USB. This allows us to use the Oppo's Sabre DAC which is really good IMHO. From there we go from the Oppo to B&O System 3 via HDMI and from the System 3 to 5 BeoLab 5s over Cat7 ethernet. On the Mac Mini we ripped the files 48kHz/16bit stereo AIFF and use Apple remote app on an iPad to drive the music from server to speaker. Compared to a disc in the Oppo we are talking about 20% less body and dimension to the tracks played from the Mac Mini, the files from the Mini lack range and are a lot flatter, by about 20%... so pretty noticeable. This is our first time with a HiFi setup using a music server like this and I realize iTunes is not doing the files justice. What I need to know is how can we get the files to be closer to the CD, like 95% of the CD? I have looked into Amarra, also swapping the standard HD for SSD in the Mini. What setup could I be forgetting here? There is so much to learn and it is discouraging because we know what the system is capable of and we really want the ease of digital playback from the iPad but the SQ just isn't there.... Help these newbies!
  10. if you are into RTA... this ‘works'. not sure how good/accurate, though. comments/suggestions welcome. cheers.
  11. Hi Guys, 1st post and longtime lurker. This is a FANTASTIC site and I appreciate all of the expertise. For one of my systems, I want to use Tidal w/o a HTPC. To accomplish this, I am demoing the new Bel Canto REF Stream asynchronous ethernet renderer (see REFStream - e.One by Bel Canto ). For the record, it sounds gorgeous and it is a keeper. The reclocking added sonic value. The bonus is it streams with ease. I diverge.... Anyways, Bel Canto recommended I get the licensed version of Bubble UPnP for the Android. I bought a cheap Asus Android and it was a piece of cake to set-up. I am finally thoroughly delighted with the SQ of Tidal steaming and easy of use. My question is, what sort of UPnP programs are people using with the iPad/iOS? I prefer to stick with one tablet platform. Thanks! Sincerely, Steve
  12. Hello CA readers, I've been a member for over two years but I never post, this site has been of great help. I have my music collection in a Western digital MyBook Live NAS. I use two windows computers for playback in diferent rooms and I had no problems setting that up, but recently I bought an iPad 3 and I can't get it to play the files in the nas. I have iTunes server enabled in MyBook and home sharing in iPad. I would appreciate some help because I'm lost here. I'm new to apple devices. Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't find anything. Thanks, Giancarlo.
  13. Hi, I'm currently using iPad to transfer music data to a Musical Fidelity v90 DAC via "lightning to USB camera kit" & "Atlas Element USB AB cable". Now I'm planning to put all my music data to NAS, may I ask will it the same to transfer data to the DAC via Ethernet cable? Or it's actually different? Thanks all : )
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