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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, Just letting you know that I've been testing Roland's Sound Canvas app for iOS recently with classic DOSBox/ScummVM games. The subject hasn't been covered much anywhere else online I'd seen, so I thought to mention it here. To work with the setup, I'd bought an iRig MIDI 2 adapter and also got a Roland UM-ONE USB MIDI adapter (which I use with my Roland MT-32). The iRig MIDI 2 is an adapter that allows MIDI signals to work with an iPad or iPhone, and connecting the two allows you to use the iPhone/iPad as an output sound module, in this case the Roland Sound Canvas app. FYI the iRig can also be used with a MIDI keyboard or other music-making software. So, with the UM-ONE setup via USB to the PC and also to the iRig's MIDI IN & OUT, and the PC running ScummVM (with the game's MIDI output set to the UM-ONE), I am able to play classic Sierra and Lucasarts titles which utilised the MT-32 and/or Sound Canvas. I've tested the setup with a few games so far like Laura Bow 2 and Leisure Suit Larry 6 and the results are absolutely amazing! Certainly sounds better than standard GM midi.
  2. Hi I'm looking for a good transport for iPhone/iPad that doesn't have a internal DAC, any recommendation on Wadia 171i and Cambridge iD100? Are they both work great? I know Wadia is discontinued, is it still working with todays iOS 7? (I don't need to charge the battery and control the volume via the transport, just deliver data bypass i devices internal DAC is fine) Seeking for advices on Coaxial cable (from transport to DAC), and digital to audio cable as well, any recommendation? Thank you very much!
  3. What is the best iOS app to use as a controller for upnp/dlna? Tried 8player and Sesam and they are quite poor. Any ideas?
  4. I have a iphone 6 here, all i need to do is get the texts off it - in any viewable way.. but I do not have a fresh new iPhone to restore to. 1. Must i succumb to 3rd party phone transfer apps? they appear like potentially scamware.. do you recommend one if i must? 2. Can i create a iTunes backup (without risk of mixing up with my own , on my mac) and surf to the files/db.. and run a SQL or save some text files? varying explanations mention differing locations on mac. 3. Will a quick jailbreak be safe for these texts, and allow me to ssh, ftp , or otherwise access the files or sql Lite db? I haven't jailbreaked phones for years, there was always a potential that things just dont work.. * texts dont appear to be included in Apples instructions to save iCloud items per:https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204055 Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. Thought I'd start a thread on this forum, as I see it in many other places with little to no expert analysis. Since the release of the TV app, and its replacement of the Video app on iOS, I have been unable to get Home Sharing to work with video content. I have iTunes (12.5.5) running on a mini. Home Sharing is turned on. I use an AppleTV 4th and can connect using the Computers app to this shared library no problem, see and play my mostly DVD-ripped movie collection. The TV app on iOS, however, is broken. My Shared Library shows up in the TV app, which is signed in to the proper iCloud account, but touching the name of the library on the iPad does nothing at all, and touching it on an iPhone SE brings me to a new screen and a spinning "wait" icon, but that lasts forever. Neither app can produce a list of my shared video content. Can anyone elaborate on their own experiences here?
  6. Hello, I've been interested in network streaming for few years now, but have been constantly disappointed with the available control point apps for iOS. The hardware keeps getting better and better, but the software keeps lagging behind. Here's a summary of what I think is wrong: Browsing I shouldn't have to browse each media server in the layout presented by the server. This idea is an old one, from a time when a Palm Pilot was considered to be the ideal control point. We now have supercomputers in our pockets, but for some reason almost all of the software out there requires us to browse a directory layout, one folder at a time, to find a song to play. All of your connected music, from any number of media servers, should be fully indexed on the device for fast browsing, sorting and searching, and it should all be presented in a single, unified interface. Continued Playback When I exit the control point software to do something else on my phone (or to simply turn the screen off), playback of the queued up items should continue indefinitely. This sounds like a no-brainer, yet pretty much all of the software out there will stop playing when the current song is finished. Even worse, the lock screen controls are never available to show the current playback state. I don't believe you can have a good playback experience on a mobile device without this feature - it's just not possible. OpenHome can solve part of this problem, but only for a very limited number of devices. We need a generic solution for all devices. Gapless Playback This feature is limited to hardware devices that support it, but the majority of current apps ignore the feature entirely. I can't understand why, since the playback experience is so much better for those who own compatible devices. Output Support and Switching What if you own more than one network streamer from different hardware vendors, or some AirPlay or Chromecast devices in addition to your UPnP renderer? In many cases you would need to use a different control point for each type of renderer (If you can even find one that works for your source and renderer combination). This is crazy. I should be able to easily switch between all connected outputs (regardless of the streaming protocol), and maintain the current play queue and track position. Local Music Playback When I leave the house, I should be able to pick up playback where I left off. If I have the same library of music stored on my device (even if that music is stored in a lower quality format), I'd like to continue playback or be presented with the music I do have stored on the device to play something different. The interface should quickly and easily adapt to the change in connected sources, while maintaining a consistent experience. There's no reason I should have to use a different app for playback while I'm out and about. As a bonus, I should be able stream the music I have stored on my device to any external renderer. So that's my short list of what I wish I could find in an iOS app, and I have to believe that many of the readers here would agree with some or all of these items. After being continually disappointed with every app that I tried, I decided to do something about it. The result is a new iOS app called Glider Music Player that solves all of the above problems, and will hopefully do much more in the future. I would really love to hear any and all feedback about the app, or just your opinions on the current state of control point software for iOS. Thanks for listening!
  7. The problem: I have a computer (mac mini) collection of music (iTunes). And the quality of audio or CD, or Hi-Res (24bit and 96,176,192 kHz). Previously, syncing to your iPhone, exhibited in iTunes option: compress up to 256 kb/s AAC and successfully sync songs, regardless of the quality of the audio. After the change of the iPhone 4 on the 5th with 64GB memory (especially taking the maximum memory) decided to sync music without compression. With songs CD format questions from iTunes did not have - they fly flew to the smartphone. But the timing of music Hi-Res an error (type not supported audio format). Well, I did and was not going to drive to iPhone music in Hi-Res resolution. I thought it recoded in 16/44 machine gun ... But bummer. My question is: Is there a program or what other manufacturers, which hooks when synchronizing music with such files and converts them to the quality of CD? As an analogue of the joint participation, give an example of interaction iTunes and Audirvana which intercepts iTunes played out of his (iTunes'a) collection songs and puts them through it, according to his (Audirvana's setting) conversion and output. P.S. Sorry for my bad english... :-)
  8. Coppertino Launches New VOX Music Player for iPhone, LOOP Music Locker With Limited Time Discount - Mac Rumors "VOX for iPhone's key features include: - Support for nearly all lossless (FLAC) and lossy (MP3) file formats; - Full quality playback with no downscaling or converting; - Proprietary BASS engine delivers crystal clear audio and even makes and MP3 sounds amazing; - Easy iTunes integration including playlists; - Soundcloud, Last FM and other third-party integration. Along with the iOS app, Coppertino is also debuting its cloud-based music locker service, LOOP. LOOP is built into both the VOX Music Player for Mac and the new iOS app, offering users unlimited cloud-based storage for all of their music files. Songs stored in LOOP can be streamed in full quality to any device using the VOX Mac and iOS apps, and songs can be cached for offline playing. Unlike many popular music lockers like iTunes Match and Google Play Music, LOOP is able to support any type of audio file, including FLAC, playing songs natively through the VOX apps with no transcoding. VOX Music Player for iOS and Mac are free, but using the LOOP cloud music storage service requires a subscription that's priced at $49.99 per year or $4.99 per month." After reading this post I downloaded the app and was able to upload an album in 24-96 FLAC to my iPhone 6 and it sounded great. I've been using Capriccio but I like the Vox interface better. I'm curious if anyone else is listening to FLAC on their iOS devices, what app you use, have you tried this Vox app yet and what you think of their LOOP cloud service. I'm on the fence if I need to stream FLAC quality music to my mobile devices. I'm sure it's going to eat up my data plan. Just thought I'd start a conversation and pick the collective brains out there.
  9. Does anyone experience with this player of Finnish origine. (All the processing wil be on the fly, so the PC/Mac have to deliver a -much- more CPU load than a 'normal' player) Before I dive into the quite complicated set-up, I wonder if anyone has meaningfull results? With regards, Maerten
  10. Hi, Does anybody know how songs in playlists within iOS Music App are sorted? It seems to be "date added" with the newest on top... Is there a way to change or have impact on this? Regards
  11. Hi All, I thought I was being clever recently, but I've hit bit of a snag. I've been borrowing audiobooks form the library and ripping them to iTunes, so that I can listen to them on my phone. In an effort to keep track of how much of each book I have listened to, I made a smart playlist of each book and added the parameter of zero plays. That way, each time my play count goes to 1, the track will disappear. This isn't perfect of course, because play counts take a day or two to sync with iTunes Match, but I figured it was a decent solution. My issue is that when I pull up the playlist on iOS, the tracks are out of order. On the desktop version of iTunes they appear in order as you would expect. Is there a setting that I'm missing to keep them in order on iOS? Thanks, Tony
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