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Found 4 results

  1. I want a pair of open back headphones to supplement my ATH-M40x's for mixing electronic music. I wanted a second pair with a really wide soundstage and a different sound from the M40s and, after some research, landed on either the K701s or the HE-400is. Whichever pair I get, I'd also like to buy a cheap headphone amp and landed on the E1, but I'm open for suggestions on a different cheap amp. Which pair do you guys think is better?
  2. These recently came in. I figured I would give them away as gifts unless they impressed me more than expected. I also have never actually owned any Sennheiser cans as they have always left me wanting when I sampled them at dealers, etc. Source is computer (Roon/Jriver 16/44, High Res, Tidal), iFi IDAC2 , Schiit Saga pre to Schiit Jotunheim HP amp. Massdrop HD6XX (currently $199): I thought this was an HD650 clone but it might be an HD600 clone (perhaps someone knows fer sur). It simply reinforces the previous impressions I have had of Sennheiser at this level. No subass to speak of, somewhat flabby/distorted bass, with an annoyingly large mid/upper bass + lower mid hump that really skews the overall sound. Pleasant enough mids however, voices come through with good accuracy. Highs are not emphasized/hot (as they are in so many products these days) but have a mid-fi graininess to them and not extended into bat territory like most seem to expect these days. Overall, meh. I even purchased a balanced cable hoping to get an improvement (by utilizing the full balanced output of the Jot - these HP's are 300 ohm so phones, DAP's, etc. need not apply) but it did not matter. Massdrop HE4XX (currently $169): Again, there is online debate whether these are clones of HE400i, HE400s, or something in between. Not that it matters, because these sound good! In the under $500 range, IMO only the Oppo PM3's give them any real competition, perhaps the NAD HP50's pulling up the rear. They have a resolution and detail that approaches my Focal Elears. They don't have the Focal's bottom end dynamics, but the bass is real, clear, and just right. If you are used to cans that "pump up the bass" with a hump and tubby emphasis however you might (at first) find them lacking a bit. Mids and highs FR sounds even and right (have not spent much time tweaking EQ on either of these cans however), clear, resolving, detailed, etc. They make well recorded piano sound (mostly) right which is always a tough test. Highs seem to have air without sibilance, etc. Instrument separation is not quite up to the Focal level, but is really good given the price level. I successfully ran them out of my Android Tablet (don't know the internals other than that it has a "wolfson" DAC) and they got to decent, if not concert level SPL. I am going to keep these cans, and at $169 I give them a solid thumbs up. Heck, the price might be too low as most folks in the sub $200 market are looking for portable, closed back HP's.
  3. Selling a pair of good condition, fully functional, Sennheiser HD 600 Premium Dynamic Headphones. These are one of my favorite headphones that I've owned. The HD600s are one of the better all around headphones, and is great for both audiophiles and music production. The sound signature is very balanced, and works as a great reference headphone. Personally, I prefer them over the HD650 as I find the HD 650s slightly warmer and not as accurate. Specifications: Driver Type: Dynamic. Impedance @ 1kHz: 300 Ohms. Sensitivity: 102 dB SPL/V. Connector Type: 3.5mm (1/8") w/ 1/4" adapter. Cable Length: 10 ft. (3m) Cable Style: Straight Y (detachable) Weight: 9.2 oz. w/o cord. Includes: Sennheiser HD 600 HPs, HD 600 cable, case. Optional are wooden headphone stand ($15), travel case ($10), and/or 3m Cardas HP cable ($115). $225 Firm. Buyer pays shipping.
  4. I'm interested in these three hi end headphones. Problem is 560 and Ether are new and no reviewer seems to have heard all three. Anyone here have experience with them? Also I've got a Ayre Codex driving a pair of Senn HD 600s and would like to know if I'm crazy upgrading (by over $1000). I know diminishing returns sets in. I'm a classical music lover and want smooth neutral sound. I've listened to the 600s vs the Audeze 3s and really don't like their recessed sound. Good hi end and low end but a problematic midrange.