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Found 5 results

  1. I just purchased the hiface1 interface which I have plugged into the back of a mac mini with SL. I've downloaded the software and set my sound output to be the HiFace. I am running it to a Bryston BDA-1 DAC. Software is iTunes with BitPerfect. Is there any other settings I need to set as I am not getting a signal to my DAC? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic+ Am currently running it off USB A-B cable of a decent quality, directly to the DAC in async 24bit/192KHz mode from my Mac (wich is equipped with SSD and enough RAM so jitter should not be too bad). I really really like the DM+, but sometimes it's a little too bright and wish it had more of the warmth I was used to when I replaced my Arcam rDAC with it (I needed the headphone out in the DM+). I have a VDH DigiCoupler 75Ohm COAX digital cable laying around and wondering if I should buy the newly released HiFace2 from M2Tech to bridge from USB to coax and then from coax to DAC. Anyone here have anything to say about that combination, what should I expect and does it actually make any difference?
  3. Well it seems Yosemite has broken the functionality of the working Mavericks hiFace driver. I'm not holding much faith in M2Tech developing a new driver so it's up to our ..erm maverick coders to help out once again. panickingas please step-up..
  4. Hi, I've been away a while but I have a practical question. I need to stream toslink or possibly galvanically isolated coaxial from my desktop W7 computer, and $200 is my upper limit. Options are a)internal soundcard, b)install a firewire port and use a firewire interface with toslink out, c)usb interface (preferably with asynchronous transfer), d)wireless streamer (which could then have coax out), e)network streamer (would need toslink), f)any old usb interface, followed by a coax to toslink converter. Requirements are a)no electrical connection to the sound system, b)24/96, c)under $200 Desires are a)sound quality, b)not having to mess with drivers, c)transferability (i.e. a soundcard is at a disadvantage). What seems to come up is ESI [email protected] internal soundcard, Musical Fidelity V-Link, and M2Tech HiFace. I'm interested in a) operational notes and caveats about any of the above b) relevant sonic comparisons c) other options which meet my criteria Thank you.
  5. Hi! I just recently upgraded to the latest version of Audirvana. I don´t know what happend, erlier it was just to start everything up and start playing. Now I have to select the Young Dac in the Output pane of Sound preferences on the Mac then I have to go into Audio system settings in Audirvana and change the Preferred Audio device every time. Audirvana seems to revert to Built-in-speakers all the time. This did not happen before. How can I prevent this from happening? Cheers! /Magnus
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