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Found 42 results

  1. Giant Killer Headphones? Please list the models you think fits this phrase?
  2. I'm not sure how much interest this product will have around these parts but the EarStudio is a Bluetooth receiver/amp which got its start on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I backed the project in early July. My interest in this little device came about while anticipating a mobile phone upgrade in the fall. I was leaning toward several phones which lacked a headphone jack and I had little interest in purchasing yet another pair headphones. Several months later I ended up with a Pixel 2 .. no jack. Fortunately, the Pixel 2 is aptX HD capable. I was using the "dongle" which shipped with the phone until the EarStudio finally arrived a week ago. It was worth the wait. Here's a few links for those who may be curious about the extensive technology built into this device and companion app: Kickstarter Major HiFi Tech Hive While it's not yet available to order, it should be sometime in January 2018.
  3. Its official. The Z1R is awesome!
  4. Well, this should be interesting. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-05/apple-is-said-to-turn-up-audio-ambition-with-high-end-headphones Excited to see their take on "high end" headphones.
  5. OPPO was "nice" enough to post a peek into what they are working on at the OPPO Digital Future Products page. I think they would like people to be aware of it as they apparently can't pull it in before the holiday season and hope some fan base to hold off of purchases from other vendors by posting the planned hardware. And that is my question. I may be considering exactly this new combo (DAC+AMP+HF) for the holiday season in up to the 2.5K range. What would be an (un)educated guess of this respectable community - has OPPO a chance to best current offerings and so the wait is warranted? Is it even worth considering OPPO's first offering in a new category for them - headphones - given I am not a collector, but rather have a set for a long time? Cheers!
  6. I have PC which I built for both gaming and music listening purposes. For headphones, I have two pairs of the Audio Technica ATH-M50X for music and Logitech G430 for gaming. I am currently shopping for a sound card and 2.1 desktop speaker solution for my computer. For the sound card I need it to handle surround sound in gaming, do well with music listening and have proper shielding from electrical and electronic interference. I listen to film score, classical, new age, electronic, rock, and pop music. I am currently leaning toward the Creative Sound Blaster ZXR, but I am open to suggestions on other reliable internal and external sound cards designed for both music and gaming. The price range that I am looking at for the card is around $250 or less. I am currently ruling out Asus due to experiencing problems with a number of their products. For the speakers, I want a 2.1 setup that handles gaming, movies, and music and can last for years. I am looking at a price range of around $200 or less. Right now the only speakers that I am ruling out are the Logitech Z623s because I have bought two pairs over a four year period and they each only lasted two years, which I felt was a ripoff for the price tag that I paid. My music formats are Apple Lossless Audio Compression (ALAC) and iTunes Plus on Windows 10 64-bit. Thanks.
  7. I use wi-fi speakers with sound from my computer or NAS. Is there any news of headphone manufacturers releasing 2.4MHz or 5MHz wi-fi versions? Ian
  8. Good Morning Everyone: Let's just say that I have a friend who has moved into a shared housing situation, and he wants to have a high quality high-end audio rig, but he's not allowed to have any loudspeakers on the premises. He wants an analog, computer based nas, and dac based headphone rig. He has an overall budget of about $2K to about $4K. What would you suggest?? I suggested the following: Headphones -- Sennheiser HD-650 Preamplifier -- NAD (any model... used.... I suggested a preamplifier because the preamplifier has a headphone amplifier and a phono stage built-in, minimizes space and system footprint requirement) Turntable -- Thorens TD-147, TD-160 or TD-165 (or a late model Dual to save money) Phono Cartridge -- Ortofon 2M Blue (Thorens) or OMS-5E (Dual) PC or Apple Mac Laptop (already provided by friend.... in this case, he has an Apple iMac, but a PC can be used as well) DAC -- Bluesound NODE 2 (DAC, Music Player and Streamer.... works with or without a PC/Mac) Interconnects -- AudioQuest, Cardas, or Nordost Total Cost -- -/+ $2K (give or take) What would be your suggestion instead of what I suggested above?? Dedicated Headphone Amplifiers are fine, as long as the Headphone Amplifier in question has enough inputs to accommodate a DAC and an external Phono Stage. Headphone Amplifiers with built-in DAC's are fine as well, but again, it MUST be able to accommodate an external Phono Stage. Thank You in advance for your suggestions and creations. --Charles--
  9. Greetings Audiophiles! Having not been able to find what I want through my own research online, I have come seeking recommendations from those in the know. This is the first forum I came across. I'm guessing you are mostly US-based judging by the default timezone it wanted to use? In which case, greetings from the UK :-) Many years ago, while I was studying at University I used to have a PC that had a Soundblaster card with a breakout box. It was particularly useful for inputting midi and a mic and monitoring with headphones. Now, in the coming months I will be doing a new PC build and although my useage has changed somewhat, I am looking for something similar which no longer seems to exist. I now have a small YouTube gaming channel which I co-host. I would like a panel/external box which can handle: 2 sets of headphones (3.5mm) with independent volume controls USB mic in with level indicator MIDI-in or another USB I will also need a suitable soundcard. Last time I was building a PC there were crazy amounts of options for soundcards. I did quite like the look of the SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty, but with it being over a decade old will no doubt be incompatible (don't think it works over PCIe). Essentially I am totally out of date when it comes to PC audio. Initially I will be wanting to record from one USB mic (Blue Yeti), while utilising two sets of headphones. But at some point I will want to probably use a couple of (musical) keyboards (Yamaha PSR7000 and microKORG) to do some sequencing work. I don't want to be faffing around the back of the PC all the time. I don't need top of the range. Equally, I don't want to be using the garbage that is generally on-board MB audio. I am also a gamer. Your suggestions would be most welcome. All the best, TRC
  10. I enjoy listening to music rather loudly and that holds especially true when I plug my headphones into my amplifier. I currently have Bowers and Wilkins P7 headphones. While absolutely spectacular, they distort when I push them to the volumes I'd like to listen at. I wonder if there are headphones that are particularly adept at blasting out rock and roll at volumes that will lead to hearing loss. Please advise based on the relevance of the headphone, disregard price. Thanks one and all.
  11. I would like to upgrade the (detachable) cable on my AKG K7XXs with something shorter than the standard 10 foot cable that came with them. I probably only need 4 to 6 feet. It has the AKG three pin connector. I looked online and their a quite a few available on Amazon, etc. Anything in particular I should consider for these particular headphones? (62 ohms) Any suggestions based on experience to help me narrow down the choices. I don't think I want to spend more than about $75 (it looks like there are quite a few well below that - but again, looking for something tried and true). Your input would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Finally got a hold of pair of these and must say they are a worthy upgrade, although, it probably won't be as significant of a difference to those who have not owned or experienced the original HD800. The build quality, I feel is better - partially due to the black, I just think it will be less prone to paint chipping. It almost looked like rubber at first. It fits slightly different than the original. Secondly, it comes with both standard 1/4" cable and 4-pin balanced XLR cable. Now that is something that every company should do. Sonically, for those that felt the HD800s were too shrill or harsh, this should address that complaint. There is also more presence in the low/mids which should please many. There may be a small segment of HD800 enthusiasts that might find these slightly muddy at the highs, but I think it results in a nice balance. What I am saying is that these are not LCDs now; they're still HD800s, they're just a little more forward and balanced. For me, the HD800s/HD800S are the best sub $2K headphone that you can run with a reasonably priced system. They're fairly easy to drive, especially, when you compare them to AKG K1000 or HE-6. Still burning these in so will provide more insight, but so far find them to be worth the extra money if you're looking at buying new or if your HD800s are starting to age. Also, can someone help me figure out why I can't post in the classifieds? My friend dropped out so I have an extra pair of HD800S that I can let go for $1,500 + PP fees/shipping. I know a lot of sites require a certain number of posts, but I am not seeing that requirement.
  13. I live in the Denver area. I have three hi end stores and between them they carry HD800, Nighthawks, and Audeze and that's all. I'd love to hear or buy locally the HiFiMan 560, Mr Speaker Ether and the Oppos. Most Denver stores don't carry headphones at all. I'm reluctant to spend more then $1000 on something I've never even heard. There threads are full of audiophiles talking up these brands. Do you all live in NYC?
  14. So honestly when it comes to hi-fi headphones I'm actually pretty inexperienced and don't really know what I'm doing, anyways I got a pair of HD650s for Christmas and have been using a little Fiio portable amp for them but I know it's not nearly good enough and want to upgrade for better sound quality. The only problem is I have no idea what to get. I know I don't want to spend over $500, but I don't know if I should get a tube amp and DAC, just a tube amp, or an amp/DAC combo thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I am very surprised by the lack of discussion RE: STAX headphones. So many people discuss Sennheiser HD-800's, Beyer and Audeze. But, when I heard an "entry level" STAX 2170 ($895) system at a www.hifiheadphones.ca location in Canada compared to all of the other top models I was shocked! To me the sound was sooo much more "HiFi" with the STAX, more open, uncompressed and the bass was had the best tone and definition by far. And that was just the start. Each model represented a significant improvement over the next all the way up to the SR-009 model. Is it just me? Are there just very few people that have heard a STAX system out there? I can't believe such a great sounding product isn't being discussed more here... BTW, the source was a new Sony HAP-Z1ES playing DSD files. Sublime!
  16. I wanted to share this with any fellow Canucks on this forum. I friend of mine forwarded a coupon code for 15% off EVERYTHING to a new online Headphones store hifiheadphones.ca. They have an amazing selection and ship for FREE. I wanted to pass this code along here to the CA members if you are looking for anything new, promo code: KHM55OR1MH67 Enjoy:)
  17. I am in the market for a new set of headphones. Now, I am not a full audio expert, so I am going to use pretty much plain English for my requirements. I am looking to replace my Audio Technica ATH-M50X with something else. I will be using the headphones with my iPhone 8 Plus, iPad Pro, and PC using a Creative Sound Blaster ZXR sound card. I am looking for around-the-ear closed-back headphones (studio, DJ, home, I am not specific on the type.), works with various genres of music (classical, new age, rock, pop, dance, etc.) and priced somewhere between $100 and $200. I recently discovered that I prefer to have some bass in my music. I am not talking about bass levels that drown out all the other audio, but I want bass that is both immersive and blends well with the rest of the audio. With regard to the bass output, I would like headphones that either are designed to give decent levels of bass or are capable of giving out decent bass through my device's preset equalizer. Thanks in advance.
  18. Dharma D1000 Hybrid Electrostatic Stereo Headphones ($1190) – NOW SHIPPING "Dharma D1000 has a realistic and trustworthy soundstage that competes with the best of them...The soundstage is large and in charge. Each time I shut off the surrounding world and found time to enjoy a dedicated listening session, I found myself enveloped and immersed in the sound signature, and was pleasantly surprised to see how capable the Dharma was at taking on all of the music genres that I could throw at it, and how incredibly at-ease it was, in co-existing with any source material and component that I mated it with." - Aaron Kovics, Headphone Guru, Halloween 2015 Electrostatic Serenity There’s something undeniably magic about electrostatics. Whether it’s loudspeakers or headphones, their ability to resolve inner detail, to reproduce music with immediacy, transparency,and focus is unparalleled. Utilizing an almost massless thin film membrane, they have long been regarded as the Holy Grail, and what they do as magic. ENIGMAcoustics came into existence with that belief. And as a company devoted to electrostatic design, they made a statement right out of the gate with their groundbreaking Sopranino electrostatic super tweeter. Its design, built around their patented SBESL™ (Self-Biased Electrostatic) technology, eliminates the need for an external AC connection to provide a polarizing voltage. This patented SBESL™ technology is implemented now─as a miniaturized work of art─in the DHARMA Hybrid Electrostatic Stereo Headphone. The result, not unexpectedly, is high frequency response that extends to 50 KHz, and sweet, nuanced, sound that will take your breath away. Augmenting the electrostatic HF element for lower frequencies is a 50mm Wagami paper based dynamic driver, which provides not only bass extension to 15 HZ, but palpably impactful mid bass as well. It transitions seamlessly to DHARMA’s electrostatic tweeter with a phase coherent first order slope. At 380 grams, DHARMA is comfortable. It is also an ergonomic and stylish design featuring a high-grade aluminum alloy housing and sound that will envelope the listener in nothing less than electrostatic serenity. This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  19. [video=youtube;CYQrzU-srSE] Ayre Codex headphone amp/DAC/digital preamp video review courtesy of the good folks at Head-Fi TV. For additional information on the Codex or any other products from Ayre Acoustics, please visit us here or here High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272)
  20. Hello everyone! I have been trying to piece together a setup to output to two HQ headphones simultaneously on my PC and have been struggling to find the correct solution. Basically i want to be able to be playing a game, enjoying great audio while being able to offer a friend the same audio experience. I do a lot of co-op working as well where we would be listening to music while working, and it would be nice to be enjoying the same song at a HQ level. Not to mention Co-Op Oculus gaming The headsets i have had my sights on are these: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Performance-Surround-Gaming-Headset/dp/B008O515CK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404149189&sr=8-1&keywords=Sennheiser+363d I do not have a great soundcard as of yet so i'm imagining i would need one, unless there is an all in one mixer solution i would need to go with. A couple products people have mentioned to me are: http://www.amazon.com/Audioengine-D1-24-bit-Digital-to-Analog-Converter/dp/B006IPH5H2 Amazon.com: ASTRO Gaming MixAmp Pro Kit: Electronics And then having some sort of inline powered headphone splitter, however i have NO idea if this is a good setup or not, or even how to piece it together. As you can tell by my wording, i am very confused! Any help would be greatly appreciated and i apologize for my sporadic writing in advance!
  21. We recently conducted some controlled double-blind listening tests and measurements on six popular headphones to study the relationship between perception and measurement of headphone sound quality. The question we posed was can listeners agree on what headphones they prefer based on sound quality? And can their headphone preferences be predicted based on a set of objective measurements? I've post a summary of the paper with a link to the slides we presented at the recent AES Convention: Audio Musings by Sean Olive: The Relationship between Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality
  22. I've been looking around for about 2 months and I've come up with some good suggestions to what I could get, but I'm not completely sure yet ofc. Idk if it affects anything but i mostly game when using headphones I've been looking at the AT2020 for the microphone (XLR version), and maybe the Scarlett 2i2 with it. Then I've looked at many headphones and can't come up with anything, i know i like some bass (but that is also the only I've ever heard from headphones other than cheap earplugs) PS. I dont have a specific budget, and if you have any other suggestions please let me know.
  23. I cannot find a way to stream music using my Teufel Raumfeld app to my headphones. Android devices allow streaming from router to Wi-Fi speakers but not streaming to the Android device for 3.5mm wired headphones. I guess that Bluetooth headphones would also not work when streaming?
  24. I am looking for a new pair of headphones and I am confused with either going with the audiotechnica ath m50x or the Harman Kardon HARKAR-NC. Some might say the HK is more priced but funny enough they both are $180 at amazon.in I mostly listen to Metal/Hard rock also anything thats good
  25. For Sale, need space, running out of it, your benefit! All AC powered items do not include the AC cord nor any signal cables. Apart from the headphones, the DAC and HP amp are supplied in a box suitably baggage handler proof. If the client is in a different country, legal invoices are supplied that reflect a price to minimise duties. Playback Designs MPD-3 DAC USB to DSD128 Native or DoP AES3, coax to 192/24 Original Manual Original Remote Control 230V AC input (Use a transformer for 100-120V systems) Condition : Very Good + (no scratches visible) Very accurate DAC, great sound-stage I'm the original owner since 2013. Time to upgrade to a new DAC. Drivers are working on Windows 10 latest versions, stability of this DAC is excellent, I keep it powered on. USD2533, AUD3250 CIF your country, freight is economy air to EU/USA, road freight to AU addresses spl Phonitor 2 Silver Headphone amplifier with meters XLR x 2, RCA x 1 line inputs XLR, RCA out Mimics speaker delay and image in analog domain Adjustable gains to pro or consumer levels 230V version, but can be used on 100-120V by selector switch on the power inlet S/N ends in 000002! Original owner. This HP amp is very accurate, and reveals all 'problems' in the signal chain. Some minor scratches on the top panel, the remainder of the finish is flawless. Yes it has the two analog VU meters. Purchased Jan 2014. USD980 AUD1255 CIF your country, freight is economy air to EU/USA, road freight to AU addresses Audeze LCD-3 Classic Headphone before the prices on the top end went too high. Original box, and Cardas TRS cable. Very good to excellent condition. It's a bit heavy for me in a warm climate, the sound though is excellent. Purchased in 2013. USD900 AUD1150 CIF your country, freight is economy air to EU/USA, road freight to AU addresses. Beyerdynamic T1 Headphone Went on a HP buying spree in 2014 and bought the Beyerdynamic T1. Original metal box, quite a nice HP, SQ is very open. USD520 AUD680 CIF your country, freight is economy air to EU/USA, road freight to AU addresses.
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