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Found 15 results

  1. For years I have used the following system to stream music. I have a fairly large collection in iTunes file on my NAS. It was played by a Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is stored in a cupboard and was steered by the app Remote. Before the upgrade to Catalina all worked perfect. I was warned that Catalina would not play iTunes anymore. Just before the upgrade to Catalina my iTunes file was corrupted to a Music file format that would not play with iTunes. I called Apple Support a few times for several hours and got no solution. They made me upgrade to Catalina. The new OS can't find the Music files on the NAS. It is a bug Apple said. Also the app Remote sees my collection but will not play the songs. It just doesn't work. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to look for another way to stream my music?
  2. I asked Kirk about this in his The Problem with Apple’s HomePods thread. He was able to get this working, but I haven’t. Here’s my problem: Updated to Catalina. Using Apple Music. The Remote app can see the music library, but won't start playback (tapping play or a song selects it, but won’t start it ). Anyone else having trouble with this?
  3. One of my neighbors is a 22 year old female college student. She is a music lover (mostly top 40 pop) and she also plays piano and violin,. She and her boyfriend share a family plan subscription to Apple Music. She LOVES it. She also has been on Spotify I asked her how Apple Music compared to Tidal. Answer: "Tidal? Never heard of it..." I mentioned Jay-Z as part owner..still no familiarity. So a little perspective. I think Tidal in the end is a VERY small player in streaming.
  4. I have been reading a lot here and learning both from the forums and about myself. I have used my 2012 Mac mini in my system before and I have decided to jump back in for a winter swim! I have a new PCIE SSD based Mac mini on order and my JS-2 is on the way. I will have one side of the JS-2 wired to my Mytek Brooklyn DAC + and the other side to the MacMini. I have several idea threads to run through. Here is a partial list: Digital music delivery process ideas: USB direct between the Mac and the DAC and with an ISO-Regen + LPS-1 and maybe more.... Ethernet - USB with my SOtM SMS-200 ultra. (several threads of setup here to test) Test with the DC grounded NetGear GS105 switch to the network. Using an LPS-1 Start with High Sierra in the default Apple configuration and work through reducing processes. I want to listen to Apple Music with this DAC. I use Apple Music for discovery and mobile listening. I use Audirvana and Roon: How does optimization in Audirvana do before we even tweet the OS. I want to figure out voice control for music. "Hey Siri" or the like..... SOtM clock testing since I already have it! Other possible / probable testing and learning Do I play with Isolation transformers on the AC side? Do I make other cabling improvements? Will I l test with my Rotel power amp to see how it compares to the Mytek Amp? ..... more .... So in summary my music will be stored on a Synology NAS outside of the stereo system so there is no SATA stuff going on in the MacMini. Attached is the basic layout of the stereo system for reference. I am building a few more pages with test outlines. Eventually I want to make an FAQ/WIKI/KB of this as finding stuff in these threads on the forums is really time consuming and I want to make this simpler. So the goals are as follows: Reduce operating complexity. (I dare. you to teach a non- audiophile how to switch inputs on a Mytek DAC +) Improve sound quality Have fun and listen more ???Simplify??? the systems design (I am not sure if changing power supplies and edit Mac processes is simple) Share my experience to help others. Stereo Overview.pdf
  5. Business Insider reports that Apple Music now has 36 Million subscribers. It could pass Spotify in the US market later this year. http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-music-is-about-to-overtake-spotify-in-the-us-2018-2
  6. This is probably just one of those issues that Apple will eventually fix, but I figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone had any insight. When an album is listed in Apple music as "Pre-Release" you can add it to your library, and usually there are one or two tracks that the artist released early to tease the album. How it SHOULD work is that when the album is release, the rest of the tracks that had previously not been available would now show as available for stream or download. Unfortunately what actually happens, and has happened for at least the year that I've been a subscriber, is that those tracks still show as greyed out. I need to remove the album from my library and re-add it to the library, which defeats the purpose of adding a pre-release album in the first place. It's not a huge issue, but it's certainly a bug. Hopefully it will get resolved in this fall's os updates.
  7. I am concerned that Apple's pushing of Apple music in the HomePod presentation is a sign of worse days ahead for people who store music files locally. Politically speaking, the best way to lobby against this trend at Apple might be to speak on behalf of people with cabins or rural homes that have power but no internet. Or on behalf of the African, Latin American and other cultures whose music from the past 90 years is only sparsely catalogued by Apple Music. Why can't Apple (or someone) come up with a play-only head unit that will run iTunes, iPod style, from (a clone of) an external drive containing the user's library and music files, and be able to control devices like the HomePod via Bluetooth, Lightning or USB 3.1 or C—but using a bare-bones play-only version of iTunes, not iOS Music. The iOS Music app seems hobbled in so many ways, presumably to force people into using web-dependent Apple Music. Anyone with rare, exotic or out-of-fashion music is stuck with Apple Music's boneheaded track and artwork mis-identifications.
  8. HI Kirk and others– I’ve just joined this forum based on some of the very helpful articles I’ve seen in Kirkville. Hoping that you or the other knowledgeable members of this community can help me sort out some of my frustrations related to the interplay of iTunes, iCloud Music Library and Apple Music. I have a relatively large iTunes music library (132 GB, over 35,000 songs), most of which comes from CDs I purchased on my own way back in the day and then ripped into iTunes. One of the challenges has to do with the fact that my library exceeds the size and number of songs permitted in iCloud Music Library. 1. Since I exceed the number of songs allowed for iCloud Music Library, how is it determined which songs in my library get pulled into iCloud Music Library? Who decides this? How can *I* make the selection, rather than some random Apple process? (This is based on the presumption that there might be some way to select which tracks get designated as part of ICML and which ones don’t.) 2. My understanding from Apple is that in order to save music for offline listening when using Apple Music, iCloud Music Library must be turned on. However – and this is the part that I can’t wrap my head around – Apple also says it is not possible to manually sync music from My Music to my device (an iPod Touch, 6th generation) if ICML is on. If I turn off ICML, Apple says I will lose all music from Apple Music which I have downloaded. So – here’s the conundrum – is it really possible that I can’t put my own music on my own device if I want to also take advantage of one of the signature features of being a paid subscriber to Apple Music? (If there’s no way around this, can I turn off ICML once, import all my own music onto my device, turn ICML back on, and then re-download tracks from Apple Music without losing my own synced music?) 3. I know I’m not alone here, but ICML has totally messed up my album artwork and metadata. Question: If I turn off ICML, will my library revert to my original album artwork and metadata? If I do that, and then turn ICML on again, will the messed up stuff come back? 4. I have seen numerous articles about different approaches to work around these issues, including turning off ICML entirely, creating two separate libraries, or using a Mac Mini as a dumb server, but I’m a little intimidated since my technical expertise is nowhere near that level. Is there a (relatively) simple way to solve all this? 5. Given all these issues, would iTunes Match help me find a solution? I haven’t used it and don’t entirely understand how it works. Thanks to all in advance for any guidance and advice.
  9. Hello, Is anyone else seeing the same issues with Apple Music on iOS 10.2? Observed issues since installing iOS 10.2 (also seeing the same issues on iOS 10.2.1 Beta) After selecting an album, I am intermittently seeing an error message on next screen stating the album is not available in the US (see attached screen shots) Intermittent problem where additional albums by Artist on Album Display Page (showing album tracks) is initially displaying black or white (no album art). You can actually see the bottom section of the screen display for a split second before the Album Page with tracks is properly rendered (see screen shot) Thanks, Phil
  10. For any Nine Inch Nails / Trent Reznor freaks, Trent made some unique content available through the Connect feature on Apple Music. The Fragile instrumental album / alternate versions (some new tracks as well). With Teeth instrumental album. Few other things like a live video clip/images. Update to the latest iTunes. Search for Nine Inch Nails and click on the artist. Click on the "Connect" tab, scroll down a bit and you'll see posts for "The Fragile (instrumental)" and "With Teeth (instrumental)". You can also add these albums/tracks to "Your Music" and download them locally, so you have M4A versions for your personal collection. Enjoy!
  11. iTunes (Mac mini 2012) works OK with Audiovana 2 with my own local ALAC music library. I now have a Apple Music streaming service but it will not play with A+. It is a pain to exit A+ depending on if I am playing my local library or streaming. Can anyone help please.
  12. hi Similar to something you recently commented on, I like using Apple Music but then buying the cd and ripping lossless onto my home server (I also have iTunes Match). Now the problem is that when I have added the music via Apple Music to iOS or iTunes AND then subsequently rip the CD lossless to my server I end up having problems. I rather do this as I don't wish to lose play count data. Usually what happens is the following: if in iTunes or iOS I have added the album to my library; I typically have downloaded the album to my iOS device but not downloaded the album in iTunes; in iTunes it naturally affiliates such tracks as being in the cloud and matches the tracks as Apple Music; If I then rip the cd (ensuring to match the track details identically) what then happens is that I have two identical items for each track in the album... one the Apple lossless rip and one Apple Music; I then ask iTunes to update the iCloud library; When this process finishes I usually have 1 item in the album per track but the problem is that when I look at the details of the track it shows it is apple lossless and shows the location of the file on my hard drive BUT still references the track as Apple Music. SO FRUSTRATING. Hoping you can help. MM
  13. Dear Forum members I used to playback all my music using Audirvana to my Audiolab 8200 setup but have since played Apple Music off headphones. I have really been itching to get my Audiolab turned on a little more and listen to music through my speakers. My question is: Can the latest incarnation of Audirvana (Version 3 I believe) play with Apple Music? If not directly is there a work around? I look forward to your replies and I apologies if this has been asked before. Kind regards —Alex
  14. Today, by chance I checked my Apple Music "Smart Playlist". This Smart Playlist contains all the "Apple Music" contained in my iTunes Library. I use it to help my ensure that "My Music" doesn't become "Apple's Music" based on my earlier nightmarish experiences with Apple Music. We'll today, low and behold two songs that belonged to an album I bought from Amazon are marked as "Apple Music". Argh! Not again! It appears the two songs were commandeered by Apple Music on December 11. That's the day after the latest iTunes update. Did the software bug get added back into iTunes? The Meta-data indicates the last play date for the songs were on 4/29/15. Though it's obvious that the album's meta data was last manipulated on December 11. Last time I had this issue it seemed to occur when I streamed the songs from another iOS device using an "Apple Music" curated playlist. I think that's pretty much what happened again. I've also noticed recently that some of my album art was changing, too. I know I had that switch off in my iTunes preferences on Mac, but it was turned back on? Maybe flipped back in the latest iTunes update? I have deleted the songs commandeered by Apple Music and restored them via Time Machine from December 1. OS X 10.11.3 Mac Book Pro Retina iTunes iTunes Match Apple Muse
  15. If you haven't visited our Learning Center in awhile, we've recently added several guides and articles. Here is what's new A Guide to Roon Music Player Forget everything you know about music players. Music is an experience, and Roon reconnects you with it. A Guide to Streaming Music Services With a still-growing array of streaming services, it can be tough to decide which one to pick. Here are the key questions you should ponder before you decide. MQA, What is it and Why Should I Care? Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is the newest format to hit the market. MQA is an audio codec intended for high fidelity, digital audio, internet streaming and file download. MQA can be played on any audio device, whether that’s inside your home, your car, from your phone or anywhere else you might be – perfectly fitting into the way you listen to your music today. An Introduction to Computer Audio New to computer audio or having trouble deciding if a computer audio system is right for you? Fear not, we have put together this introduction to computer audio so that you can understand the basics of what goes into a computer-based audio system. An Introduction to Buying a Turntable Vinyl is back and better than ever. If you're thinking about getting back into the hobby or considering purchasing your first turntable, this guide will run you through the basics of what to look for in a turntable setup. Resonance Control - Controlling Unwanted Vibrations in an Audio Systems When listening to music, speakers are the main source of vibration traveling through the ground and back to your equipment, also termed floor-borne vibration. It’s the job any component isolation product (footers, shelves, stands) to protect the supported component from external ground and air vibration interference. Vibration is a variable which must be mastered through proper design and discreet material choices to achieve resonance control for your audio system.
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