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Found 29 results

  1. Hi I new here I have sparky +usbridge but I want to use wifi hot spot instead Lan . In this case Can I use allo wifi dongle to do this job.
  2. A Clean Power Supply (CPS) for the Allo DigiOne Signature is currently in design. The CPS will supply Clean Battery Power to the DigiOne Signature for a programmable period of up to 20 hours each day. During the remainder of the time the batteries are charged so they are ready for the next day. During use the batteries are totally disconnected from the charging and control circuits thus providing absolutely clean battery power. The unit is programmable via an APP and the unit itself is connected to the users WiFi network. The CPS will fit right on top of the DigiOne Signature board and will be delivered with standoffs as well as an acrylic top cover plate matching the RPi/DigiOne acryclic case. Price is expected to be lower than a good linear power supply. When? Target availability is May 2020. I'll post pictures and more information soon.
  3. I am trying to boot my Allo Digione Signature running the latest version of Volumio OS, but it does not start up. Both LEDs in RPi are on (Red and Green), LED in the middle HAT is Green, LED in the top HAT is Green. I have taken out the MicroSD and reflashed it with the latest Volumio OS, but still doesn't work. Connected hard drive does not power up and Ethernet port LEDs are not blinking.
  4. Hi community, I just received my allo katana including the isolator board. After trying the setup I recognized, that my PiCorePlayer only recognizes the katana without the isolator board. After installing the isolator it won't find the dac. The power configuration has been done as shown in the manual and all leds are shining. Do i have to setup something special in case of using the isolator board? Best, Fabian
  5. Hi @ALLOsupport Your great support has helped me getting my USBridge Sig. + DigiOne Sig. up and running, thank you! I bought the USBridge Sig. + DigiOne Sig. a few weeks back together with the Shanti LPS. The Shanti LPS has become increasingly noisy. It’s humming so loud that I can clearly hear it when sitting in my sofa 4 meters away. Can you please help me sorting out this issue?
  6. Dear Allo, I have today received a new USBridge Signature Player (EU) + Digione Signature in the same aluminum case + Shanti. I ordered it with DietPi + Allo GUI. My first surprise is that it says only USBridge Sig. on the front. It should have said USB Bridge Sig. + Digione Sig. The box has outputs for both SPDIF, BNC and USB. This is a minor irritation though. The big thing is that I cannot get any sound out of the unit no matter what I do. Let me clarify: The player is powered up clean side (1A) first then dirty side (3A) via the Shanti LPS. The Allo DietPi interface is working fine. I have selected the Digione as soundboard. Squeezelite is turned on and set to 16 bit no DSD. I can see the player in LMS, and I can set it to play but no sound is coming out. It is connected to my DAC (Border Patrol SE-i) via a RCA coax cable. I have tried different cables also BNC with the same negative results. I have also tried the Shareport in DietPi. I can stream from my iPad to the player but there is still no sound coming out. I have also tried changing to Moode. It was easy to setup the Digione Signature as the soundboard and get Sqeezelite to work. But still no sound. This is strange since I also have a Allo Digione Player which is working just fine playing music through Squeezelite in Picoreplayer. Switching back to my old Digione Player I can conclude that my DAC is working and my cables too. I can also conclude that the brand new USBridge Sig. + Digione Sig. unit must be faulty. Can you please help me sorting out these problems?
  7. Anyone else seen this? I downloaded the DietPi (with Allo UI) image from the link given in the Allo PDF for DigiOne. Installed onto an SD card in my RasPi 3B and every thing worked fine. The DietPi text menus worked via SSH and the Allo UI worked through a browser. The DietPi then suggested that an upgrade to v6.26.3 was available. I took the upgrade (answered lots of questions) and afterwards the DietPi text menus continued to work as did the audio output. The Allo browser UI is broken however - I get Login Failed every time (and I have changed no passwords from their defaults). If I re-image the SD card back to the suggested Allo image then everything is OK - take the upgrade and the UI is broken again. Its not stopping the functionality - and the DigiOne is indistinuishable from CD to my old ears - BUT, it is annoying that the Allo UI is consistently broken by the DietPi update. Anyone got any solution?
  8. Over the years, I may have been chasing rainbows or dreaming. What I think I have been doing is trying to find is: That Goldilocks Moment! -- The Porridge, the Chair, the Bed. All perfect! I feel there are many of these moments in my audio system journey. At one point, it was an Akai Reel to Reel tape deck and some Koss Pro4AA headphones! Simpler times? Then it was a Phillips GA212 turntable, and Sony integrated amp and B&O speakers. How many times did I spin The Dark Side of the Moon? Today, things are changing faster than ever. But I have found some exciting moments again. The Schiit Yggdrasil DAC was one of them. The Schiit Lyr3 Headphone amp is another. While they are exciting moments, they are not centered well, they sit on the edges of things. At the core of digital music, playback are some fascinating components. Like many others here on AS, there has been much focus on playback software, operating systems, and the associated hardware. I am on the backside of my review of the Allo USBridge Sig hardware. This little box is the beginning of a new Goldilocks moment that is still dropping into place for me. When I got the hardware in place, I knew I had found something special. What I did not know is the journey it is still taking me on. The very first part of that journey was making the music play to see what it did. What a learning experience, JUST WOW! What I am finding is how much care goes into all of this software we are using. Most of my focus has been on X86 hardware, macOS, Windows, AudioLinux, and finally, Euphony. On the X86 platforms, I am sold that the Euphony Stylus software system is a Goldilocks moment. That combination of a fan-less X86 box with Optane storage and a Linear Power supply is Magic! As I have been looking around the computer audio world, there is much focus on small low power computing systems that can sound great. I have had a bunch of them in my systems over time as incremental improvements — the various models of rendu devices or the SMS-200 devices, to name a few. In my systems, time has proven them to be great at improving the sound of my stereo! It was not till the arrival of the Allo USBridge Sig that I am at another Goldilocks Moment. There is more to the story. First, there is software. Oh my is there so much software do deal with, learn, test, listen to, and manage. Out of all of the work, I think I have found a center point to pivot around. First, it is the Linux Music Player Daemon. MPD is the best sounding software I have heard in this space. What is exciting is the MoOdeAudio has an excellent little system built around MPD that helps to create this moment. I have circled the wagons multiple times, and MoOde stands out. I have been using their player software and as either a UPnP endpoint or a Squeezelite endpoint. For local music playback from say a NAS or other local drive, the MoOde player in a web browser works very nicely. It has the bonus of a nice Internet Radio setup. You can also use other software to play to it for streaming services. You can set it up for Airplay or Spotify Connect. The real key here is the renderer software. You can use LMS or Roon to the Squeezelite software or stick with UPnP and use Audirvana+. I cannot wait to try Euphony Stylus to UPnP! Over the last week I have been using Audirvana on a MacMini as the hub of this system for the user interface. I have their A+ app on the devices in the house that play music on the stereo. In the listening, I have done the combination of MoOde Software with the Allo USBridge Sig has become my latest Goldilocks Moment!
  9. I'm using sparky usbridge(dietpi&allo gui system) connected to hydraz, then coax to dac. When playing pcm through squeezelite, everything is fine. But when it goes for dsd native output, dsd stream can not be detected by hydraz and of course no sound can be heard. Then I tried the dac's internal xmos interface. DSD native output goes fine. I guess this indicates incompletely supporting for sparky, right? So can someone help me get hydraz worked for native dsd playing on sparky?
  10. Includes eMMC + reader and microSD memory. PSU and original boxes included. £90 + PayPal fees, including UK delivery. Can ship to Europe with delivery fee.
  11. I have an issue with my Allo katana stack. The microcontroller is producing a strange noise...and no sound is being produced by katana stack. Used to work fine for about 8 months. Seems to be an heating issue which affected the controller. Anyone suggestions what to do?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm using Rasberry PI 3 B+ , Kali recloker and Piano 2.1. Sınce the new RPI 4 is out I was wondering If anybody tried to use RPI, Kali recloker and Piano 2.1 combination? If yes any problems? Thank you all...
  13. I am wanting to take the jumper out to separately power my Allo Usbridge.. I realize the rechargeable LifeP0 18650 x 4 work but what about a power bank like this? Could this be used? Could i use adapter for USB C to then power upper unit of Usbridge? Seems like this would be much easier than constantly recharging the 4 LifePo batteries. Possibly better more stable current delivery to Allo as well? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KS5Z8GL/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A2KUZVNQ9LP7N9&psc=1 USB C Portable Charger RAVPower 20100mAh PD 3.0 45W Power Delivery Power Bank (USB-C Input, 45W Type-C Output) updated USB-C power Delivery charges almost all devices at a huge 45W output, highly compatible with the majority of Type-C devices, such as MacBook, MacBook Air, macbookpro etc. Parallel power: recharge 2 devices at a time with the USB A and USB C outputs; Please note that laptops can only be charged alone via the USB C port Ultra-fast recharge: get a full recharge in just 3.5 hours with the 30W USB C port, Micro-USB QC charges at 18W in just 6 hours, standard 2.4a charges in just 9.5 hours USB C Powerbank.docx
  14. Oops... I posted the following messages in the general DAC forum, not the Allo-specific one and was kindly directed here. So I'll just copy them here -- hopefully someone can help me! ----- posted 3/8, around 10pEST --- The Allo Boss I received today was described as the latest 1.2 version and the card clearly says "HW REV 1.5" as you can see in the picture I've attached.  I've plugged it onto my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with the latest Volumio (v 2.555, 2/18/2019) and get NO sounds out of it. I've tried Jumper ON (plugged into either RPi OR Boss) and Jumper OFF (separate 5V 2.4a power supplies). Same result all three ways -- no sound. (I'm sure speakers & RCA cables are fine.) Is this a new board that isn't supported by Volumio yet? Please help!!!!
  15. Greetings - I've seen some mention that this is an "official" Allo support forum. Is that true? I see many post that are aging which have no response from either forum members or Allo. Before I post any issues I might have it would be nice to know that my time is well spent. Thanks, Vince
  16. The Allo Boss I received today was described as the latest 1.2 version, but the card clearly says "HW REV 1.5" as you can see in the picture I've attached. I've plugged it onto my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with the latest Volumio (v 2.555, 2/18/2019) and get NO sounds out of it. Jumper ON (plugged into either RPi OR Boss) and Jumper OFF, separate 5V 2.4a power supplies. Same result all three ways -- no sound. (I'm sure speakers & RCA cables are fine.) Is this a new board that isn't supported by Volumio yet? Please help!!!!
  17. Hello, first of all, I'd like to say i'm not fluent with english so please, try be comprehensive with me ? I have 2 questions. Both of them are related to my configuration which is based on : A Raspberry PI 3 B+ (1 board) An Isolator v1.2 card (1 board) A KATANA V1.2 DAC (3 board) That makes a 5 boards stacked in the selled by Allo acrylic Case. This config is powered by 2 external power (both 5V 3A : coming from Allo's website and bought with the Katana) : 1st one directly on the Isolator card (USB-C connector) 2nd one using USB-C connector on the card on top of the set-up (SparkOS Micro Controller) There is a 8GB sd Card on which I've installed Volumio. Volumio is reading audio files from a NFS share located on a NAS. I don't have issues to read FLAC files but I can't read AAC, SACD tracks inside ISO file, DSD tracks inside ISO file, DFF files. 1- Can you explain me how can I do that please ? I also realised that when I don't play any track, it's like if there were some "wind" in the room. I mean I can hear a noise which I don't hear if I switch my amplifier on another source (like CD player, turntable or TV). 2- Do I have to check or change anything to make it work normally ? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  18. Just received my plug & play DigiOne Signature player. Connected it to the network port, the SPDIF cable, then the clean side power (iFi power supply) and finally the dirty side (Allo 5v power supply). "DietPi" shows up in the Airplay list and I can select it (stays checked), but no sound is coming out. I am playing Tidal on my iPhone. The ALSA Output Stream Information says: "access: MMAP_INTERLEAVED | format: S16_LE | subformat: STD | channels: 2 | rate: 44100 (44100/1) | period_size: 256 | buffer_size: 131072". When I select my Apple TV using Airplay, I get sound. The configuration options in the Allo GUI look correct -- I didn't change anything -- eg, "allo-digione" is selected as the soundcard. Any help appreciated. settings:
  19. Hi, I downloaded Piano 2.1 F/W from GitHub and placed 44k 100Hz crossover .bin files into /lib/firmware/allo/piano/2.2 directory. Then I rebooted Pi and measured white noise spectrum but crossover filters did not work. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Kind regards, Takeshi
  20. Attempted an update on the Digione using the Update Now in the Web interface. It spun for hours then when rebooted unable to connect at all to the Web admin interface. I'm able to ping the device but nothing else. Allo support folks, please assist.
  21. Hi. I have had my Paul Pang USB v1 die on me in my CAPS music player - it now fails to be recognized on Win Server 2012 and 2016 after a few years' solid use. So I am looking at simple and inexpensive options now. 1) Have the card repaired (if possible) and keep on using my fine Nuforce U192s to "translate into" coax out. 2) Buy an Auralic Aries mini or a MicroRendu and keep on using my Nuforce U192s to "translate into" coax out. I have already had an Aralic Aries mini in the house, but I sold it on because I already had streaming capabilities enough in the house at the time (1) Paul Pang + Nuforce U192S ; 2) Esi [email protected] spdif out). 3) Build an Allo network streamer = network to coax out "converter" (no need for a DAC) Re option 3: How would I go about creating a streamer with SPDIF / coax out with the Allo Digione to feed my Audio Note Dac 3? Thanks. Kind regards, Peter
  22. Hi Folks, I'm using a DigiOne Player from Allo with Volumio 2.x, and I'm wondering how you manage the power options ? After your listening, what are you doing ? shutdown the player ? if yes how you restart the player ? Suspend or other options .. By the way, after few tests I'm very happy with quality of this player. Thanks in advance.
  23. https://www.allo.com/sparky/usbridge.html#specs Thinking of going with this. Presently running audio straight from pc to ddc to dac. What benefits can I expect? Will JRiver's DLNA interface with this thing or do I need the Volumio software? Thanks. I am a newbie with these things. PS and how does it connect? Ethernet and usb to computer then out to ddc?
  24. I've been looking for a high value Roon endpoint for my Dynaudio Focus XD 200 active speakers. Decided to give the Allo a try and ordered one last Thursday 3/1. It shipped from Bangalore IN and arrived at my doorstep today. From opening the box to listening to music took me about 15 minutes. Easy setup with the Allo/Dietpi GUI interface. All you need is a modicum of networking knowledge and a web browser, voila. The Dynaudio's are configured for direct two cable playback master/slave. The Digione is connected to the Dynaudio with a Blue Jeans Coax SPDIF RCA/BNC cable. Playing a bit perfect FLAC 192/24 file sounds pretty darn fine. I'm impressed, particularly for such a high value component, it won't win any beauty contests but sounds very good. I was previously feeding the Dynaudio's wirelessly using the Dynaudio connect USB port fed by the SOTM SMS200. Direct connect wasn't possible with the SOTM because of the USB only output. I'm very, very pleased so far. Prior to the Dynaudio's my configuration was SOTM SMS200 > Ayre QB9 DSD DAC > Ayre AX7E amp > Focal 1007BE. I'm liking the current config significantly better, less audiophile hardware in my media room and a highly flexible great sounding system. Current config is Allo Digione > Dynaudio Focus XD 200. Two boxes, love it.
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