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Found 3 results

  1. I was confused by the new GUI... Release notes would have been very helpful. Took me ten minutes to find where they hid the Settings icon (upper right under the My Collection screen). I like the addition of Most Recent albums/tracks.
  2. Maybe I am trying to do too much with one thread, but here is my situation. I have a budget of roughly $1000 to put towards new sound equipment for my gaming PC. I currently have a set of Logitech 5.1 speakers that I bought about 10 years ago for under $60 that I am using in 2.1 configuration, a Logitech desktop microphone that has since been discontinued, and a pair of Hesh headphones that do a decent job. I am looking to replace all of these. My budget allocation is $150 for mic, $250 for headphones, and $600 for speakers. However, I don’t know much about what brand does what when it comes to speakers and headphones, so I figured I’d post my budget and my needs and see if you guys have some good suggestions. Speakers: $600 I live in an apartment, so volume and bass are not my primary goals. What I want is longevity and clarity. The quieter I can have my speakers while still understanding everything that is being said on that TV show, the better. I only need stereo speakers in 2.0 configuration (a subwoofer is not desired, as I think the thumps it provides are the worst offenders against happy apartment neighbors). While I’m not looking for something that can be heard in the next building, I do want to be able to clearly hear what is going on when I am in the next room if I turn up the volume during the day. I also would like fairly long cords for a desktop computer, with the assumption there are several monitors between them (wireless is a no-no). I prefer black speakers, but the color isn’t a necessity. The price cap should include anything else required to make them work. I don’t know much about audio equipment to know if an amplifier is needed, but if it is, factor that into the cost. Headphones: $250 I’ve heard that open headphones are better than closed headphones, so these are something I would like to try. Once again, I’m looking primarily for clarity. Leather or fake leather pads are much preferred to cloth/foam style pads. Circumaural is my preferred style. The headphones must be wired, and microphone should NOT be included. I am not going to use the microphone on the headphones, so I don’t want to pay for one. Also, I would like a solution to easily change from headphones to speakers, and to control the volume of the headphones. Microphone: $150 I would like to change to something that isn’t taking up desk real estate. I have plenty of room behind my desk that isn’t being used, that could be used for a mic boom. I would like a studio-style microphone with pop filter and a floor stand. Of course, all black. I don’t have a super huge budget hear, because I do care more about what I hear than what others hear. If you can suggest a better way to allocate my resources (i.e. take $50 off the microphone budget to add to the headphone budget) that is fine, but there is a hard cap of $1000. To recap, this thousand would be for: *Stereo speakers with a focus on clarity *Open stereo headphones with leather-style circumaural pads *Recording studio-style microphone with a floor stand I know next to nothing about what brands do what when it comes to audio equipment, so I’d like suggestions on what best fits my desires within my price range. Thanks!
  3. Rezseeker

    B&W CM5 S2 mini review

    I signed up for this forum to follow Audirvana tweaks and after lots of tweaking ended up also changing my speakers. I had B&W CM2 (stereo pair) to the B&2 CM5S2. My Audirvana tweaks were at the other end of the scale from most people and I was running out of tricks to approach the sound I wanted. Basically, my system was too bright. I've noted enough of the characteristics of gear I've introduced over the years to know it must be the speakers. I hesitated between a few speakers, including the CM6S2, but the 5's won. While the 6's have showroom pizzaz, I figured they'd get fatiguing at home. I went for the iterative upgrade. Turns out, I'm extremely happy with the 5's: HUGE amounts of detail, neutral. WOW!! It's like I've just been given the key to a huge playground (of Audirvana tweaks) and I can hear instruments and voices thrumming when they should, tune a deeper bass, pull the speakers further from the wall than the old pair for more depth. B&W has done some awesome things with the tweeters and though the Mundorf EVO silver/gold capacitor is from the EVO not the Supreme range because it's silvergold oil it REALLY does a nice job. Better than the original CM5's (which I'd auditioned a while back). The speakers do need to be burned in to sound their best. Just sharing because I had the hardest time finding reviews of these speakers to flesh out what I'd heard during in-store auditions. My new Audirvana Izotope SRC settings (still need minor tweaking) are now: Steepness 88 (was 8 when I had the CM2's) Filter 1,800,000 Cutoff ,95 (was much lower with CM2's) Pre-ringing .37 Special thanks to Ikkei for sharing his Izotope thoughts here on computeraudiophile and NagysAudio over on avsforum for sharing his love of the CM5S2's.