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Found 8 results

  1. Hi folks! First of all sorry for my English....I'm Italian, and I'll do my best to explain properly my problem. My iPod classic just died after many years I was using it, so I decided to upgrade my experience and buy a new music player, choosing a Fiio X3 Mark III F. I still not have this device in my hands, so I still don't know the way to add music in it.... My problem is my previous library: I used to synchronize my old iPod through iTunes, and I've organized all my songs by Artist, Album, Genre, etc.... I assume that, if I simply will use the songs in the iTunes media folder, I'll loose all these metadata (artist, album, genre, track number, reproductions, etc....) How can I reach the point to have the same songs organization on my new device? Or a new library that works out of iTunes with the same metadata for each song? I hope that is clear enough...again sorry for my English! Cheers, Fabio
  2. I am finding my system for managing and playing music too complicated. I have my library on an external drive connected to a Mac mini so that I can manage the music using iTunes - playlists, ratings etc. But I play the music on Roon. The Mac is connected to a microRendu then to an Arcam iRDAC/A38 Amp and out to KEF LS50s. It seems to me that thus far Roon is not the best place to be doing the management. I’d like a solution like a NAS or Rock or something else that connects directly to my DAC/Amp but still lets me work with my files easily (like iTunes). Any ideas?
  3. I'm running iTunes 12.7.2 on OS 10.11.6 in a MacBook Pro, and I keep my 8 iTunes libraries in a NAS. There's no connection to the internet in this network. Yesterday as I was importing some ripped CD files into the library and initially the files were copied into a library that was not active at that moment. I then quit and restarted iTunes and after re-importing the files some of the songs were placed inside "/Volumes/MUSIC/Classical, Romantic & Modern/iTunes Media" in folders with the name of the CD and other tracks from the same CD were placed in folders with the name of the CD in the right "/Volumes/MUSIC/Classical, Romantic & Modern/iTunes Media/Music" folder. I tried to re-import the misplaced files into "/Volumes/MUSIC/Classical, Romantic & Modern/iTunes Media/Music" but was not successful. What's going on here? Has "post Steve Jobs" Apple lost the plot? I've ended up moving the "Music" folder into "/Volumes/MUSIC", deleted the "Classical, Romantic & Modern" library folder and created a new one into which I am importing everything back. It takes ages. I have been trying out the "iTunes - HQPlayer" and the "Proper English Title Capitalization v3.6" scripts but I doubt this was the cause of such a mess... "iTunes - HQPlayer" doesn't work properly so I have removed it from the "Scripts" folder. Has anyone had something similar happen to them?
  4. Bufo Bill

    Best software for Classical music?

    Hi can anyone tell me if there's a good player/ library organiser for classical music? I currently have a small library of music on my SSD, so am not yet tied in to one format or system. I have iTunes running ATM, and although things are much better than they were metadata wise, I am not seeing many of you running iTunes on a PC. Am I wrong here or am I missing something? Is there a dream player/library combo out there for classical fans? All the best from Bill.
  5. Janneman

    Navigating in library -> tracklist

    I'm very happy with Audirvana Plus. I started using it some weeks ago. However I cannot find a solution to this:Audirvana Plus opens a list of all my music stored on the disk and there I have to select what I want to listen in order to put it in for example a play list. Scrolling a large list is a bit frustrating - especially with a big collection. Most of music player interfaces you can type in a letter and immediately jump to all your CDs/tracks that begin with that letter. That saves a lot of scrolling.Have I missed something (to be able to make such a quick-jump)?
  6. I have iTunes library on 1TB external hard drive. The library is 14,000+ songs that are a combination of purchased and ripped from my CD collection. I thought having the library on an external hard drive meant moving to a new computer would be a breeze. I didn't even worry about it. My computer is an iMac over 5 years old. It has been updated to MacOS and has the latest version of iTunes I got a new iMac with MacOS and iTunes I attached the external hard drive to the new computer. I opened iTunes. Under Preferences -> Advanced I selected the location of my iTunes library. There are two problems: 1. Every song has a download icon. 2. A lot of ripped music isn't visible in the library even though I've confirmed it's still on the hard drive. As a science experiment, I clicked the download icon on a ripped track. (This is a song I did NOT purchase through iTunes.) This seemed to fix the problem but created a new copy of the m4a file named -1, thus consuming double the disk space. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. My iTunes is configured in the way described in Kirk's article: http://www.macworld.com/article/2996002/streaming-media/how-to-set-up-an-itunes-library-on-a-network-attached-server.html My library file is on my mac, the media is on my NAS. My NAS died and I am no longer using it. Fortunately I had my media backed up and have restored it to a different external drive (not a was). How do I tell iTunes to look to that new external drive? If I follow the steps from Kirk's article again, I think it will try to copy from a source that no longer exists. I simply want to tell iTunes that the new location has all the files in the expected folder structure. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Apologies if this topic already has a thread. I haven't purchase any music from the Apple store for some time now. I have always had my default settings in iTunes as not connected to the store, and have always ensured iTunes Match and other such equivalents are switched off. This evening I went online to the Apple store to purchase an album (that I could not find elsewhere). Before I knew it: it appears that Apple has started to read my library and replaced my versions (ie higher than 256kpbs, either burnt from compact disc or purchased from other sites) with its on 256kpbs versions. I had to force quite iTunes, go off-line, restart ITunes, and attempt to switch off all communication between my version of iTunes and Apple online, and then re-establish an internet connection. A few searches online reveals that not only have my tracks been replaced with Apple's own 256kpbs versions, but apparently are now all with added DRM! Still not entirely sure which tracks have been replaced and which haven't... Anyone else had this experience? And does anyone know exactly how to ensure this doesn't happen again!?