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  1. Auralic Aires with dual FemtoClocks and Ultra Low Noise PSU. One owner, non-smoker, latest software and firmware updates, original boxing. $1250 excluding PayPal fees and shipping from NC zip code 27850.
  2. I have a brand new (opened) Jcat sc available for sale. Just received it yesterday directly from manufacturer. $400.00. Shipping and PayPal included. Thanks
  3. This should be fun due to all the love Bose gets on this site... Never opened. Brand new. In black. Details can be found here: Amazon.com: Bose Solo TV Sound System: Electronics Bose Solo review - CNET Please make an offer and we can settle via Paypal/Credit Card. Thank you.
  4. For sale is a used V-DAC II plus dedicated Pangea Audio power supply from Audio Advisor. Not sure if it's a LPS, and guessing maybe not since they didn't market it as such. Anyway, a classic DAC from the recent past. To my ear, it's easily competitive with Schiit DACs in this price range. Has co-axial, optical and USB inputs, and it’s a 24bit/192kHz asynchronous USB design. Here are some links about it: Musical Fidelity | V-DACII DAC Musical Fidelity V-DAC II D/A processor | Stereophile.com Retail was $480 ($380 + $100). Asking US$200.00 PayPal only and no trades, please. Buyer to pay shipping. I'll cover the PP fee. I don't sell a lot, but I have all positive feedback under the same username at Head-fi dot org.
  5. The following prices and terms are firm. Paypal will be paid by the buyer, ground freight will be on the seller. Only sales in the U.S. will be considered. Every item is in flawless condition unless otherwise noted. MicroRendu – Retail $640 / Sell $550 (no power supply) Stanford Research FS275 Atomic Clock – Retail - $2,675 / Sell $1,795 Adnaco S1B Optical USB to PCIe/PCI Expansion System (installed in pc case) – Retail $599 (including PC case) / Sell $435 Uptone Regen (amber) Retail $175 / Sell $115 (very short hairline scratch on top of unit) Acousence / Artistic Fidelity AFI-USB USB/SPDIF converter w/custom adapter to accept linear power supply - Finest USB/SPDIF converter available – Retail $1,310 / Sell $995 Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 - $495.00 (not limited edition and not upgraded) Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB Cable 1.6 meters – Retail $749.75 / Sell $495 Mutec MC-3+ Clock - Retail $759.55 / Sell $495 Mac Mini (two each) – Sell $450 - 2.3ghz Mac Mini’s, I5, 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3, 500GB, 2011 Intona USB isolator (industrial version) – Retail $348 / Sell $235 Yellowtec PUC Lite USB/SPDIF converter – Retail $483.00 / Sell $320 MIT Vero Full Headphone Dongle – 3.5mm – Retail $299 / Sell $195
  6. I'm a custom installer / authorized KEF dealer. I have a new pair of X300As that are classified as B-Stock. B-Stock can be for a number of reasons, but I am unable to find any issues with these speakers. Removed them from box, checked them out, made sure they work well, and put back in box. They come with the full warranty. Includes cables. I also have a brand new pair of Q300s (walnut finish). I ordered these for a project, but because of a measurement error I don't need them. I took these out of the box, determined that they didn't fit where planned, and put them back in the box. They come with the full 5-year warranty. The price for either pair is $525 including shipping and Paypal fees. I strongly prefer to not ship these west of the Mississippi River. Pics of the X300As are attached.
  7. Excellent DAC, Audiophile quality (Silver Model) Original Cost $1595 Asking $935 (or make offers) Features: 32-bit Sabre DAC; PCM up to 192k, 64xDSD, 128xDSD USB 1.1(up to 96k, Asynchronous) USB 2.0 (up to 192k/DSD, Asynchronous) Firewire 400/800 (up to 192/DSD, Asynchronous) Native DSD Playback Internal Asynchronous hardware upsampling, from 16/44.1 up to 24/192 Integrated high-current ultra low-distortion Headphone Amp Stepped Analog volume control (1dB increments) AES, S/PDIF, SDIF, WCK (Word Clock), optical ins/outs Audiophile-quality high current headphone amplifier Precision programmable analog 1dB step attenuator DSD ASIO drivers & DSD over USB software RCA and XLR outputs RCA Analog throughput this Pre-Amp model
  8. Rarely used M2Tech hiFace Evo USB to Digital Interface. USB in, SPDIF (both RCA and BNC), AES (XLR), I^2S (RJ45), Toslink and ST optical outputs, Has input for optional external clock. 44.1K to 192K sampling rates. Power adapter included. Originally: $499.00 Asking $249.00 (or make offer)
  9. You know the drill.. Latest model, works perfectly. Ready to make some nice improvements to your USB audio setup on the cheap? Here ya go! $100 includes Paypal fees & CONUS shipping.
  10. Up for sale are 2 Brand New Yamaha A/V receivers: Yamaha RX-A2050, black, Brand New in Sealed Box, Full Factory Warranty. MSRP $1599, asking $1099 Yamaha RX-A2060, black, Brand New in Sealed Box, Full Factory Warranty. MSRP $1599, asking $1199 I am new here, but I have a lot of positive feedback on eBay (gabimarikarman) and Audiogon (karmanfamily) Shipping inside the USA is a flat $40. Worldwide shipping is available too, please contact me for more information. I accept PayPal and Credit Cards (please add 3% to cover the fees) Money Orders and Cashier's Checks are welcome too.
  11. Product Details The CLONES POWER STATION LITE is the low current version of the POWER STATION. Provide 3A current output. The good power source can make a huge deifference performance is the fact to admit of no doubt. The POWER STATION built with all discrete components. Ultra low noise but capable to drive the high consumption devices as the CAS, Laptop, NAS storage server… We accept the custom order for the output specification within from 3A and 5V to 12V. Lite Package included: - Custom DC cable - POWER STATION ultra low noise power supply unit * The modification is reversible for warranty issue. * The standard length of the POWER STATION DC cable is 1 meter. Specification Output: 12V/9V/7.5V/5V 3A (Fixed) Weight: 3.5KG Dimensions : 100(W)x150(D)x100(H)mm * 3 year warranty HKD2,990 (USD387) + shipping Price in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) CLONES audio
  12. Hi I bought two microRendu + iFi Power Supply combos, one for my main system and another for a planned second system. Sadly I have to abandon the second system so I have one microRendu + iFi Power Supply for sale. Effectively new, I checked that it worked OK when it was delivered and then packed it away again. $650 (or reasonable offer) + shipping. Mike
  13. Mac Mini Quad-Core - 256GB SSD - 16GB Memory ::::: BEST COMPUTER MUSIC SERVER This Mac Mini is the previous version of the Mini line. I'm the original owner, have owned it for about three years, and this is stock from Apple -- internal drive, memory, everything. Excellent condition, since well-taken care of and then replaced by a much more costly Aurender music server. And if you buy this Mini at the asking price, this BONUS: an external, fan-less (quiet) 2TB hard-disk drive from Western Digital for storing your music. This WD My Book Studio silver-cased drive was only used for periodic backup, so very low usage, pristine condition inside and out. Why is this particular Mac Mini the best Mac computer to use as a music server? * Quad-core i7 Intel microprocessor (no longer available; only dual-core now). * Full 16GB memory, for faster operation. * Internal SSD for the operating system, much quieter than an internal hard drive. * And for connecting an external drive, which is the best way to store your music, you can choose from Thunderbolt, FireWire, USB, HDMI, or Ethernet connections. * There are still many low cost FireWire drives available, which are relatively inexpensive and work great for external music drives. Again, a 2TB WD drive comes extra for any buyer at the asking price. * And, in general, a Mac Mini run headless (no screen) from another Mac computer is just another box in your audio system, so no need to look at any (obvious) computer in your music room. Some specs: 2.6 GHz Intel Quad-Core i7 16GB memory (1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x8GB) 256GB internal SSD (solid state drive) Sold with a clean install of the Mac operating system. PRICE = $800, shipped in original box plus further double-boxed for extra protection Please add shipping costs and the 3% PayPal fee. Ask away with questions about this Mac Mini, about partitions and operating systems, about external drives to hold your music, or any other related thoughts. Dave, who is both very careful in general and has 30 years of experience using Mac computers so you can rely on his tech work on this Mini before it comes to you
  14. I'm selling something from my personal collection. Didn't think I'd do it because you can no longer buy the temple pads for the K1000s, but I would like to test some of the newer upper headphones like the Focals. I ran these off of two 300B Paramount amps by Bottlehead. Regardless of what you run them off of, I would use the custom speaker tap adapter included as the output versus going directly into the 4-pin. The adapter cable is approximately 8' long and made out of nice Canare wire and uses high-quality techflex and a nice Neutrik jack. Just to add a little more about the temple pads. These are in 9/10 shape, which also indicates low hours. It is very rare to find a pair with this S/N that is in such a great condition. I'm not going to elaborate much on these. They're in very good condition and they sound unlike pretty much anything on the market. Furthermore, these are S/N 4313, which is a VERY rare S/N to find and some people feel that these have more bass than the 10XXX models. The last pair on eBay in the 4XXX sold for $3,206.95 USD. They should appreciate more than most you see with the wooden boxes. Unlike other headphones, these use no acoustically hard components, which enables the sound to interact more freely. What truly makes these one of a kind is the fact that they're equivalent to wearing speakers on your head (hence the speaker tap adapter cable they include). They require a lot of power, which is why we upgrade the adapter cable. The speaker enclosure uses a vibration-free diaphragm that is driven by a magnet system to minimize any interference or distortion and really provide a personalized listening experience. The speakers actually open and close using adjustable hinges and the hinges and locks both work very well. Many used ones you find, will have one or all of the locks not working. By opening and closing distance to your ear, the sound will change. Unfortunately, I don't have the manual, case, or original speaker extension adapter anymore, but I feel that both the custom speaker adapter cable and the case are much better than the original. The case is a brand new Pelican 1400 which we custom fit for the AKG K1000s. The case was purchased less than 1 month ago. There is a link to the manual on their website if you search for AKG K1000 on Google. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. $1,650 via PP. I will pay shipping in CONUS; Buyer pays PP fee or via F&F.
  15. Mint condition N100S ( 1 TB SOLID STATE HD) . 2 Synergistic Red fuses installed. I will also include 20 hirez files from me library of over 2,000. ($300-$400) value W4S recovery may also be included. The only reason for selling is I went to a Aurender A10. Make offer, Thanks, Russ
  16. Up for sale is a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto speakers with the Original Stands. They sound as they should, very natural with good detail and focused sound stage. They look the part too, they are in real nice condition. I only found some very light marks on the sides, barely visible. The stands look good too, except for a mark on one of the feet and one of the speaker supports is a little bent, which isnt visible when the speaker is attached to the stand. (see picture) The speakers come in the original box, but without the original packaging foam inside and the stands come in a solid generic box. They ship in 2 separate boxes Asking only $1099.99 for speakers AND stands. Take advantage of 0% Interest and No Payments for 6 months through PayPal Credit. Please check out my other audio gear bargains! I will only ship inside the USA through FedEx or USPS. The box with the speakers weigh 48 lbs and the stands 58 lbs. I accept Paypal and Credit Cards (please add 3% for the fees), you can wire directly into my Wells Fargo account (which is free from other Wells Fargo accounts) or send me a Money order.
  17. Selling latest production (11/2016) Atlantic DAC, fully balanced, black chassis, including 5 years transferable warranty, original boxes. - PCM conversion R2R discrete ladder - up to 26 bit, up to 192 kHz via SPDIF, up to 384 kHz via USB - DSD conversion via USB only, auto-sensing, auto switching, 64x, 128x, 256x - inputs: USB, spdif (BNC, RCA), toslink - outputs: balanced XLR pair, single ended RCA pair - Jupiter output capacitors, silver internal wiring - special metal rings around tubes - 115/230 V switch on the back -Extra Mullard GZ32 rectifier tube - rectifer tube + choke in PSU - superclock for DSD and PCM - second superclock. Price including paypal and insured shipping Worldwide with tracking by DPD or UPS is 5.500 EUR (full retail 7.800 EUR). Atlantic will be doubleboxed as shown on the photos with two layers of foam around. Tubes will be seperately boxed and additionally protected. Let me Know if you have any questions, especially regarding comparison to B7 or GG as I had them all
  18. I'm the original owner of this custom length TotalDAC USB Filter/Cable in excellent condition. And the only reason I'm selling it now is my move to the Aurender N10 music server, where I don't use the USB output all that much. Type A to Type B connectors here. The filter box is what makes for rich sound quality using this USB cable. According to the company, "A shielded aluminium box embeds high performance filters to suppress digital pollutions coming from the computer or the music server. The sound is then more natural, more transparent and without harshness...The filter box embeds also a circuit to better protect your DAC from the possible over-voltages coming from the computer." More info: totaldac USB cable This 1.5 meter length sells new for about $400 plus shipping. My price = $275, with shipping in CONUS included. One photo here, and questions quickly answered. Dave, who has been more pleased by this USB cable than the eight or so others he's tried
  19. The greatest DAC under $2k? I haven't heard them all, so I can't say. But, surely, it is a contender for that title. If clean musicality is your thing, Benchmark is your beast. Mine is near-new condition. 9 out of 10. It comes from a pet-free, smoke-free home. The included headphone amp is superlative: I've used it to drive two Sennheiser HD700a simultaneously with effortless dynamics. It comes with the remote, manual, and the balance of my warranty...about three years. $1600 or best offer. Shipping within the continental US and PayPal included.
  20. Up for grabs is a really nice pair of Gallo TR-3D Subwoofers. $985 retail, you can grab one for $600 or BOTH for $1000! Plug and play, these are easy to set up and look great. 9/10. Original packaging included. Full price includes paypal but shipping is on the buyer. Will ship in original boxes, CONUS only. Local SF Bay Area pickup also works. Thanks for looking! More info below: TR-3d Subwoofer The pinnacle of subwoofer design and technology is here. In plain terms, the powered, 300 watt Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-3d subwoofer is the finest subwoofer in its class, and we proudly offer it as the gold standard. It's a veritable 300 watt "cannon of power", and has an integral bass equalizer that's capable of an additional +6 dB of low bass boost. Add in our patented S2 bass loading technology and an onboard class d power amplifier, and you have a subwoofer that offers the tweaks and range that true audiophiles will love, yet still features the simplicity to "plug and play" for everyone else. So no matter what your level of listening expertise, if you want the best bottom to your sound, look no further than the TR-3D. Frequency Response 18Hz to 180Hz +/- 3db Power Handling 300 watts, 600 watts max, Class D Digital amp Driver 10" Long Throw Ceramic Anodized Aluminum Cone Dimensions 10.75" W x 12" H x 13.5" D Cone Material Ceramic Anodized Aluminum Cone Enclosure Material Hardened Steel with patented S2 bass loading Crossover See below Connections 2 Female RCA phono inputs and 2 female RCA phono outputs (pass through) 5 way gold plated speaker level binding posts Finish Black Phase 0/180 Switch Low Pass 50 to 180Hz, continuously variable with LFE by-pass swirch High Pass 100Hz fixed, 1st order high-level output Bass EQ 0, +3dB, +6dB, 30Hz center frequency Power Auto On/Off Auto/On/Off Toggle Switch Gain Dial Weight 33 lbs Woofers Cover Black Metal Grill
  21. This Black Cat USB cable is a Chris Sommovigo special, limited edition, made in the USA. It's what Chris calls a "double decker," which means two separate cables run between the two USB connectors. One cable carries the signal, and the other carries the power. This type of design helps eliminate noise, makes for a blacker background, aka better sounding music. Connectors = USB A to USB B Length = 48 inches Length = 4 feet Length = 1.2 meters Condition = near-new, a definite 9/10 Price = $275, plus shipping (but I'll cover the PayPal fee) Some photos here, and all questions answered quickly. Dave, who is using USB less now that he has an Aurender N10 music server with its multiple outputs +++++
  22. Industrial version. Bought mid-January. Doesn't have the firmware upgrade, but that only matters if you have one of a few DAC's with high current requirements from the 5V feed. It's a great device, with really obvious benefits upon even an initial listen. Paid $348 shipped. I'm offering for $300 shipped in contiguous US. As-new condition. I have little track record here on CA, but have extensive track record on Audiocircle under the same user name, as well as Audiogon, and Ebay. Likewise, all the same user name. Please contact me if you have any questions.
  23. Selling one-owner MacBook Air 13" Mid-2013 computer. 1.3GHz I5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD. Asking price of $750USD includes shipping to US contiguous 48 states. I bought an Aries and use this only for audio, so actual wear & tear is light. Bought new from Apple in May 2014. Mavericks is installed on a 32GB SD card and all of "The Audio Optimization Guide for Apple OX - Mavericks" have been run - and yes, running from the SD card does sound better . There is a user named "Music" on the internal SSD with the same configuration. Audirvana+ 2.x, Ammara SQ, and Tidal are installed. I will include a 1TB WD USB drive and of course the SD card with the OS. Includes original box, power adaptor, packaging. Easy way to get into computer audio, please PM me with any questions or to purchase. Thanks, TP
  24. Up for sale , 2 cables of 33 cm PPA Studio TZ YUN III Sata Cables . I ask 200$ Tha sale is for 2 cables . ( 100$ each) Please note: Paypal fees, shipping and Insurance to Usa and Canada is included in the price .
  25. I have a 2.5 year old Apple Airport Extreme Base Station with supplied power cord. This cost $184.99 when bought from Amazon in the fall of 2014. Very good condition and works perfectly well. Will sell for $85 OBO plus shipping in continental US.
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