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  1. I am selling some new and used discs to fund some a new DAC. NEW-Unopened Jun Fukamachi at Steinway-DXD, LIM DXD 038 $33 Multichannel Hybris SACDs play on all cd or sacd players-New unopened: Alan Gilbert/RSPO Mahler 9th-new SACD Hybrid Multichannel plays on all cd and SACD players $19 American Spectrum-Branford Marsalis/Qartet and North Carolina SO/LLewellyn NEW Multichannel Hybrid $20 Used SACD's but very good condition, Hybrid Multichannel (Plays on cd or Sacd players) Brahms Violin Concert,Double Concerto-Fischer/NPOA/Kreizberg-Pentatone Hybrid Multichannel...plays on all cd or Sacd players $17 Tippett-Rose Lake/Ritual Dances-Hickox/BBC NO-Chandos Hybrid Sacd $11 Danses and Divertissments Berlin Phil Wind Quartet/Steven Hough $14 Vaughan Williams-London Symphonies, Hickox/LSO-$10 Rudi Stephan Orch Works-Sergey Stadeler/Melbourne Symp Orch/Oleg Caetani-$12 Bartok Two Violin Concerto's -Arabella Steinbacher/Janowski/Orchestra de la Suisse Romande $15 Used Sacd but stereo, not multichannel: Mozart Flute Quartets-Petri,Widmann,Ulijona,Sudraba- SACD-5.220570 $13 Buy 3 or more and I will ship free. Otherwise $3 per one or two I have excellent feedback over 10 years at Audiogon as : cpvniii Thanks. Paul
  2. I have owned these for less than a year. I paid $649. These are terrific-sounding speakers but my subwoofer died and I want something with more bass to fill a larger room. These are the Rosewood-colored speakers and I would rate them 8/10 because my wife dinged them when she was rearranging the furniture. You can only see the mark she left if you know where to look. I'm asking for $325 and would split the cost of shipping (lower 48 only).
  3. Speakers in mint condition. Price: $1700 Shipping internationaly at buyers cost. Will accept PayPal.
  4. Once more, I've overbought various audio toys -- my loss is your really good price. These three items are being sold as a package. iUSBPower power supply (click here) iPurifier filter (click here) Gemini dual-headed USB cable, 0.7 meter (click here) In near new condition, in original boxes, with all accompanying items, such as cables with the iUSBPower. All three items sell new for $477 My price = $300, with shipping included in the CONUS Any questions? Dave, who is still keeping duplicates of things like the iUSB P.S. These photos are borrowed from the web, but if you need to see photos of the actual items I'm selling, let me know.
  5. $425 USD. I will cover paypal and standard shipping costs. Like new, rarely used.
  6. First Sound Presence Deluxe 4.0 Mk III with two external power supplies! Considered one of the best tubed preamps made today and this is a great value on First Sound line. An amazingly transparent preamp with a three dimensional sound stage. Serial # is 0911883 This was checked out by Emmanuel Go earlier this year and the preamp is in perfect condition. Asking $3800 plus shipping. Please add 3% for Paypal fees (or use some other means of payment that does not require fees). I have 100% positive feedback on Audiogon, Astromart, Fredmiranda under the username anilveena. Anil
  7. 1. Scott Nixon Tube Dac-2, 4-/Xac 12 vac, 4 amp upgraded power supply and 2 extra NOS (New Old Stock) tubes: Amperex, 1963, 60J8 with about 100 hrs on it RCA, 1965 Siemens (Germany), 6922, unused Also a standard Tessla E88CC tube. 2. Audio-Gd Digital Interface with special Coax output. 3. Hiface with 6db and 10db attenuaters and connector converters. 4. Behringer DEQ-2496 Ultra-Curve Pro. PEQ and much more. 5. Behringer DSP 1124P Simple PEQ and Feedback suppressor. All in excellent condition except DSP 1124p which has some "rack rash". Let me know if you would like more info or photos. Click links for Behringer products; and, feel free to make me an offer. Chris
  8. Hello, for sale: For sale, Mapleshade "Triplepoints" Brass Footers with hemispherical points. See this link for details: Original Triplepoints (set of three)-Mapleshade I have a total of 6 of these footers. I will sell only in sets of 3. I also have the original Mapleshade packing for these footers. I bought these footers from Mapleshade last year and they are in mint condition. Original retail price $140 for a set of 3 footers. Sale Price: $80 for a set of 3, or $150 if you purchase all 6 footers. Buyer pays shipping costs. Here is a picture of them under the Bel Canto:
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...em=291040245336 Used, Like new condition.
  10. As many here know already, Phil's Audiophile Optimizer, a most comprehensive Windows Server 2012 optimization program, is one of the most udnerrated and highly valuable tools for any computer audiophile. In a hobby where we think nothing of spending $1000s on cables and isolation tweaks, this Optimizer makes a HUGE difference when setting up a Windows 2012-based music sever. It has double the effect when run in a dual pc environment, as is found in dual pc Jplay setups. Phil, with significant feedback from use beta users here on CA and over on Audio Circle, has created a menu-based set of optimization routines that ask simple questions and then automatically optimizes the OS environment for best audio playback. It is relevant to both a novice user (skip the questions and do automated setup) as well as more technically advanced power user (decide when and where certain drivers will be loaded, etc). All for 100CHF. Oh, and Windows 2012 can be obtained as a free trial license, and then rearmed every 6 months a couple of times (18 months is a lifetime in the computer audio world). An Audiophile Optimized system has a much lower noise floor, less cpu overheard, better, more responsive playback performance, and overall more musically enjoyable tonality and detail. Well, I feel strong enough about the benefits that I convinced Phil to give our readers a 20% Holiday offer. All you need to do is buy the Optimizer on or before Dec31, 2013 and use the code "tedb" in the Paypal referral button (see "add" button in screenshot below) and then during the following week he will refund 20CHF to all buyers who have used that code. Here is the website to order from: Highend-AudioPC | Order Here are screenshots of how to enter the code: Enjoy 20CHF on me, and Happy Holidays. (Editors note 1 swiss franc = 1.12 US dollars)
  11. Hey All, The following needs a good home - PS-Audio HDMI-12 (i2s) (1M) – Purchased Feb 2012 from authorized dealer - 9/10 on A'gon scale - Asking $ 195 (I'll cover fees and shipping). Great cable if you're using a W4S DAC or PS Audio DAC w/ the Empirical Audio Off Ramp. Thanks, Danny
  12. I ordered this last July and received in late February. At that point, I didn't really have a use for it. It has been hardly used. I built a CAPS 3 server and used it for a few weeks, but decided to take the CAPS 3 out of my system. I would like to recoup my purchase price of $550 as it is pretty much a new unit without the wait time.
  13. I have a great 1.8Ghz dual processor G5 Mac Pro, 8 megabytes RAM, (model identifier M9454LL/A) for sale, which I've been using for the past 4 years as a very reliable music server (running leopard, itunes and Pure Music). Very quiet running, with the Lynx AES-16 PCI card installed which retails for $700 (i.e. just the card), equipped with breakout cables from the card terminated with a single bnc connector which will feed spdif to any DAC for for glorious sound. If you ever wanted to try out this config, $300 for the whole thing will do it. I've recently purchased a Mac Mini and am in the process of trying out various interface solutions to feed my Bryston dac, so the big MAC can go out the door. I still have the box for the mac; it was purchased from Mac of All Trades in 2009. Works great, never a problem, and incredible sound. New (within the past year) superdrive installed. At the time of purchase I installed a new 1TB Seagate drive in one of the bays. Other drive bays are still open. For question or info please email msg me. I would GREATLY prefer a local pickup or delivery in the Atlanta area.
  14. --- Full Disclosure: This unit is 3 months old and has been repaired. The "repair" consisted of replacing the tubes at a total cost of $27. --- Nice Jolida Tube DACII, black finish. Sounds very good. Appears to eat tubes after being powered on for only 2.5 months. I am definitely a solid state kinda guy. Here is a deal for someone with a limited budget! Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC II Updates a Modern Classic An update to Jolida's innovate FX Tube Dac, the Glass FX Tube DAC II features 24 bit/192 Hz capability with USB, Toslink, and Coaxial Inputs. The FX Tube DAC II allows you to convert your digital files (via S/PDIF, Tos-Link, and USB) using the newest Burr Brown DAC chipsets, and then send that all-analog waveform through a pair of 12AX7 tubes for the sound all analog lovers crave. It’s the best of both worlds and a modern classic at a great price! 100% Money Back Guaranteed! Features: USB: 24/96 up sampling to 192 Hz Toslink and coaxial: 24/192Hz Galvanic Isolation: ADuM 1250 chips Asynchronous Burr Brown Chip AD1896 DAC Chip: PCM 1798 R Style Transformer State of the Art Components: ESA Clarity capacitor filters, gold plated RCA jacks Warning: this unit does not accept 176.4kbs input! New: $449 - yours for $200 plus $13 shipping to anywhere in the CONUS. Original packaging. -Paul
  15. The Primare I30 is a fully balanced, dual mono design, solid state integrated amplifier and is rated at [email protected] and [email protected] It has 2 balanced (XLR) inputs and 4 single ended (RCA) inputs; a single ended preamp out (RCA, L&R) and an analogue tape out (RCA, L&R). It also has a remote control. This was purchased new, by me, in May of 2009. I replaced the I30 in my system last June with an integrated tube amp. The I30 has been sitting idle since the arrival of the tube amp. It is in immaculate condition and comes in the original boxes with all documentation. This is an outstanding amplifier and sounds exceptionally clean, especially when using the balanced inputs. Payment would be through PayPal and the PayPal charges would be on me. Shipping would be paid by the purchaser and would be from Stillwater MN, 55082.The shipping weight is about 45 lbs. It is a solid piece of equipment. You can find a pdf file of the user manual here: Primare : Amplifiers Thanks for looking. Larry
  16. One year old. Purchased new from dealer. Perfect condition. Not using it anymore for streaming iTunes. Photos available. Remote, manual included. $450 new. $200 incl shipping to CONUS. Call Scott 720-289-2153.
  17. Playstation 3 CECHE01 firmware 3.30 (NTSC - CECH-E01) Paypal. It is on ebay right now. The ebay listing will be removed if a reasonable offer is received. I would prefer to sell it to someone who will appreciate its capabilities. Take a peek below... PlayStation 3 CECHE01 Firmware 3 30 NTSC CECH E01 | eBay Please email any offers to [email protected] Thank you. -Megan
  18. Audiophilioe Model 1 needs a new home. Complete package in orignal case and accessories. No longer needed as I upgraded my DAC to the Mytek 192 DSD DAC. Asking $500 OBO. Terms: PayPal [you pay fees]. Shipping, CONUS only, included.
  19. Wonderful, Linn Component, upgrading to Klimax. Perfect condition all books and boxes, remote latest dynamik power supply. Read CA 's comments of the Majik: The Linn Majik DSI with the convenience of it's built in 100 watts per channel Chakra amplifier, will allow you to simply connect your favorite speakers, and enjoy. Adding Linn DS digital streaming components will transform your hi-fi into a system for the future. Offering performance that surpasses traditional CD player technology, and with the convenience of having your entire digital music collection at your fingertips, organized your way, you'll never listen to music in a conventional manner again. Also has many digital inputs as well as a very good phono section.The Linn Majik DS-I in incredibly versatile and sounds very good. The Ethernet input and UPnP capability are the real stars of the show. The complete user experience and ability to just listen to music is wonderful. A single chassis clean looking and clean sounding component that accepts all common sample rates without user intervention is exactly what many readers have been seeking. Using the Majik DS-I provides the user some piece of mind as well. There are no worries about bit perfect output, a KMixer, Exclusive Mode, Audio Midi, ASIO, or WASAPI. At $4,200 the Majik DS-I is a terrific buy. I highly recommend visiting a Linn dealer to spend some time using the Majik DS-I. This is the type of product that sells itself. I happy to place the Linn Majik DS-I on the C.A.S.H. List as the first high end UPnP digital streaming component. Asking $2500.00 mint condition Boxed, remote, manuals Fabulous condition Chakra with Dynamik power supply, see matching sale of Linn Majik Dsi and discount to purchase of both units. That compact size and even temperament – and indeed temperature – are greatly to do with the Linn technology under lid: like the other power amps in this range, the Akurate 2200 is based around Linn's Chakra amplifier technology, and powered using the company's Dynamik switch mode power supply, which is also found in other Akurate components. Asking $2000.00 mint condition Boxed, manuals , will include Linn interconnects and $500.00 discount for purchase of both units, photos available
  20. Up for sale a Wadia 121 DAC (Wadia likes to refer to it as a “decoding computer”) and an Audioquest Coffee 1.5m USB cable, both purchased 3/2012. I am the original owner. I did have a problem with RFI (radio frequency interference) and sent the DAC to Wadia to service. There is no longer even a trace of the RFI problem (discussed here: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f6-dac-digital-analog-conversion/wadia-121-rfi-problem-15827/). I have moved on to a different (better and more expensive) DAC and (better and more expensive) USB solution. All accessories and original packaging included. Paypal only, CONUS only please. Shipping free to CONUS. I will absorb the Paypal fees. Asking $775.00 for Wadia 121 DAC. Originally $1,299.00. Asking $175.00 for 1.5m Audioquest Coffee USB cable Manufacturer links: 121 USB Digital Audio Wadia 121 Reviews: Wadia 121 Decoding Computer | The Absolute Sound Wadia 121 Decoding Computer Amazing sound and good looks at a very reasonable price. Review By Tom Lyle Wadia 121 Decoding Computer | Home Theater Computer Audiophile - Wadia 121 Decoding Computer DAC Review Pictures: ATTACH=CONFIG]6041[/ATTACH]
  21. Well, it finally happened.. We picked up a pair of Large Advents a week ago, and I can not stop listening to them. Better yet the better half is allowing them in the living room! Those who know me know I absolutely love this particular, if a bit aged, sound. Well, it fits, I have a bit of age on me too. So, I am clearing out some stuff we are not using any longer. Starting with our prized set of PSB Synchrony One Bs. These are fine speakers, but I refuse to use them only as a set of center channel speakers. They are on Craigslist for $1499, but if you buy them from here, you get em for $1280 plus exact shipping/insurance. Original packing included. Speakers are pristine. Also up- our bedroom Peachtree DAC*IT DAC, original model, not 24/192. ($265 + shipping, $200 with either set of PSB speakers.) A set of PSB Imagine Bs - slightly worn sock in one grill, woodwork and drivers are as close to perfect as possible. $450 + shipping because of speaker grill. For $650 + shipping you can also get the Peachtree DAC*IT above with it. Original packaging included.
  22. 355.00$ LAT International IC 300 2 Pair's of RCA Interconnects Eichman Gold Plugs 0 5 M | eBay
  23. 200.00 $ Lynx Studio Technology Lt USB USB 2 0 L Slot Card | eBay
  24. Two Logitech Duet players. Excellent working condition. Charger Bases and Receivers are 9/10. In fact I just took the cellophane wrapping off of each base. Remotes (7/10) show use with some scratches on the back and minimally so on viewing screen. Battery life in standby >48 hours. Used in a whole house system which included a Logitech Transporter. Original packaging not available. Price $135 each, or buy both for $250. I will pay shipping in conus. Paypal okay. Fred
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