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  1. I bought this couple months ago for the specific reason to be able to really hear my beloved older levinson 360 Dac , but now I sold that and got a Dac with built in USB . So I'm selling this . Comes with most of the 3 year warranty left . I have an ad on Audiogon also. Asking 1615..ships from n y area.
  2. I purchased these on Jan 5, 2013. I am upgrading to the LCD-3s and need to offset the expense of the new purchase. These are obviously *like new*; there isn't a single spot, mark, or blemish on them. They have about 100 hours use on them so they are just broken in. I have the original box, the travel case, the wood care kit, the Frequency Response graph, warranty docs.. all like the day they arrived.... asking $900. I'll pay shipping to Continental US. Email if interested Thanks
  3. I have an OrigenAe M10 Case with VFD and IR modules and Original AC/DC 150 Watt power brick and OrigenAe remote. Inside is the Jetway NF96FL-525-LF motherboard of the Computer Audiophile C.A.P.S. v.2 and 2 x 2GB G-Skill RAM. There is also a 160Gb Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5" hard drive for your system. There is no Optical Drive (Although it is set up for one) and No OS. All you need is software and an attached music library and you are ready to go with a music server. Paypal, cash, and Money order are accepted. I'M NOW selling this for $250.00 Canadian Shipping is extra.
  4. Brand new Stereolab digital cable with BNC connectors and BNC>RCA adapters. $250 shipped in CONUS, paypal preferred. More info here: Master Reference and here: 818 – Master Reference Digital Cable | STEREOLAB –
  5. Hi. Up for sale my DELL Optiplex 755 Desktop machine configured as HTPC - currently running XBMCbuntu v12.2 freshly installed. H/W specs: Intel Core2Duo E6550 @2.33 Ghz / Crucial RAM @4Gb / Samsung 830 series @64Gb / ASUS XONAR ESSENCE ST audio card / EVGA nVidia 512MB DDR3 video card w/HDMI - DVI - VGA outputs / DVDRW / mouse and keyboard (monitor NOT included). Note: no floppy drive or card reader slots. Great all around machine and can be setup for a variety of uses. Has served me well as a test machine for a number of uses. Has PCI riser card cage installed which supports the full size ASUS ESSENCE card and also full size video card w/passive cooling. Note: the eSATA port does NOT support port multiplier function (only needed if running multidrive eSATA enclosures w/certain drive configurations.) Also, system is OEM licensed for XP Pro - i will include a DELL XP install disk. Note: If you plan to run Win7 you should stick with 32-bit version as I had some driver issues with the ASUS card and Win7-x64. Note: Most Linux distros support the ASUS card out of the box - may need to check kernel and/or ALSA version for supported functions. Will ship double-boxed to continental US only. Shipping (ground) and PayPal included at asking price. See attached pics and thanks for looking. Regards, -TOM
  6. This is the original Nova, which has received such great reviews. The price is $800.00, including shipping (fedex) and PayPal fees. Will only ship within the continental USA (48 states). No international buyers please. The Nova is in excellent condition. I am the original owner and it has been well cared for. Includes the original remote and power cord. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. Bruce
  7. Time to clear out some gear….. Payment: I prefer Paypal. Shipping: a) With respect to the Bel Canto amplifier and the AR-T converter, shipping will be assessed to the buyer, shipping is from 84101 (Salt Lake City, Utah). I will eat the Paypal charges. b) For all other items, please add $10 for USA shipping. I will eat the Paypal charges and any shipping cost in excess of the $10 (ground shipping). You can, of course, request expedited shipping, but you will be responsible for the additional cost. International shipping charges in excess of $10 will be assessed to the buyer. Bel Canto REF500S amplifier: Terrific condition, original exterior and interior boxes, packing materials and owner’s manual. I used some Mapleshade brass footers, and these left some small scratches on the bottom of the amp (see pic). Outstanding product, great reviews (if you are searching for reviews, you will also find reviews of the REF500M, which is identical to the REF500S, except, of course, the REF500M is a mono design). originally $2,595, on sale for $1,400 AR-T (Analog Research-Technology) Legato II usb/spdif converter: This is the current Legato II version released last fall (October of 2012), not the original Legato I version. This is a ‘giant killer’ converter. Pat is a genius. If, like me, the majority of your music collection is redbook, the Legato II is hard to beat and compares with the best converters. It will also play hi-rez files, but they will be down-sampled, and still sound good. This unit runs on battery power, but you keep it plugged in all the time. It automatically senses when music is not being played and charges up when not active. The waiting list for this converter is very long and for good reason. Comes with charger. Pat uses USPS boxes, so there is no AR-T box. Unit is in terrific condition, no issues. One item to note… this unit was among the first units from the first production run of the Legato II. As such, the PCB (printed circuit board inside the unit) does not have silk screening. You would only know this if you opened it up. I have never opened it, Pat just told me about the lack of silk screening. Of course this is an interior, cosmetic item and has not impact whatsoever on the sound. As Pat’s website is out of date and does not have any info on the current Legato (the Legato on his website is the original version), here is a Legato II review thread: AR-T Legato II USB-S/PDIF Converter I am bundling this Legato II with an updated version of Pat’s ‘u-Byte s/pdif digital cable, which retails for $200. The cable is 8 feet (optimal length, determined by Pat and the only length available in this cable), has bnc terminations, and comes with one adapter. Originally $1,000 (converter $800, cable $200), combined package sale for $650. Blue Circle Audio Thingee usb DAC: Redbook usb DAC. So ugly it’s cool. I love Blue Circle gear. See Blue Circle Audio’s website for details. It was awarded Good Sound’s 2008 ‘Product of the Year’. Link to BC website, which also contains a link to some reviews of the Thingee: USB Thingee Originally $170, on sale for $70. Audioquest Coffee usb cable: Perfect, like new condition, cable is .75m in length. Original box, very low useage as I have about a dozen usb cables. Originally $280, on sale for $170. Nordost Blue Heaven usb cable: Perfect, like new condition, cable is 1.0min length. Original box, very low useage as I have about a dozen usb cables. Originally $250, on sale for $150. Nordost Flat Line Gold speaker cables: Each cable has spades on one end, and the other end has banana plugs. One cable is 30 feet long, the other cable is a little over 25 feet in length. These are long runs. You could shorten these cables to create additional shorter cables. While these cables perform perfectly, in terms of cosmetics, there are a number of issues. While most of the length of each cable is in fine cosmetic condition, each cable has a fair number of points where there are scuffs and scrapes. If cosmetics are important to you, please don’t buy these cables. Also, there are 8, small OFC strands in each cable. On the 30’ cable, one of the 8 strands appears to have a small nick or cut to the strand itself (just at one point, and only to 1 of the 8 strands). I have used these cables for many years, with no issues. Originally about $450, on sale for $180. Harmonic Technology Magic Digital Two s/pdif cable: This cable is 1.0m in length, has rca terminations, and is in perfect condition. It has locking connectors on each end, you simply push the cable on, then screw in the locking connector for a very solid connection. This is a nice feature. Originally $500, on sale for $260. Mapleshade Excalibur Digital s/pdif cable: This is a brand new cable design from Mapleshade, just released in January of 2013 (it is not yet on Mapleshade’s website, but was in the recent Mapleshade print catalog). The cable is 1.0m in length, and is the upgraded ‘plus’ version. Cable is in perfect condition and includes the original box. Terrific cable, I just went to an AES/EBU cable, so that is why I am selling. Originally $167, on sale for $130. Cardas Clear M Power power cable: New power cable design from Cardas, in perfect condition and original packaging. Cable is 5 feet, or 1.5m in length, 15 amp. Originally $550, on sale for $375. Running Springs Audio Mongoose power cable: This is a cult classic. RSA takes the Cardas Golden Reference power cable and upgrades it to create the RSA Mongoose. The cable is 5 feet, or 1.5m in length, 15 amp. Condition is good, but not cosmetically perfect. Some of the lettering on the shrink wraps are a bit worn. This is a great power cord. Good enough that Conrad Johnson included it with their reference level $10,000 Premier 350SA power amplifier. Originally $700, on sale for $400. Pangea AC-14SE power cable: Cable is 1.0m and in great shape. Originally $60, on sale for $30. Synergistic Research Luminessence RCA interconnects: Good condition, nice bang for the buck interconnects from SR. Pair is 1.0m in length. On sale for $50. PS Audio Duet Power Conditioner: Good condition, works great. I also have the original box and owner's manual. Originally $300, on sale for $150.
  8. Hi everyone. I sell a pair of Dynaudio Focus 110A active speakers. I am the first owner, and they are one year old. They are in perfect condition. Light used in last 6 months. Fantastic speakers, you just have to connect a preamp to them and let the music flow. I sell them becase I have to pay upgrades in my main rig. Original Box and manual. The speakers are European version, so 230V 50Hz. I will ship them from Spain to anywhere in Europe. Price 900 euro with shipping included. I will asume paypal fees.
  9. Noise filter for SATA drives. Must have for PC Audio. I also have the PC fan filter. All 3 for $85 shipped. Paypal only
  10. Hiface 2 arrived this year without much fanfare, which is unfotunate as it is a major improvement over the original. Neutral, transparent delivery; reluctant to let it go. You won't be disappointed. Overlooked bargain. $120 shipped. Paypal.
  11. Since Nick got me started in Linux with this nice minimalist Voyage MPD Alix box I have moved forward to the Auraliti PK90USB, etc. So I am selling my setup: PC Engines 2D2 board Alix enclosure wallwart with dc power cable Compact Flash card with Voyage MPD installed Will ship USPS Priority (2 day max) to anywhere in the US (included in price) from 44145. (note: picture is stock kit picture from pc engines)
  12. CA Community, I have changed out some of my gear and need to sell off the old stuff to fund it. I wish I could keep all of this but that is not the case. This setup has served me well and I would recommend any of the components. Rega DAC (Black)- $725 You can read all about the Rega DAC here: DAC I have owned this unit for just under a year. I am the original owner and purchased from a local audio shop. Overall the unit is in very good condition. There are two little scuffs on the top, and I have included photos (3&4) highlighting this with the red box. Auraliti PK90 - $525 You can read about the Auraliti PK90 here: Store If you are on the Computer Audiophile website, then there is a good chance you are familiar with this unit. If not, do a quick search and you will find lots of great recommendations. The Auraliti is a purpose built unit strictly for high quality computer audio. I have been using this with an external USB powered hard drive and the MPaD control with great success. Nordost 1.0m Blue Heaven USB - $150 or $125 if purchased with Auraliti or Rega Nordost : Products : Blue Heaven USB 2.0 Data Cable Nordost 1.0m Blue Heaven LS Interconnects - $175 or $150 if purchased with Auraliti or Rega Nordost : Products : Blue Heaven LS Analog Interconnect Shipping Details: • All prices listed here include shipping to the lower 48 states and insurance via UPS. • The Rega and Auraliti will be double boxed and include the original boxes. Payment Details: • My preference is to sell in the US only • My preference is to transact through PayPal • PayPal fees are included in the price Rega DAC Images Auraliti Images Nordost USB Nordost Analog
  13. I have a Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One 5.0 power conditioner and their power cord . 2 years old. New $5000 sell for $2500. Perfect condition. Jeff
  14. I'm selling my Plinius 8200 Mk II integrated amplifier. Serial # 1049 Very powerful and always musical. Detailed and lean towards warmth. Wonderful on voices, pianos and double basses (my faves). - Output: 175 w/channel into 8 ohms ...up to 300 w into 4 ohms - Phono section has user selectable gain-setting jumpers for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges - Remote control for Volume up/down and Mute - it's like cast aluminum metal and built like a tank Updated, biased and gone over on 5/11 by Vince Galbo, the original importer and current factory-authorized shop. New they sold for $3,000+ Will ship in original double-boxed foam-cushioned cartons with original manual/instructions. Asking $1500, buyer pays shipping. Luis some reviews: ABSOLUTE SOUNDS - 2002 Golden Ear Award Award Reviews - PLINIUS AUDIO - plinius, plinius audio hifi, plinus, plinius 9200, plinius amplifiers, plinius amplifier, plinius 8150, plimius, pliniusaudio, plinius m14, www.pliniusaudio.com, www.pliniusaudio.nzld.com, plinius 8100, plinius amps, plinius AUDIOGON Best Solid State Integrated Amp AudiogoN Forums: Plinius 8200 MkII -- best integrated ss amp? AudioEnz AudioEnz - Plinius 8200 mk2 (In this review, I love the following description of the Plinius} Within lies the toroidal transformer-that-ate-Manhattan, the main contributor to the weight, and a pre-amp derived from the exoticM16 unit that partners Plinius's class A super-amps. This second edition of the 8200 delivers over 175 remote-controlled watts per channel, with maybe the first couple in class A. Switch the unit on, and the blue power indicator flashes slowly to let you know the amp is muted while it settles down for action. Once stabilised, the LED remains on and you're ready to roll.... This amp tolerates no waywardness on the part of your speakers: they will obey. Will plug in a photo once I've figured out how to do so... cosmetically it is in VG/Exc condition
  15. $600+Sh (Cost new $1500) Upgraded by mfg to include balance and second input pair. Pilot light is out, but is not needed as the LEDs tell you it's on. Description at preamp Remote Volume Control - Placette Audio Includes remote, power supply and operation guide.
  16. Hello. I have a Tellurium Q Black USB cable 2 meter for sale. Connections: A male to B male. I bought it new 7 months ago, and it is in perfect "like new" condition. The reason for selling is that I have upgraded to the Black Diamond USB model. Price $250 or 190 euro with free shipping worldwide. Best regards Oscar
  17. I have for a sale a 2.0M Cardas Clear USB cable with Type B termination on the DAC facing end. Price is $120.00 plus shipping. Thank you for looking.
  18. This DAC is in near-new condition, complete in original box with power supply and documentation. Inputs: Coaxial, USB, Toslink optical Output: RCA Upsamples to 192kHz and 24 bit This is the original model, and would be a great low-cost choice for a starter DAC or for your secondary system or for experimentation. Price = $65, plus shipping US-only, and PayPal accepted Dave, who says this photo is borrowed but the V-DAC looks exactly like this
  19. 14 month old 1.7 Maggies, cherry sides, and mye stands. These Maggies replaced my old 1.6s, but because of listening venue change I am going to have to part with them. They have actually only 8 months of use and I would estimate 400-500 hours. Perfect condition and as always with Maggies, great sound, definition and stage depth. The Mye Stands are about 8 years old. They have some scratches in one area that can be seen in the accompanying picture. This could easily be touched up with some flat black paint, but I actually never noticed this until packing them. 7/10 I would prefer local pickup. I’m willing to drive them to a destination within 200 miles of Central MN, USA for the price of my fuel. That would include meeting at the boarders of ND,SD, IA, WI, Manitoba, Ontario. Alternatively, I will ship if you pay the shipping costs. The speakers are in the original packaging and securely packed. The stands would require 2 separate boxes. Asking: $1700 for speakers and stands. New, the speakers and stands retail at $2755 PM me if interested. Fred
  20. Hello, Had this for a couple of years. Have original box. This is my first dac and I'm looking to explore what else is out there. I've had many compliments on how my system sounds with this dac. I'm asking $850... Thanks!!
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