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  1. Virtually Brand New, Open Box, Tested and Working. Has not ever been used in a dedicated PC Build as I simply did not able to go down this direction as planned. Please note: Voltage is 220-240 currently Set. There are minor modification required if you need to change the voltage this is very easily done if given to a knowledgeable electronic designer. Teradak is willing to give instruction on how this is done. This Power Supply is no longer being produced by Teradak and when I questioned them about this they said there are simply not enough demands to produce enough to justify the cost of components and build time. I paid $1450.00 US dollars plus shipping and Taxes. Its been sitting around for the last 14 months or so. Iv only now decided to sell this unit as I feel my High End HTPC build will never manifest. I don't have a music room anymore Asking $900.00 Negotiable. This add has been posted on Ebay, Audiogon/AVS Forum as well. This unit has enough juice to power up. Motherboard. Graphics Card, Blu Ray Player Multiple Large SSD Drives and Hard Drives. Sound Card or Dedicated USB Cards Network Cards and Even a Nas System. This unit can also be used for a dedicated Custom NAS/ System. This is ideal for those who wish to produce a Power house PC with Clean Energy removing all Noise from the system whilst having the ability to run a powerful server at home for music, Games, Movies. There is nothing like this on the market!!! Shipping By FedEx, Can Ship World Wide. Paypal is Accepted at 4.5% will ship only to confirmed Paypal address no exception. Otherwise I can also accept Bank Wire. My Feedback speaks for it self. I trade on Ebay, AVS Forum, Audio Circle and Audiogon.
  2. For sale is my Creek Evolution 50A Integrated Amp. It's in perfect condition (no scratches or nicks). Comes with all original equipment (power cable and remote) and in original box. Price is $725 including shipping (to continental US) and PayPal. New, the price is $1200. A few specs: Comes with both balanced and unbalanced inputs Good headphone output Electronic balance and tone controls Power output is 55Wpc into 8 ohms or 85Wpc into 4 ohms Let me know if you have questions! Head-fi Archive Feedback: jcn3 Audiogon Feedback: https://www.audiogon.com/users/jcn3/feedbacks
  3. Love my pair of Regens in series, but would like to experiment with a USB galvanic isolation device like the Intona going into a single Regen. So one of my UpTone Audio REGENs ("Amber") is now available. From Aug 2015. Like new, but nicely broken in . Original box + all the accessories. $125 - both tracked Priority Mail Shipping + Paypal fees are included in the asking price (Continental US only). Thanks. USB REGEN
  4. Brand new ROCKNA Wavedream Signature DAC, single ended edition. Lifetime warranty ! Listened once; mint condition (of course) . Price when new : €12.000 . Incorporates the best of the MSB Technology 25 bit Signature ladder DAC modules. Digital inputs: S/PDIF 24bit 44.1-192k PCM, DoP DSD64 AES/EBU 24bit 44.1-192k PCM, DoP DSD64 USB 32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-256 HD-Link1 (LVDS) 32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-256 HD-Link2 (LVDS) 32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-256 Digital processing: High-frequency asynchronous capture digital inputs: 560MHz sampling Memory-based PLL, digital domain only: 300 fS jitter Mathematical precision:68 bit INTEGER Miscellaneous: 230 VAC 128x64 yellow oled display, dimmable in 8 steps 4 control switches IR remote control Firmware upgrade via usb Dimensions: 440 x 360 x 90 mm The chassis is entirely made of black anodized aluminium Fronplate thickness : 20 mm Transformer section is internally shielded Weight (net): 7.8 Kg Original Packaging. Price €4500 includes paypal fees and shipping anywhere. Will post actual photos later.
  5. I am selling my Regen Amber and the Regen Green board. The Amber is in the case while the Green is just the board. However you can get a case made for the Green for around $30-$50, depending on material used. Though it can be used without a case. The Amber comes with the original box, power supply, instructions and all original cables and adapter. My asking price is $195.00 for both plus shipping and PayPal fees. Must be a confirmed PayPal. Separately I am asking for the Regen Amber $160.00 plus shipping and PayPal fees. The Regen Green board I am asking $60.00 plus shipping and PayPal fees. I have a perfect rating on Audiogon under the same handle.
  6. I have a couple of Intona High Speed USB Isolators and I only need one, so I have an extra one to sell. This is the more expensive "Industrial" version with all the latest firmware updates. This unit is about 6 weeks old. Mint condition, like new. Will come with the original packing materials. Intona charges $348 for this version shipped to the USA. I will sell it for $275, which price includes shipping to the USA.
  7. An optimized Lenovo T510 laptop music server. I5 processor. 6GB memory. 120GB SSD. Widows server 2012R2. JRiver MC18. JPlay 5.2. Audiophile optimizer 1.3. High-end audio player with top notch software. Can be controlled with Ipad or android device. Buyer should preferably be familiar with JRiver & JPLay. Feedback on Ebay (greyowl07) & Canuck audio mart (greyowl77). $400 plus sh & PayPal fees.
  8. Up for sale is my Keces DC-116 19v/6amp Linear power supply in beautiful working and cosmetic condition. This LPS is absolutely quiet. You cannot hear it running with your ear right next to it. I powered my computer with this and it sounds wonderful. Comes with a power cord that has never been used. Also comes with the connector cable that is 5.5mm-2.1mm on both ends. I'm asking $250 plus $20 shipping in the cont.US. No international shipping. PayPal preferred, but will accept MO or check. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  9. I am selling my Atomic Audio Labs Mac Mini Isolation Platform. It is a great isolation/anti-vibration platform. Atomic Audio Labs | Mac Platform If you google it you will find several positive reviews on it. I am selling as I am changing my computer system. (my Mac Mini will be for sale soon) See photos of the platform and the accessories that are included. It lists for $350.00 plus shipping. I am asking $250.00 plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  10. Brand New Entreq Grounding Boxes. These were purchased over 5 months back, waiting to be installed in my music room, since plans have changed and I’m actually selling off all my audio equipment these need go too into a home where someone can appreciate them. These are all brand new units, I never got the chance to use them or test these things out. There are raving reviews on these units all over the web. They are packed in Wooden Crates. I only ship Via Fedex International. Payment by Paypal is acceptable or Bank Wire. I am willing to give a Great deal if all My Boxes and Cables are taken as one large Transaction. Otherwise the prices below are well below Dealer Rates. Please note: Standard Size Cables are priced at 1.6 Meters from Entreq, Mines are 2.2 Meters, I requested extra length to allow flexibility to hide the boxes away from the main setup area. So these are prices well below the 1.6 standard sizes too. Paypal is accepted at 4.5% The Following is Available all brand new. 1 X Unit Entreq Silver Minimums X 1 Unit $450.00 + Shipping 1 X Unit Entreq Atlantis Minimums X 1 Unit $800.00 + Shipping 3 X Units Entreq Silver Tellus $ $1900.00 + Shipping 1 X Unit Entreq Atlantis $2900.00 + Shipping Cables & Connectors: 1 X Entreq USB Cable Konstatin 2.2m $270.00 + Shipping Ertha Grounding Cables: 6 X Entreq Ertha Silver “Spades 2 Spades” Cable 2.2 Meters $350.00 + Shipping 6 X Entreq Ertha Silver “RCA2 Spades” Cable 2.2 Meters $390.00 + Shipping 6 X Entreq Ertha Copper “Spades 2 Spades” 2.2 Meters $120.00 + Shipping AC Wrap. In every cable that transports an alternating current a magnetic field is created. The fields are strongest where the cables are plugged in and where there are any subsequent connections. Using AC Wraps offers a calm stability to the sound, even with cheaper Power cords and cables. If you are already using more expensive cable's, we are delighted to say that no matter the brand it will work better with an AC Wrap. They do however have other interesting applications! Especially if you own a metal legged equipment support/rack? Please speak to your dealer or distributor for greater clarity on this particular application! 4 X Mini AC Wraps (1 Pair Free With Silver Tellus Ground Box) 1 X Large AC Wrap Free with Atlantis Ground Box. Shipping prices for these are unpredictable, as the weight of the items are pretty heavy, Please msg me your location and post code to determine accurate shipping cost. We do have a FedEx business account with large discount being applied, however for certain size boxes I need to call up fedex to gain spot rates for better pricing.
  11. This unit was purchased but kept for a future Home theatre build which never manifested. I was hoping to use this with My HTPC but that PC never manifested either LOL So this unit has been packed away doing nothing. Its now up for Sale. Price Paid: Proof of Receipt can be provided. A total of 240.00 Euros was paid for this device Inc Shipping and VAT. That's Approx @ 280.00 Dollars I assume the price is much higher now than it was when purchased. My Asking price is $150.00 Plus Shipping and paypal fee. Shipping on this To UK, USA and Canada is Approx. $25 Dollars Via Fedex. To Most part of EU price is 30 dollars. I ship Via FedEx Only and can ship world wide.
  12. As most of you likely know, the UpTone Audio Regen offers a lot of sound quality improvement for computer audio in a small and inexpensive package. As UpTone Audio's main man, Alex Crespi, writes, "The USB Regen takes the digital audio stream from your computer or other music streaming device, and generates a completely new USB data signal to feed to your DAC." The only reason I'm selling this Regen unit is that the high-end Aurender music server that's the source in my main system doesn't really require an extra device like the Regen. This Regen, the amber variety, is in pristine condition, along with all the cables and power unit that came with it. Price = $140 Plus shipping costs ($8; CONUS only), but I'll cover the PayPal fee. Photos here, and questions answered quickly. Dave, who says his buying too much can become your bargain +++++ +++++
  13. The external LPM is mainly designated to the OPPO`s 95 model, but it fit very well for 105/105D too, for those who may want to keep in place and functional, the multichannel board, as the passive cooling approach. The external LPM is delivered as kit, and it include the LPM itself (black or silver colour), the particular designed adapter, which transfer the power from LPM to the main board connector, without any mechanical interventions over the original chassis, the cables for internal connections, as all the necessary informations for (very easy) installing.
  14. Would like to sell all three products as a package. All products have less than one hour of use and are like new. The cables have been "cooked" using my Audiodharma cable cooker prior to use. As the title states, I have one Uptone Audio Amber USB Regen; one .8M Curious USB Cable and one 200mm Curious USB Cable for use between the Amber Regen and your DAC. Selling price for all three products as a package is: $500 including shipping to continental US. This is a nice price break for virtually a new set of products! Thanks for looking ...
  15. The Linn Majik DSM I is a fantastic digital streamer and integrated amp with phono stage. It has built-in connectivity to most major streaming sites including Tidal and easy to use desktop and mobile applications. Just add a pair of speakers and you're ready to go. It also has Linn's proprietary space optimization logic. Just enter your speaker type, room dimensions, and the location of your speakers and it automatically optimizes for your room's acoustics. As with most Linn's, the sound is extremely organized, musical and engaging. I couldn't stop listening to it. This Majik comes with all original packaging, manuals and remote. The unit is a little over 4 years old, is in pristine condition and is still under warranty.
  16. Considered among the best. Excellent condition & works perfectly (See Images) I have the original box, packing materials, manuals, power cord and software disc. Asking $1500. Buyer pays shipping and all associated transaction fees, including PayPal. Paypal & US Sales Only. Alpha USB
  17. Up for sale is my TR3 subwoofer in excellent condition. Looks and works like new. I am the original owner and have gently used this in my two channel system. Sealed enclosure makes this sub sound very fast and dynamic in any room. Aluminum driver allows extremely fast transient attack. I've had many very good subs in my system, but this sub was the easiest to integrate with stand mounted speakers I've ever had. At this price point you will be hard pressed to find a better sub on the market. 22hz to 180hz frequency range. 0db, 3db or 6db boost below 32hz to give extra slam when you need it. (or not) Many great reviews on this sub. Reason for selling is I went with the Sonus Faber tower speakers and will not need this anymore. It comes with rubber cones for the feet from the factory, but I will also include a set of gold plated spikes that penetrate carpet very well. New it cost $998. I'm asking $500 or best offer. Comes with original box and power cord. Shipping to the Cont. USA will be $35 FedEx insured and double boxed. Please PM me with any questions or offers.
  18. Looking for 40% what I paid Small Green Computer to make. Has 256Gb SSD, 4 Gb Memory, Windows 7 64 bit, JRMC 20, Black, Intel Atom 1.8Ghz Flawless performance and condition. Upgrading to new Baetis product. Send PM for pics or questions Thanks, Tom
  19. Good for one year license on one Win or Mac PC, plus one iPad, Android, or Windows Tablet, plus one Phone. Includes a terabyte of OneDrive storage. Unopened Microsoft packaging. Say $25 incl shipping? Or make an offer. If anyone here is really financially strapped and needs this, let me know via private message & you can have it for what it costs me to ship it. Caveat: I do believe you need a Microsoft account to use this. Also, package says some export restrictions, so I guess U.S. and Canada only please. -Paul
  20. I am selling my Lumin A1. I have had it only 6 months and am the original owner. The Lumin is an AWESOME piece of equipment, and I'm only getting rid of it because I have Deviate on the way. The Lumin retails for $7200, but I am willing to let it go for $4500, plus shipping and PP fees. Please feel free to ask questions.
  21. Hi For sale is LampizatOr Big 7: - Duelund capacitors - DSD x256 - PCM 32 bit - USB, BNC, RCA inputs - RCA outputs - EML 45 DHT triodes (101d Psvane as option on request) - 230v Black front (can be changed to silver on request). Comes with certificate in oryginal box and full 5 years manufacturer warranty. Price is 7000$ + shipping.
  22. Original owner, mint condition, installed once and never moved. Klee Acoustics cable have been a Stere Times Most Wanted Component for two years in a row. There must be a reason many Stereotimes reviews use Klee as their reference. $2395 ($8995 retail) plus $20 shipping. PayPal included.
  23. A good condition iFi Micro iDSD USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier that functions just fine, sounds wonderful, and is packed with features. Actual item is pictured below; all original accessories included, plus an additional short USB cable I bought. Purchased 9/2015, I am the original owner; see receipt, attached. I will cover PayPal fees and shipping within CONUS. Verified PayPal only please: $250. A few small cosmetic faults, including: Slight scratch on top iFi logo (incurred after I took the nice pics! :() See close-up below. Tiny faint scratch marks (barely visible) around USB input on back. Stupidly, I had put a sticky isolation foot on the bottom, on the area where the S/N sticker was located without realizing it, and the S/N sticker partly came off (see close-up photo). Luckily I had taken a scan of the S/N when new, see below. Printout of the S/N scan will be included in the box. iEMatch switch: rubber toggle piece sometimes comes off; just push it back on, or set the switch how you want it and then remove the rubber so you don't lose it. Please PM me if interested, thanks! Will ship promptly.
  24. For sale Auralic Aries Extreme bridge streamer. This is the higher end version with linear power supply and Femto clocks. It is only four months old. It sounds great, but I've decided to go in another direction and would rather someone else enjoy it. All original boxes, including shipping box. It cost $1599.00, but I'm looking for $1200.00 to the lower 48. I will accept Paypal and buyer pays shipping. Please PM if interested
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