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  1. Used AURALiC ARK MX+ DAC. Comes in original box, with power cord, USB cable, manual, and disk. Overall unit is in great shape and works flawlessly. There are a few scratches on the bottom as can be seen in the photo. When setup, you cannot see these since they are on the bottom of the unit. Asking $1200, but willing to take offers. Shipping is included in sale. I will double box with unit in original box and packaging. In only accept PayPal.
  2. Up for sale is a SE Active USB 2.0 cable with mini power dc coupler and black tuning bullet. Full original price is 630 and I'm only asking half. Thew cable is in great shape and comes with original box. I only accept paypal. The reason why i'm selling is because i upgraded to thunderbolt.
  3. For sale is a mint condition Shunyata Research Hydra 4 Power Conditioner that is 7 months old. INCLUDES a Shunyata Research Diamondback Platinum 20A power cable. Includes original packaging. (The Shunyata Diamondback power cable will be shipped inside the Hydra 4 box). These were purchased new for $995.00. The price includes shipping in the US and Canada. Payment is via Paypal. $595.00
  4. For sale is one pair of the new Cardas Clear Light audio interconnects. They are 0.5 (1/2) meter long. They have standard XLR connectors. These cables are in mint condition and are only 6 months old. These sold new for $528.00. If you know good audio cables then you know of the Cardas Clear series. Truly remarkable! Payment is via Paypal. My price includes shipping within the US via USPS First Class Mail. $295.00
  5. I have the following items for sale. Payment is via Paypal. Payment includes shipping in the US. CARDAS AUDIO Clear USB Cables 0.5 meter length (2) cables are available. They are in excellence condition from a smoke free, pet free, drunk free home (I always wanted to put that in an add). I paid $118.00 each when new and they are just less than one year old. $59.00 each
  6. Dear Computer audiophile readers, I currently live in France and will be moving to the US where the voltage is 110. The unit is 220-240 V As a result I am selling my Classe Audio CP 800 DAC /Pre Amp and also a Classé Ca 2200. The CP 800 is 3 months. The condition is as New. I have put it up on Ebay France. If any one needs to contact me feel free. I speak English and French. I personally love the apparatus and will be buying the cp 800. Apart from the fact that it is a great DAC the It is an excellent Pre amp in its own right. Thanks, Albert.
  7. As I've moved up to Diamond, I have a 1.5-Meter AudioQuest Carbon USB cable for sale. Functionally perfect, in preparing it for sale I cleaned the "A"-type connector body (not the connector itself) and rubbed off the dark grey color coating on a portion of one side (the white plastic underbody itself is showing). As a result, I will sell for only $60 (MSRP is $159), including shipping in the CONUS. I even have the original packaging. Can e-mail pictures to interested parties. Thanks for looking. - Pete -
  8. Denon DVD-3910 Universal DVD Player For Sale Specifications Type: Universal digital disc player including CD, CDR, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, SACD, etc. Other Featurs: Progressive Scan DCDi by Faroudja FLI-2310 Decoding Engine Adjustable Chroma Delay and Level, White/Black Levels, CCS On/Off controls ESS Vibrato "Chroma Bug Free" MPEG/DVD-Audio Decoder Sony CXD-2753 Second Generation DSD Decoder Dual, discrete, Analog Devices ADV-7310 - 216 MHz, 4:4:4, 12 bit Video D/A Conversion system Variable Black Level (Setup): 0 and 7.5 IRE DVI-D (HDCP) and (1) HDMI Multi-Channel Audio Compatible, outputs with selectable 480p/720p/1080i output Outputs: Component Video, Composite and "S" outputs Decoders: Dolby Digital, dts, DVD-Audio and SACD decoders with 5.1 analog outputs, HDCD, WMA 9 and MP3. DAC: Burr-Brown 24-bit, 192-kHz DSD-1796 Audio DACs that decode PCM and DSD signals discretely with no cross-conversion of DSD. Full Digital Bass Management for DVD-Audio/SACD (optional), featuring dual Analog Devices Melody 100 'HammerHead' processors (DSD signals are converted to PCM) DENON Link for connection to AVR-5803/AVR-3805 (compatible with Second Edition Units) PCM and DSD Compatible IEEE-1394 Outputs Pure Direct Modes to defeat unneeded portions of player for high quality audio performance Internals: 3 box, 3 block internal layout to isolate analog, digital and video circuits Dimensions: 17.1 x 5.4 x 15.9 (WxHxD in inches) Weight: 20.5 lbs. Background: Purchased new. Particulars: Perfect cosmetically (no scratches/dents) and functionally. Original packaging. Majority of inputs/outputs capped. Carrying cord and handle included Price: $400.00, as is, and which includes original manual; original remote; original power cord. Shipping not included. Will only ship within contiguous 48 States of US. If interested please PM me. Best, Richard
  9. I have an Analog Research-Technology Legato USB-SPDIF converter I am looking to sell. The reason I am selling this is that I would like to move away from a separate streamer / converter / DAC and get an all in one. I could provide details about the Legato, but they have done a good job on their website linked below. The one thing I do want to be clear about is that this unit does not do anything above red book 16/44.1 kHz. The Legato is still a very high quality Asynchronous converter. ART - Legato ART - Legato ART - Legato I am asking $300 OBO. This includes the Legato, the custom BNC cable with one adapter, a custom USB cable, and a Naim grade power cord. Please note that if you purchase new it will not come with power cord and the USB is extra. I would prefer to transact via PayPal. I will ship the unit to lower 48 if my asking price is met and insure up to $500.
  10. $595 plus $15 shipping USPS priority. I have a Bladelius USB DAC for sale in the U.S. This DAC was designed in Sweden, but manufactured in California. Uses XMOS USB receiver chip to play asynchronous 24/192 files. MAC OSX 10.6 or above does not require a driver. Windows XP, Vista or 7 requires the included USB 2.0 driver (on the included USB stick). I have added the latest firmware update to the DAC, so it is ready to go. I have decided to purchase a Bel Canto Ref USB to SPDIF converter to go with my Bel Canto DAC3. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. For sale is a four month old Wadia 121 Decoding Computer (DAC). The unit has about 500 hours on it. It's a great DAC, and equals or betters DAC's far above its price point. Only selling the Wadia because I got a great deal on a PS Audio Perfectwave MKII w/Bridge. Original box, remote control, and manual are included. I will post pictures of the dac tonight. Price is $899.00 plus shipping. I will split the paypal fee with the buyer. Thank you for looking.
  12. I'm selling my absolutely mint Metric Halo LIO8 for: $2600 plus actual shipping cost & 3% Paypal fees. I've had it for a 1 1/2 years but it hasn't seen much use in the last year as I'm also the owner of a Phasure NOS1. I thought I'd use it in a secondary system but I really could use the funds for other components. It was, like I said used sparingly in a non-smoking home and I have all the original materials and box. It's a beautiful sounding unit with easy setup on Mac and has unbelievable flexibility. I can forward anyone interested photos or any other details you might like. I would also consider selling my tweaked 2010 Mac mini with it, but I'm not looking to sell it separately. Todd N.
  13. Parting out my audio/htpc: Intel i3 2100 Zotac H61 Mobo 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram Radeon 5670 Video Card Earthwatt Green 430 Power Supply (among the best measured performance for PC PS) All for $175 shipped (the i3 by itself is $120) Paypal only.
  14. I am selling some new and used discs to fund some a new DAC. NEW-Unopened Jun Fukamachi at Steinway-DXD, LIM DXD 038 $33 Multichannel Hybris SACDs play on all cd or sacd players-New unopened: Alan Gilbert/RSPO Mahler 9th-new SACD Hybrid Multichannel plays on all cd and SACD players $19 American Spectrum-Branford Marsalis/Qartet and North Carolina SO/LLewellyn NEW Multichannel Hybrid $20 Used SACD's but very good condition, Hybrid Multichannel (Plays on cd or Sacd players) Brahms Violin Concert,Double Concerto-Fischer/NPOA/Kreizberg-Pentatone Hybrid Multichannel...plays on all cd or Sacd players $17 Tippett-Rose Lake/Ritual Dances-Hickox/BBC NO-Chandos Hybrid Sacd $11 Danses and Divertissments Berlin Phil Wind Quartet/Steven Hough $14 Vaughan Williams-London Symphonies, Hickox/LSO-$10 Rudi Stephan Orch Works-Sergey Stadeler/Melbourne Symp Orch/Oleg Caetani-$12 Bartok Two Violin Concerto's -Arabella Steinbacher/Janowski/Orchestra de la Suisse Romande $15 Used Sacd but stereo, not multichannel: Mozart Flute Quartets-Petri,Widmann,Ulijona,Sudraba- SACD-5.220570 $13 Buy 3 or more and I will ship free. Otherwise $3 per one or two I have excellent feedback over 10 years at Audiogon as : cpvniii Thanks. Paul
  15. I have owned these for less than a year. I paid $649. These are terrific-sounding speakers but my subwoofer died and I want something with more bass to fill a larger room. These are the Rosewood-colored speakers and I would rate them 8/10 because my wife dinged them when she was rearranging the furniture. You can only see the mark she left if you know where to look. I'm asking for $325 and would split the cost of shipping (lower 48 only).
  16. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...em=291040245336 Used, Like new condition.
  17. As many here know already, Phil's Audiophile Optimizer, a most comprehensive Windows Server 2012 optimization program, is one of the most udnerrated and highly valuable tools for any computer audiophile. In a hobby where we think nothing of spending $1000s on cables and isolation tweaks, this Optimizer makes a HUGE difference when setting up a Windows 2012-based music sever. It has double the effect when run in a dual pc environment, as is found in dual pc Jplay setups. Phil, with significant feedback from use beta users here on CA and over on Audio Circle, has created a menu-based set of optimization routines that ask simple questions and then automatically optimizes the OS environment for best audio playback. It is relevant to both a novice user (skip the questions and do automated setup) as well as more technically advanced power user (decide when and where certain drivers will be loaded, etc). All for 100CHF. Oh, and Windows 2012 can be obtained as a free trial license, and then rearmed every 6 months a couple of times (18 months is a lifetime in the computer audio world). An Audiophile Optimized system has a much lower noise floor, less cpu overheard, better, more responsive playback performance, and overall more musically enjoyable tonality and detail. Well, I feel strong enough about the benefits that I convinced Phil to give our readers a 20% Holiday offer. All you need to do is buy the Optimizer on or before Dec31, 2013 and use the code "tedb" in the Paypal referral button (see "add" button in screenshot below) and then during the following week he will refund 20CHF to all buyers who have used that code. Here is the website to order from: Highend-AudioPC | Order Here are screenshots of how to enter the code: Enjoy 20CHF on me, and Happy Holidays. (Editors note 1 swiss franc = 1.12 US dollars)
  18. Virtually new pair of 1 meter Cardas CLEAR interconnects- single-ended (RCA) termination. This is Cardas' state-of-the-art cable, renowned for its highly neutral sonic signature. List is $1,840.00 Asking $999.99, includes UPS ground shipping in US.
  19. Two Logitech Duet players. Excellent working condition. Charger Bases and Receivers are 9/10. In fact I just took the cellophane wrapping off of each base. Remotes (7/10) show use with some scratches on the back and minimally so on viewing screen. Battery life in standby >48 hours. Used in a whole house system which included a Logitech Transporter. Original packaging not available. Price $135 each, or buy both for $250. I will pay shipping in conus. Paypal okay. Fred
  20. Season’s Greetings all. I have for sale the four items listed below. Hopefully someone can put them to good use. All were purchased new by me and are in perfect condition with original boxes and documentation. Payment would be through PayPal. PayPal charges and shipping within the U.S. are on me. Benchmark DAC1 (Black) – $600.00 DAC1 Overview | Benchmark Media 192/24 D/A Audio converter with headphone amplifier. Includes BNC to RCA adapter and power cord. No USB input. I was using the Halide Bridge listed below on USB out from my MacBookPro into the DAC1’s BNC input. Purchased March of 2009 from Benchmark. Halide Design Bridge - $200.00 S/PDIF Bridge | USB to SPDIF cable | USB DDC USB to S/PDIF converter with BNC end connector. Asynchronous USB data transmission using Streamlength™ by Wavelength Audio. 96/24 maximum sample/bit rate supported. Includes BNC to RCA adapter. Purchased February of 2011 from Halide Design. Audioquest Carbon USB Cable (1.5m/5’) - $75.00 USB Digital Audio 5% Silver conductors. USB A-plug to USB B-plug. Purchased September 2011 from local audio store. LiFaTeC Silflex Glass Optical Cable - $40.00 SILFLEX Glass Toslink MiniPlug Digital Audio Optical Cables, ST, Mini Plug, Duplex and Armored and Optisilk Miniplug to Toslink end connectors. Purchased December of 2010 from LiFaTeC USA. Thanks for looking. Larry
  21. Hey everyone. First time seller here. I have a vlink ii for sale. Item was purchased in may/'11. Unit is in perfect condition. Have original box/manual. Would like to get $100. This would include shipping and any pay pal fees. Upgrading to schiit gungnir is the reason for sale. I also have a Dacmagic and Cambridge Audio Topaz 10 cd player for sale on other threads. Musical Fidelity | V-LINKII USB/SPDIF Conv. Thanks Todd
  22. Up for sale is my Mtyek 8x192 DSD capable DAC. This DAC has never been used, plugged into power or connected to any system or computer. Supplied with original Invoice, original box and manual (what is of it..it is brief ) It is the current model/colour as pictured. No add on Cards are available with this purchase. They were never supplied as ordered by Mytek. I'm going to be perfectly honest with folks here on this forum. Because that is what this forum is for right? I am among friends. If I am a bit "brutally" honest...so be it..., then that is your gain and my pain right? Reason for purchase: I bought this DAC with the intention of using it for Stereo DSD (in the same manner as the 2x192 which was released about the same time).. and the "hope" that Mytek would deliver on their DSD card and drivers for the 8x192. It was my understanding at the time that the DSD card was exactly the same as the one going into the 2x192... (it still may be for all I know).. so I assumed that if I bought this DAC I'd be sweet for Stereo DSD..with the added ability to upgrade to multichannel when the time arose. This DAC is perfectly *capable* of doing all this. It even has dedicated stereo XLR analog outputs, and a volume trim almost exactly like the 2x192. The problem is the availability of Drivers and the DSD card has never eventuated..despite my continual niggling on the forum and privately outside.. I guess that is my bad. Reason for sale: I've simply tired of waiting. I want to move on. It's as simple as that ! So make me an offer. I've yet to set a price, but this retails around $3450.. or so I believe I'm also tempted to even swap it for a brand new 2x192 if someone is so inclined. I may not decide this.. but I'm tempted So please consider this sale. I'm prepared to take a significant hit on the outlay. Kinda like a facebook IPO type of hit. Them's the breaks I guess. For those who don't know what the product is capable of.. do your research. Google my blog on this.. on this forum. Audiophiles will need to go into this purchase with eyes wide open. Audioengineers will well know the capabilities of this equipment. Need I say anymore? Cheers eveyone. Wap
  23. FS: 1.5m Kimber Timbre Ultraplate RCA Excellent condition MSRP: $160 Price: $120 shipped USPS Priority in the US Kimber Kable - Timbre Like the natural distinguishing sound of a musical instrument, so is the performance of the Timbre™ interconnect: distinctly transparent, full bodied and harmonically complete. The Kimber Kable hallmarks of three dimensionality and precise image focus are immediately evident. The Timbre uses proven tri-braid field geometry and VariStrand™, Hyper-pure copper conductors, along with a clear fluorocarbon dielectric. Single-ended termination features the latest version of the high performance Ultraplate™ RCA type connectors.
  24. Here is your chance to own the legend with almost all the available options, but at the base price. I have too many great DACs and need to raise cash for some new analog gear, so I'm selling my Crimson Balanced USBDAC from the workshop of Gordon Rankin. The base unit ($7500 MSRP) is loaded with rare "Cobalt" core copper transformers (a $2500 option at the time of purchase), the Denominator DAC module (a $1500 option), as well as the volume control (a $750 option). In total, it is a $12,250 tricked-out version of this legendary USBDAC. I am willing to sell it to a good, Computer Audiophile-approved home for $7500 - the price of the base unit alone. If it doesn't sell "in the family" so to speak, I will list it on Audiogon for somewhat more. Exceptional condition (maintained in a smoke- and pet-free environment). Thanks for your consideration. - Pete -
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