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  1. Up for sale is a PS Audio Nuwave DAC in Silver. It is in almost perfect condition and works as it should. Almost perfect, because for some reason there is a small screw missing on the side rear bottom corner. Comes with original box, manual and power cable. If needed I can convert it to 230V at no extra cost and I will ship it to anywhere in the world. Asking $549.99. Please check out my other audio gear bargains! Take advantage of 6 months no payments and interest with PayPal Credit. Shipping is calculated exact by USPS or FedEx. International Shipping is Available through USPS. Shipping weight is 16lbs and measures 22x14x6 I accept Paypal and Credit Cards (please add 3% for the fees), you can wire directly into my Wells Fargo account (which is free from other Wells Fargo accounts) or send me a Money order. When I ship International I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any Customs duties/fees/charges/taxes.
  2. I bought this Devialet 250 from a dealer on the east coast on Dec 22, 2014. It has been perfect. It currently has the latest firmware available off of the Devialet website. It is eligible for the Devialet 250 Pro upgrade if you are so inclined. I am going to give this an 8/10. As it looks, sitting in my audio area, I can see no imperfections. The Devialet is like a mirror. If you look at this unit in a bright light you can see the typical spidery effect on the finish. This is just the way a Devialet looks. I did find there is a small, very light scratch that I cannot photograph on the removable cover. It is very faint and my finger nail will not catch on it. I want to be as clear as possible about the condition as I have been burned by people saying something is perfect and it being far from perfect. If you need more photos I can take them. Retail price is $17,999.00 The price is firm. $6kUS + Shipping + Paypal fee of 3%. I am selling the Devialet as I am in a much smaller house and have no need for two systems. I also have an upcoming audio purchase and I need the funds. This is my fourth Devialet.
  3. SOLD I have a PS Audio DirectStream DAC. It is an original DirectStream, not an upgrade. I has server me well but I am moving on as upgraditis has set back in. I prefer to use I2S so this has been an excellent DAC for such purpose. It does not have the PS Audio Network Bridge II. It still has the plastic cover on top. There are zero blemishes that I can see and I have looked. I give it a 9/10. I am asking 3500.00 plus 35.00 shipping. There is a 3% fee if you use PayPal.
  4. Hello For sale is BRAND NEW LampizatOr Atlantic in balanced version with tube rectifier and super clocks upgrade. You can choose color of front, extra input and power buton color. Dual voltage 110/230v. Price is 5800E
  5. Musical Bella - LeAnna Tube Pre-Amplifier (PreAmp with HT Bypass) Class A Tube-PreAmp with upgraded VTPS Tube Power Supply Asking Price: $2950.00 Us Dollars Extremely Musical Pre-Amp with Tube Power supply. Will working under 220-240 Voltage. This has been used as my reference piece for the last 2 years. It has served me well with no electrical issues whatsoever. Responds very well to Tube rolling. This will outclass your commercial type Tube Pre-amplifiers within this price range. Uses only the best parts available. This unit capacitors are all British made Caps, with US made bypass capacitor. The Choke, transformer power Supply are hand made. Cryo treated silver plated solid copper core internal wiring. Its also uses Bybee Purifiers to lower noise floor. This is a 2 Chassis unit. Powersupply is over built to increase dynamics, lower noise floor and distortion. Voltage Compatibility: 220v, 230v, 240v Designed & Hand Built In the USA!!! by Bill Baker of Response Audio. This is a Max out version with all possible upgrades. Comes with a Full remote control Specification of Pre-Amp: Top of the Line Class A Tube Upgraded External VTPS Tube Power Supply (Upgraded) 2 Pieces of Bybee Purifiers In Signal Input Stage (Upgraded) 4 Pieces of Bybee Purifiers In Signal Output Stage (Upgraded) Upgraded Vcap CUTF Elite Reference Bypass Coupling Capacitors (Upgraded)) Silver Plated Copper Core Cryogenically Treated Internal Signal Wire (Upgraded) HT Bypass Switch (Integrates with Home Theater AV) (Upgraded) Class A Zero Feedback Circuit Design 12AU7 Tube Stage Gain 17dB Input Impedance 50k ohms Remote Control for Volume only! Purchased for $6000.00 US dollars with all the extra upgrades to Capacitors and multiple Bybee Purifiers installed in input and output stages in this model i also requested an over sized Tube Power Supply. Instead of having everything rammed into a single chassis i paid extra to get the VTPS Power Supply separated and enclosed in its own chassis connecting to the main pre-amp via Umbilical cord. Unit has a HT Bypass to allow this pre-amp to integrate within your Home Theater setup. Condition of Unit: 10/10 Mechanically 7/10 Aesthetics, Unit has a few slight scratches. Can provide more pictures if needed. Can Ship World Wide Via FedEx: Price is negotiable but within reasonable limits low ballers will be politely ignored. Original box is included, but to save shipping I can get this boxed up in a smaller stronger box which is brand new. The original box is much larger and slightly beaten up. Bid with confidence my Feedback speakers for its self.
  6. Up for sale is a PS Audio AV3000 Power Center. It is in good working condition and good physical condition. It has 4-5 small marks on the front. It comes in its original box with rack ears, manual and power cord. Asking Only $349.99 Take advantage of 0% Interest and No Payments for 6 months through PayPal Credit. Please check out my other audio gear bargains! Shipping is done through USPS or FedEx. International Shipping through USPS Priority or Express. Shipping weight is 22 lb, the packaging measures 24x20x9 I accept Paypal and Credit Cards(please add 3% for the fees), you can wire directly into my WellsFargo account (which is free from other Wells Fargo accounts) or send me a Money order. When I ship International I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any Customs duties/fees/charges/taxes.
  7. Up for sale is a DAC that doesn't need any explanation, it is one of the best out there. A Weiss DAC202! It is Silver, looks great and works as it should. Unfortunately it does have a small dent in the top cover. Circled red in the pictures. The DAC202 comes in its original box, with Oyaide Neo D+ Firewire Cable, Remote (as new) and Manual Book. It works on 110-120 volt, but it can be converted to work on 230-240 volt for free. MSRP $7750, Asking $2499.99 Take advantage of 0% Interest and No Payments for 6 months through PayPal Credit. Please check out my feedback on eBay: gabimarikarman and Audiogon: karmanfamily Shipping is done through USPS or FedEx, at the speed of your choosing. I ship from zip 32832 and the DAC202 weighs 12lbs. Insured for the maximum possible value. I accept Paypal and Credit Cards (please add 3% for the fees), you can wire directly into my Wells Fargo account (which is free from other Wells Fargo accounts) or send me a Money order. When I ship International I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any Customs duties/fees/charges/taxes.
  8. Mutec MC-3+ USB Smart clock for sale. As new, used for less than a week. Latest firmware. Silver faceplate. $870 + shipping (US address only). PayPal. Digital re-clocker, jitter reducer, format converter, word-clock generator USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF RCA, BNC and Toslink inputs Ultra-low jitter Word Clock generation with configurable multiplier Galvanic isolation 10Mhz external reference clock input PCM up to 32/192 and DSD/DoP up to DSD256 Converts DSD to PCM USB driver for Windows supporting ASIO, MME, DirectSound, WASAPI, Kernel Streaming MacOS does not require a separate driver
  9. Modified 2012 Mac mini for sale. Originally an i5, but the main board died and so was replaced by a 2.3Ghz i7 board. At the same time the original power supply was replaced by the Uptone Audio MMK kit. So the mini now requires a 12V 5A supply of your own choice. I used an Uptone Audio JS2 LPS, which I'm keeping. I have the original apple internal power supply if you really want it. Originally used with JRiver for video and audio, then Plex Media Player and Roon bridge, until a 4K tele was bought, when it got relegated to being an ubuntu server running roon core. Now Roon have brought out multichannel dsd up conversions, it is slightly under powered and so needs a new home. Postage included to the UK, elsewhere at cost. £350 ono. PayPal is ok and I'll swallow the fees if I get the asking price.
  10. LessLoss DAC 2004 MkII Features analog volume control, hybrid power supply; batteries for analog stage, and rectified A/C for digital circuitry, configurable as a NOS DAC, word clock output, supports 16 and 24 bit PCM up to 192kHz, dual differential Burr Brown pcm 1704 resistor ladder dacs. See the link below for more info. http://www.lessloss.com/dac-2004-mkii-p-194.html The DAC is in great shape and performs flawlessly. I purchased from Louis at LessLoss in 2014. I have the package it came in, but this is not "original factory packaging". Price: $1600 *Payment via. PayPal (buyer to pay fee) *Buyer pays shipping
  11. FOR SALE Wyred 4 Sound Recovery REV C This was purchased from Elite Audio on 29th March 2017 and costs £190 + shipping in the UK. WILL SHIP TO THE UK ONLY Price is £140 and this includes the PayPal fee, Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery
  12. Like new DAC / Streamer. First owner from a pet and smoke free environment. Serious buyers only. Pickup welcome in Toronto. Shipping anywhere in North America for the asking price. Buyer pays paypal fees. The unit is in rare silver finish and comes with the MiND streaming board with the latest firmware updates. Please check out the link for more info. Many reviews are available online. Non serious and tire kickers will be politely ignored. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking. Original box, papers, remote. $3400 USD
  13. The previous configuration for my computer based system called for long runs of SPDIF cable between the converter and DAC. Cables are between 45' and 50', all in very good to excellent condition with no kinks, cuts, or abrasions. I never had issues with pops, clicks, stuttering, or drop outs due to length. As they are all shielded, RFI was not a problem. Reflections are basically non existent at 50'. You could use one of these to make several shorter digital cables; ex. (14) 1m cables. 1)$500 / Neotech NEVD solid silver center conductor, Teflon dielectric, quad shield 75 Ohm coax. Connectors: Furutech CF-BNC on source end and WBT NexGen 0152Ag on receive (DAC) end This cable currently sells for $19.51/ft (SoniCraft) 2)$350 / DH Labs D-75 coax Connectors: Analysis Plus 75 Ohm BNC, and DH Labs Ultimate RCA D-75 has been replaced with the D750 which sells for $25/ft. (PCX) 3)$250 / DH Labs D-110 AES/EBU cable silver plated, Teflon insulation, 100% shield Connectors: Vampire Wire XLR's 4)$75 / Blue Jeans Cable HDMI This is a large diameter, fully shielded Belden cable designed especially for long runs. It was made before the revisions to the HDMI protocol (4K video). Payment will have to be via. PayPal unless you're close to Newark, DE. Please add 3%. Buyer pays shipping.
  14. High-end USB cable for USB DACs and USB-S/PDIF converters. This cable has been bought last year, and I use it 1 hour a day. It is in perfect condition I bought it 400€ and I sell it for 180€ - shipping costs not included. Payment using Paypal. I live in Europe and I can send this unit all around the world. Specifications: – length is 1.5m – silver plated copper – multi-core conductors – multi-stranded – teflon coated – connectors made of solid aluminum – 90 ohm impedance (USB standard) Reviews: The JCAT USB Cable | AudioStream http://www.stereotimes.com/post/jcat-usb-cable/ My email adresse is [email protected]
  15. The following prices and terms are firm. Paypal will be paid by the buyer, ground freight will be on the seller. Only sales in the U.S. will be considered. Every item is in flawless condition unless otherwise noted. MicroRendu – Retail $640 / Sell $550 (no power supply) Stanford Research FS275 Atomic Clock – Retail - $2,675 / Sell $1,795 Adnaco S1B Optical USB to PCIe/PCI Expansion System (installed in pc case) – Retail $599 (including PC case) / Sell $435 Uptone Regen (amber) Retail $175 / Sell $115 (very short hairline scratch on top of unit) Acousence / Artistic Fidelity AFI-USB USB/SPDIF converter w/custom adapter to accept linear power supply - Finest USB/SPDIF converter available – Retail $1,310 / Sell $995 Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 - $495.00 (not limited edition and not upgraded) Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB Cable 1.6 meters – Retail $749.75 / Sell $495 Mutec MC-3+ Clock - Retail $759.55 / Sell $495 Mac Mini (two each) – Sell $450 - 2.3ghz Mac Mini’s, I5, 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3, 500GB, 2011 Intona USB isolator (industrial version) – Retail $348 / Sell $235 Yellowtec PUC Lite USB/SPDIF converter – Retail $483.00 / Sell $320 MIT Vero Full Headphone Dongle – 3.5mm – Retail $299 / Sell $195
  16. As new. No PSU. No issues. This one boots up via software so you don't have to go to the unit nap plug and unplug everytime you need to reboot. OBM included. $575.00.
  17. I'm a custom installer / authorized KEF dealer. I have a new pair of X300As that are classified as B-Stock. B-Stock can be for a number of reasons, but I am unable to find any issues with these speakers. Removed them from box, checked them out, made sure they work well, and put back in box. They come with the full warranty. Includes cables. I also have a brand new pair of Q300s (walnut finish). I ordered these for a project, but because of a measurement error I don't need them. I took these out of the box, determined that they didn't fit where planned, and put them back in the box. They come with the full 5-year warranty. The price for either pair is $525 including shipping and Paypal fees. I strongly prefer to not ship these west of the Mississippi River. Pics of the X300As are attached.
  18. For Sale: AudioQuest Diamond USB cable. Type A to Type B connectors. 1.5 meter long. Perfect Surface Silver conductors. DBS 72V dielectric bias system. As new in excellent condition, with original packaging. Not a fake from eBay. Originally purchased from Audio Klan - AudioQuest distributor. Asking 399 EUR Price includes PayPal fees and shipping in EU and US.
  19. Up for sale is a pair of Kef LS50 50th Anniversary Edition. Limited Edition Kef LS50 Speakers. Black with Orange Drivers. They are in real good condition, but they aren't perfect. They both have light swirl marks from normal cleaning and on the right rear edge of both speakers there are rub marks (about 2” long and 1/8” wide). The fronts are in perfect condition. Pictures will follow soon. They come in their original box with manual and bass port plugs. Asking $1099.99 Take Advantage of NO Payments and 0% Interest for 6 Months through PayPal Credit. Please check out my other audio gear bargains! Shipping is calculated exact by USPS or FedEx. International Shipping is done with USPS Priority or Express. Shipping weight is 42 lbs. I accept Paypal and Credit Cards (please add 3% for the fees), you can wire directly into my Wells Fargo account (which is free from other Wells Fargo accounts) or send me a Money order. When I ship International I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any Customs duties/fees/charges/taxes.
  20. Up for sale is an Audience Au24 SE USB Cable. USB-A to USB-B. 1.5m. As New, no Box. I bought the cable from a trusted source. MSRP $980, asking $499.99 Shipping inside the USA is $5.99. International Shipping by USPS Priority is $29.99 Paypal adds 3% to cover the fees. Money Orders and Trades are welcome too. Financing through Paypal is available. When I ship International I am not responsible for any damage/loss during shipping and any customs fees/taxes/duties.
  21. Selling latest spec Lampizator Big 7 balanced with volume control (including basic lampi remote and stylish apple remote), R2R chip for PCM and DSD 256x engine. INPUTS: - one pair analogue inputs, - spdif (both BNC and RCA), - toslink, USB. Outputs: SE (RCA pair) and balanced (XLRs). Internal wiring is silver. Power: 115/230 V switch Tubes: - Stock tubes (PSvane 101D and Shunguang 274B); - upgrade tubes (KR audio 45s and Emission lab 274B Mesh rectifier). Entire package, except stock tubes include purchase receipt and transferable warranty (Lampi B7 5 years, so 4.5 years are still left; KR audio and EML tubes 6 months, so 4 good months are still left). B7 and tubes will be packed in it's original box, but additionaly packed in 2 custom made boxes (one for B7 and other for tubes - there is a total of 10 tubes). Shipping international including insurance and tracking. Price new retail incl. upgrade tubes is 17.650 EUR in Europe Selling now as package incl. worldwide shipping and paypal for 10.500 EUR Paypal or bank transfer is possible
  22. These are supposed to ship in mid to late February. This has the upgraded THD package, naked resistors and the hand matching of the components. Comes with the matching LPS-4 linear power supply with four power ports and "clean" U.B.S. in and out ports, and 1G cable. I have decided not to go with a headphone DAC/ Amp as originally planned. (I don't own any headphones. ) See my 14 years of feedback on Audiogon as slingshot and 16 years of feedback on EBay as wicket 2000. Will ship insured via UPS Ground, signature required, to continental U.S. $1,800. Would prefer bank check/ treasurer's check to avoid excessive PayPal fees.
  23. For sale is my Audio Research DSi200 200 wpc integrated in excellent condition. I am the original owner and have had it for just under two years. It has performed flawlessly. I have all original packaging for safe shipment. This amp has received great reviews throughout the world. It is powerful, but because of Audio Research's proprietary Class D amplifier design, it is incredibly efficient and runs cool. It is an Energy Star rated device. Here is a quote from the review by Absolute Sound: The DSi200 sonically stands its ground with the cream-of-the-crop in high-power integrated amplifiers. And I’m talking about efforts from the likes of Pass Labs, Magnum Dynalab, Simaudio, and Plinius. ARC deserves to be commended for wading into the controversial waters that roil around Class D amplification—a potentially thankless course for a company so strongly associated with tubes. But inspiration and a lot of engineering elbow-grease have produced a terrific integrated amp, comfortable in virtually every sonic environment and priced aggressively. ARC’s new powerhouse is a cool surprise from the company known for turning up the heat. I will upload pictures later. My asking price is $3650.00. List price is $6495.00 I accept Paypal with no upcharge for fees. US Sales Only. Please contact me with any questions.
  24. Up for sale is a SE Active USB 2.0 cable with mini power dc coupler and black tuning bullet. Full original price is 630 and I'm only asking half. Thew cable is in great shape and comes with original box. I only accept paypal. The reason why i'm selling is because i upgraded to thunderbolt.
  25. Sorry, no pictures, this gear is packed and ready to move. Buyers in the Twin City area can examine and listen to the component by appointment. I purchased this from Hi Fi Sound about 7 years ago and it is in perfect condition and working order. There was a problem with the digital encoder for the front panel sound control that was fixed by Magnum Dynalab and I have a spare encoder that is brand new. Paid $3,200 and am asking $1,600. Magnum Dynalab MD 208 receiver | Stereophile.com Also for sale: A pair of Bowers and Wilkins CM8 tower speakers. These were purchased 2 years ago and have fewer than 200 hours on them. I bought them on a 30 day trial to make a sound comparison with my planar speakers. I found I prefer the sound of the planars but (don't ask why) wasn't able to return them in the agreed upon time, so now they are mine. Like new condition. Paid $2,250 and am asking $1,700. Buy both for $3,000 firm. B&W CM8 review from the experts at whathifi.com I prefer to sell local, price doesn't include shipping.
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