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Found 1137 results

  1. For Sale my Itona Industrial Model USB Isolator for a super reasonable $150 shipped in the Continental US! Works great, I just no longer am using it with the addition of my TX- USB ultra. Thanks for looking, Todd
  2. I just changed the connection between my Antipodes DX3 server and PS Audio Directstream from USB to Ethernet in order to take advantage of the Bridge II's MQA. So I no longer need two excellent condition premium USB cables: (1) Excellent condition 1.5 meter dual end Audience AU24 SE. The dual ends separate power from data, improving resolution. List is $1050. Selling for $525. Comes in original box with paperwork and sealed tube of DeoxIT de-oxidizer. Great review from the Absolute Sound, which considers this a no-compromise analog sounding cable. https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/audience-au24-se-usb-cable/ 2) Excellent condition 4 foot WyWires Platinum USB. List is $899. selling for $450. Cable personally recommended to me by Ben Zwickel of Mojo Audio as the best USB cable he's heard and what he uses to demo his equipment at shows. Balanced, exciting life-like mid-range and vocals. There aren't a lot of reviews of the WyWires USB cables on the web. (I wouldn't have bought it without Ben's recommendation. After all, he does know a bit about servers and DACs). But found this. http://av2day.com/2013/11/my-experience-with-wywires-part-i/ "Then I connected the WyWires USB cable to the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 and I regretted it within 20 seconds – it knocked out my reference USB cable (which I had just bought!). Immediately I noticed better separation overall and more details in the bass region. I felt so flabbergasted that I actually did A-B testing with my reference USB cable several times just to make sure my initial impressions were not wrong. In the end, I noted that my reference USB cable could match the WyWires only in midrange neutrality. The WyWires USB cable was clearly better in the bass and treble regions." I used and loved them both.
  3. I have a new, unused DC Y cable for sPS-500 from Ghent Audio , 0.5m with two 2.1mm DC barrel connectors. Asking $60, got it for $80. Will ship free CONUS, buyer pays PayPal fee or do Friends and Family.
  4. Selling my microRendu with 1.4 ultraRendu clock upgrade (brings it up to the performance of the ultraRendu) paired with an MCRU Longdog linear power supply with silver cabling upgrade (£310 new). Great combination. £290 firm. Original box 1.4 Clock Upgrade Running Sonicorbiter 2.7 Includes Supra USB Longdog MCRU Linear Power Supply Excellent condition (no blemishes) £290 – Payment via UK bank transfer Free tracked posted. UK Mainland buyers only. microRendu includes original box, will also throw in a Supra USB cable. Free tracked posted in UK only.
  5. I have Purchased a Whole Set of Neotech Cables which was originally planned to be used for my Home Theatre. This idea never manifested. Having No reason to keep them anymore I have put up all my cables for Sales. These are brand new! comes with Neotech Certificate Card and Brand New Packaged box. The following Are Available: NEI-3001-3 meters >> 4 pcs XLR ($430.00 Dollars Each) NEI-3001-1.5 meters >> 3 pcs XLR ($3800.00 Dollars Each) NEI-3001-1 meter >> 5 pcs XLR ($260.00 Dollars Each) Discount will be offered for orders over 3 Cables. Shipping can be combined: World Wide Delivery by FedEx Fixed at $45.00 For First Item: Please add $10.00 Per speaker there After. Paypal @4.5% A Few have been sold on Ebay and Audiocircle. These are my last remaining cables left. I also have Neotech Speaker Cables please PM Me.
  6. These are original 3.7i speakers (not upgraded from 3.7) and are in excellent condition and come with Mye stands. I'm not listening as much with a 14 month old baby at home. I would prefer local pickup in the Pacific NW area, but can ship at buyer's expense. Looking for $4500. Anil
  7. Early spring cleaning! Letting go of a bunch of stuff I do not use any more. All items ship free (Con. US only). Buyer pays PayPal or use friends-and-family. SOTM Trifecta: Modded SMS-200 (clock input) Asking $299. + txUsbUltra SOLD (12V version, clock output + 50 Ohms master clock input) + Dlink switch (clock input). Comes with all required clock cables (I have short 6 inch ones too), original boxes, power supplies (except 12V txUsbUltra does not come with one). Excellent and working condition. Aires Mini: In original box, near mint condition with all supplied accessories (no free Tidal subscription). Asking $315 LPS 1.1: Excellent working condition with the energizing supply. Asking ($Sold) Curious USB link cables: Type A-B 200mm link ($SOLD), 200mm cable for iFi DAC ($SOLD) SOTM Modded SMS-200: D-Link switch: Sold Aries Mini: (Sold) LPS 1.1: (Pending sale) Curious USB link cables: (Sold) tx-USBultra: Sold
  8. My very special Lampizator Transport is for sale for 950€ including delivery to EU (not including PayPal fees or shipping outside EU). The sound is amazing, absolutely transparent and natural. I got it from a very good customer of Mr Fikus in Poland. This person had 2 identical transports done by Lukasz to his specifications. This Transport consists on the standard Lampizator Transport model based on a brand new Logitech Squeezebox Duet (remote included) with the following upgrades: - 300€ "Abbas Audio" Gold tube master clock - is a key element to achieve high-quality sound, - Power outlet and RCA connectors - Furutech Rhodium, - Carling power switches separated for the clock and Logitech board, - Internal wiring: Neotech silver, gilded copper, etc., - Power resistors. the clock and in stabilizing plate Caddock, tantalum and carbon AudioNote Amtrans, - Better tubes (I do not remember now which ones) - Caps: Duelund, Mundorf, Clarity Cap, .... (I will include extra caps to allow a bit of rolling) - Improvements in the power supply. Digital RCA and I2S outputs (I never tested the I2S one as my DAC does not support it) See pictures attached. Cheers, Victor.
  9. For sale is a Nimbie NB21-BR ripping robot. I used this ripper to successfully rip my collection. It's in excellent condition, with manuals, software, cables (power and USB) and box. The Nimbie retails for $999 and sells for $799 on Amazon. Will sell for $450 + shipping in the USA (Ohio). Buyer is required to pay shipping costs, but if you chose Paypal then it will get a discount shipping rate. I will accept Paypal or bank to bank transfer or cash. Send me a PM if you are interested. Jeff
  10. Perfect condition Auralic Vega S/N 62xx. . Smooth, analog sounding DAC with great bass extension.Stereophile A+.The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice.Here's the Stereophile article:https://www.stereophile.com/content/auralic-vega-da-processor.Latest firmware. Selling because I upgraded to a Mytek Manhattan 2. Not sure I needed to, I almost listed the M2 instead. Didn’t because of MQA.The Vega is an amazing sounding, great DAC. A great value. $1500. I'll pay for US shippingOriginal double box, remote, manual, etc
  11. These are a special pair of limited edition Grados that live up to their name. Grado started in 1952/1953 and has been thriving ever since. This year they decided to put out a pair of special edition headphones, and it's the first ever they've built out of a Brooklyn Tree (Maple). Given that this isn't their usual wood, it has some interesting differences from the other Grados, e.g. RS2i, RS1i, HF-1, HF-2, and even the GS1000. I find these to be more controlled but very dynamic in the midrange with improved clarity on the low and high end. I would find these most similar to the RS1i, but I find myself liking these more and more. I have owned a ton of Grados, and I wish I could keep these, but I have too many and I'll probably regret selling these like I did the W3000 ANV when they first came out. Technical Design: Vented diaphragm Wooden air chamber UHPLC copper voice coil wire Specifications: ◦Driver Type: Dynamic ◦Impedance @ 1kHz: 32 ohms ◦Sensitivity: 99.8 dB SPL/V ◦Frequency Response: 13Hz - 29kHz ◦Connector Type: 3.5mm (1/8") ◦Cable Length: 10 ft. (3 m) ◦Cable Style: Straight 'Y' Type Includes: Grado GH1 Headphones, Carton/Box, and Grado Documentation. I will also include a very rugged case made out of eco-friendly ballistic nylon. Non scuffing and has room for accessories ($35 value) If you're a Grado aficionado you'll like these. Reminds me of the run they did for Head-Fi (HF-1 & HF-2).
  12. Up for sale is a Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker. Looks and works as new. Comes in its original packaging. Rated 9/10 to satisfy the most picky among us. Asking $319.99 Free Shipping is FREE Inside the USA. International Shipping is done with USPS and calculated exact to your location. Shipping weight is 1lb 5oz. I accept Paypal, Visa, Master Card and Discover. Please add 3% for the fees. To skip the service fees, you can send a Money Order also. Also available: Financing through Paypal Credit! Please ask for details. When I ship International I am not responsible for any damage/loss during shipping and customs duties/taxes/fees/charges which are NOT included in the sales price.
  13. If you don't know Audio Note, they make some of the most engaging (and mlst expensive) audio equipment in the world. Their entry level DAC, the 0.1x is no exception. This no frills NOS DAC has USB and coax SPDIF inputs. It does does away with modern trends and keeps it simple with a Philips TDA1543 chipset, keeping it to 16/44 processing. No oversampling, no filtering, and is the most musical piece of digital equipment I have ever owned. Audio Note's approach allows you to forget everything you've ever known about digital and get lost in your collection. The body, timbre, soundstage, and simply musical nature of this DAC is not only unheard of at this price, but a very rare occurrence in digital. This DAC is £1400 new, asking £700. Excellent condition in original box, will ship free within Mainland UK. Audio Note's own description below: The first and only digital to analogue converter in the Audio Note (UK) range to offer both coaxial 75 Ohm SPDif and also USB input, selectable via a fascia mounted button. Internally, it is pure Audio Note, featuring a Philips TDA1543 DAC chip, our 1x oversampling Direct from Disc technology and no digital filters. The analogue valve output stage utilizes a 6111WA miniature dual triode, Beyschlag precision resistors and our own Audio Note (UK) Tin Foil capacitors. Available with brushed aluminium or classic black acrylic facia."
  14. This unit is effectively new. The dac chips will require burn in time. There are 4 modular bays that allow addition of various inputs. This unit will have have your choice of: Coax, Ethernet, AES, Optical, secondary modular clock. USB is built into the chassis. Ethernet is highly recommended. Price is firm but a reduce price may be offered with fewer modules. This is a 50% price reduction. Email regarding provenance. Since Waversa Systems is not well known in the US, I offer a 1 month trial period with full refund if the unit is returned in new condition. Buyer is responsible only for initial and return shipping. I prefer the owner enjoy what this unit offers and it fits well in their system. I do not own the remote for this DAC as this is a separate purchase and I have no need. Review: https://www.oldnewsound.es/fuentes/dacs/waversa-wdac3/ As challenges that existed two decades ago remain today, electrical engineers specializing in digital sound reproduction face arduous task overcoming these barriers. Digital audio technologies certainly have evolved to meet these challenges. Out of South Korea, a company comprised of four engineers approached analog and digital from an entirely new perspective. Introducing Waversa Systems Incorporated, founded in 2012 by Collin Shin, CEO and lead design engineer. Dr. Shin has been acknowledged for many firsts in the computer electronics industry. With 30 years of developing low noise, jitter canceling chips specific to both medical and military precision critical applications, he recognized these solutions when correctly implemented address these challenges individually, thereby allowing the listener to be enveloped by the music. Waversa DACs have been noted for their delicacy, revealing the fingertip-friction sounds on an instrumental string, or a flat cord on a note, better voice articulation and overall inner detail recreating venue ambiance with such holographic realism the musician can be perceived in the same spot when the listener wanders a room. I remain to find a dac that re-creates this level of timbre with such realism that naturally differentiates the uniqueness of each individual instrument when simultaneously paying the same note. All DAC manufacturers have their own approach to address high frequency noise associated with pulse code modulation. Waversa Systems PCM processing is truly unique in today’s market. Waversa Audio Processor takes a completely unique approach to signal processing by comparing the signal simultaneously from multiple points in virtual space and time and superimposes this information creating a more precise signal reproduction, instead of artificially filling in information and unintentionally creating high-frequency noise that often is perceived as “cold digital sound.” Unlike the traditional digital audio converters, Waversa uses their-own in house proprietary chip set that synchronizes with the neighboring internal processors, greatly reducing jitter. These Waversa Audio Processors (or WAP) consist of two parallel clocks (44.1 kHz / 48 kHz) thus creating mathematically accurate sampling at higher frequencies to 352 kHz / 384 kHz. The DAC3 converts PCM to DSD in real-time when CONV (“Conversion”) is selected. When conversion to DSD is selected, all PCM input samples are converted to 256 DSD via a custom built internal 5.6 MHz up-sampler and FPGA DSD converter. The USB interface is implemented through network player hardware by Waversa Systems and is UAC2 standard compliant. This provides an extremely clean digital audio signal through complete galvanic isolation, which strips the digital signal of any PC noise commonly created by a server’s internal power supply. Firmware updates and music data are also communicated through the single provided USB input. This is accomplished by a special interface, again unique to Waversa Systems. Key Features of the DAC3: The Waversa DAC3 has many special features. Waversa Systems’ digital features include: ⦁ Dual mono ES9018K2M SABRE 32 Reference Audio DAC chip set for D/A conversion ⦁ Dual Waversa Audio Processor (WAP) Chip set ⦁ 44.1, 48kHz implemented as a complete system Unified Clock System composed of independently-specific MEMS Master Clock ⦁ Real-time PCM to DSD 256 conversion using a custom built 5.6 MHz up-sampler and FPGA DSD converter ⦁ DSD to PCM Upsampling (world's first) ⦁ PCM Enhancement: Bypass, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x ⦁ Custom built, FPGA based, 1.5 MHz up-sampling then conversion to 384 KHz for D/A processing. ⦁ All digital inputs and a customized S/PDIF receiver accommodating rates up to 192 KHz (so long as the source is S/PDIF compliant – see “Operation”) ⦁ A UAC2 standard compliant custom audio interface design, with Cypress FX2/FPGA USB input handling: ⦁ DSD 64, DSD 128 ⦁ PCM 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz, 176.4 KHz, 192 KHz, 352.8 and 384 KHz. ⦁ Operations via Linux OS with UAC2 and MAC OSX 10.6, with the Thesycon driver incorporated for use in Windows OS environments ⦁ Optional in and out reference word clock connectors for use with an external clock ⦁ Complementary Full Balanced Analogue Circuit ⦁ Discrete / Transformer output mode can be selected ⦁ Output Voltage Control: 100%, 75%, 50% to adjust output gain and refine sound depending on individual system. ⦁ Select equipped with digital inputs and outputs, modular (up to 4) - Ethernet Network Player, Coaxial, AES / EBU, Optical, Word Clock Input, Accessory Clock Module options, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, headphone amplifier, analog input ⦁ Cutting duralumin chassis, and internal block reducing vibration and improving RF and galvanic isolation. ⦁ The digital portion and analog portion are independently powered using dual toroidal transformers, each with duralumin isolation and independent linear circuitry. ⦁ Front LED display (1,800 LED): source, the input sampling rate, menus, artist, song, etc. Will Ship Internationally. Email to enquire.\
  15. Absolutely mint condition 9/10.. All original boxes etc.. $725.00 OBO
  16. Hi For sale is maxed out LampizatOr Golden Atlantic balanced with volume that normally is 11000 Euro + VAT new. - R2R PCM + 256DSD - 5u4g EML mesh rectifier - 2 sets of 4P1L tubes. - Synergistic BLACK fuse - dual voltage - full set with flight case, roller feet, paper work - 4 years warranty Unit is in perfect as new condition. Asking price is 8000 Euro shipped (from Sweden). One of forum members asked me to put this ad for him. I will contact potential buyer with him directly. If you have any questions PM me.
  17. Hey guys, I'm selling these great pair of cables for $170.00 in used condition. I'm upgrading to the magic links so happy bidding. Harmonic Technology Truth Link 1 0 Meter XLR Cables | eBay
  18. I have an OrigenAe M10 Case with VFD and IR modules and Original AC/DC 150 Watt power brick and OrigenAe remote. Inside is the Jetway NF96FL-525-LF motherboard of the Computer Audiophile C.A.P.S. v.2 and 2 x 2GB G-Skill RAM. There is also a 160Gb Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5" hard drive for your system. There is no Optical Drive (Although it is set up for one) and No OS. All you need is software and an attached music library and you are ready to go with a music server. Paypal, cash, and Money order are accepted. I'm selling this for $300.00 Canadian Shipping is extra.
  19. One year old. Purchased new from dealer. Perfect condition. Not using it anymore for streaming iTunes. Photos available. Remote, manual included. $450 new. $200 incl shipping to CONUS. Call Scott 720-289-2153.
  20. Playstation 3 CECHE01 firmware 3.30 (NTSC - CECH-E01) Paypal. It is on ebay right now. The ebay listing will be removed if a reasonable offer is received. I would prefer to sell it to someone who will appreciate its capabilities. Take a peek below... PlayStation 3 CECHE01 Firmware 3 30 NTSC CECH E01 | eBay Please email any offers to [email protected] Thank you. -Megan
  21. Audiophilioe Model 1 needs a new home. Complete package in orignal case and accessories. No longer needed as I upgraded my DAC to the Mytek 192 DSD DAC. Asking $500 OBO. Terms: PayPal [you pay fees]. Shipping, CONUS only, included.
  22. Wonderful, Linn Component, upgrading to Klimax. Perfect condition all books and boxes, remote latest dynamik power supply. Read CA 's comments of the Majik: The Linn Majik DSI with the convenience of it's built in 100 watts per channel Chakra amplifier, will allow you to simply connect your favorite speakers, and enjoy. Adding Linn DS digital streaming components will transform your hi-fi into a system for the future. Offering performance that surpasses traditional CD player technology, and with the convenience of having your entire digital music collection at your fingertips, organized your way, you'll never listen to music in a conventional manner again. Also has many digital inputs as well as a very good phono section.The Linn Majik DS-I in incredibly versatile and sounds very good. The Ethernet input and UPnP capability are the real stars of the show. The complete user experience and ability to just listen to music is wonderful. A single chassis clean looking and clean sounding component that accepts all common sample rates without user intervention is exactly what many readers have been seeking. Using the Majik DS-I provides the user some piece of mind as well. There are no worries about bit perfect output, a KMixer, Exclusive Mode, Audio Midi, ASIO, or WASAPI. At $4,200 the Majik DS-I is a terrific buy. I highly recommend visiting a Linn dealer to spend some time using the Majik DS-I. This is the type of product that sells itself. I happy to place the Linn Majik DS-I on the C.A.S.H. List as the first high end UPnP digital streaming component. Asking $2500.00 mint condition Boxed, remote, manuals Fabulous condition Chakra with Dynamik power supply, see matching sale of Linn Majik Dsi and discount to purchase of both units. That compact size and even temperament – and indeed temperature – are greatly to do with the Linn technology under lid: like the other power amps in this range, the Akurate 2200 is based around Linn's Chakra amplifier technology, and powered using the company's Dynamik switch mode power supply, which is also found in other Akurate components. Asking $2000.00 mint condition Boxed, manuals , will include Linn interconnects and $500.00 discount for purchase of both units, photos available
  23. The Primare I30 is a fully balanced, dual mono design, solid state integrated amplifier and is rated at [email protected] and [email protected] It has 2 balanced (XLR) inputs and 4 single ended (RCA) inputs; a single ended preamp out (RCA, L&R) and an analogue tape out (RCA, L&R). It also has a remote control. This was purchased new, by me, in May of 2009. I replaced the I30 in my system last June with an integrated tube amp. The I30 has been sitting idle since the arrival of the tube amp. It is in immaculate condition and comes in the original boxes with all documentation. This is an outstanding amplifier and sounds exceptionally clean, especially when using the balanced inputs. Payment would be through PayPal and the PayPal charges would be on me. Shipping would be paid by the purchaser and would be from Stillwater MN, 55082.The shipping weight is about 45 lbs. It is a solid piece of equipment. You can find a pdf file of the user manual here: Primare : Amplifiers Thanks for looking. Larry
  24. Hey All, The following needs a good home - PS-Audio HDMI-12 (i2s) (1M) – Purchased Feb 2012 from authorized dealer - 9/10 on A'gon scale - Asking $ 195 (I'll cover fees and shipping). Great cable if you're using a W4S DAC or PS Audio DAC w/ the Empirical Audio Off Ramp. Thanks, Danny
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