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Found 4 results

  1. dragon_vibe


    NOTI have the following For Sale: Entreq Ertha Silver Wire (RCA to SPADE) X 2 Pieces (100.00 Dollars Each) (usual Retail is 300 US Dollars) Entreq Eartha Copper Wire ( SPADE TO SPACE) X 1 Piece (80.00 Dollars Each) Entreq Eartha Silver (3.5mm to SPADE) X 1 Piece (80.00 Dollars) Entreq AC Wrap X 1 (70.00 dollars) Entreq Mini Wrap X 3 Pairs (50.00 Dollars Per Pair) Lenth of all the cables are longer then usual for flexibility. They are 2 Meters long each. This cost me more to purchase. Take All for 350.00 US Dollars. Not Including shipping & paypal has to be covered by the buyer for any fees incurred. Pictures will follow soon.
  2. I think it's time to see if we can unite in a subject that stir up a lot of feelings here at CA. It is like a new USB cable discussion. So, how about the grounding boxes? Why do they work? How could they possibly improve SQ? Considering the tons of great reviews they must work in some way, right? This thread belongs to both believers and disbelievers of grounding boxes. Let's get this hot subject sorted out ones and for all! ? Anything from scientific materials to personal ideas are most welcomed. I am a personal believer in that scientist is just a person with an extremely curious mind. Above all keep it civil and without any personal attacks or "stupid" comments please! ?
  3. michaelD

    Proper Grounding a system

    I've been a big fan of proper grounding of a system since actually doing it a few years ago. My main power strip is a Nordost QB8 which has a very convenient ground lug. I have attached to it a separate earth ground (different from my electrical box house ground) and to a Entreq Sliver Tellus using their Apollo wire. This has been my setup for about 3 years now. I was very please with the darkness of my background not only with nothing playing but within tracks/notes the silence where it was supposed to be was great. There are also improvements in the bass as well. I never went the whole way with the Entreq box to ground other components of my system not sure why just never did. Fast forward today I now have two demo Silver Tellus minimus each connected to my Bricasti M28 amps using Silver Eartha cables (connected is to the negative speaker terminal). In-addition to my Silver Tellus I connected to a RCA input to both my Bricasti M1 DAC and Aurender N10 Atlantis using Apollo Eartha cables. I just got it hooked up last night and for those that don't know it takes the Entreq products about a day to reach full potential. So Tonight I plan on doing some listening to see if there are even greater improvements. Also Nordost is coming out with a grounding box called QKore. I should have a demo box here later next week as I want to compare. They have some write up on how its constructed on their web site but its considerably smaller and lighter then the Entreq solution. However I think the $$'s to spend may be similar. From what I've read the Nordost solution is active right away so that will be helpful doing a compare. Both the Entreq and Nordost solutions are passive solutions. I'm sure the cable crowd that thinks cables don't make a difference will jump all over this but infact proper grounding does indeed improve the listening experience. More on this later.
  4. Brand New Entreq Grounding Boxes. These were purchased over 5 months back, waiting to be installed in my music room, since plans have changed and I’m actually selling off all my audio equipment these need go too into a home where someone can appreciate them. These are all brand new units, I never got the chance to use them or test these things out. There are raving reviews on these units all over the web. They are packed in Wooden Crates. I only ship Via Fedex International. Payment by Paypal is acceptable or Bank Wire. I am willing to give a Great deal if all My Boxes and Cables are taken as one large Transaction. Otherwise the prices below are well below Dealer Rates. Please note: Standard Size Cables are priced at 1.6 Meters from Entreq, Mines are 2.2 Meters, I requested extra length to allow flexibility to hide the boxes away from the main setup area. So these are prices well below the 1.6 standard sizes too. Paypal is accepted at 4.5% The Following is Available all brand new. 1 X Unit Entreq Silver Minimums X 1 Unit $450.00 + Shipping 1 X Unit Entreq Atlantis Minimums X 1 Unit $800.00 + Shipping 3 X Units Entreq Silver Tellus $ $1900.00 + Shipping 1 X Unit Entreq Atlantis $2900.00 + Shipping Cables & Connectors: 1 X Entreq USB Cable Konstatin 2.2m $270.00 + Shipping Ertha Grounding Cables: 6 X Entreq Ertha Silver “Spades 2 Spades” Cable 2.2 Meters $350.00 + Shipping 6 X Entreq Ertha Silver “RCA2 Spades” Cable 2.2 Meters $390.00 + Shipping 6 X Entreq Ertha Copper “Spades 2 Spades” 2.2 Meters $120.00 + Shipping AC Wrap. In every cable that transports an alternating current a magnetic field is created. The fields are strongest where the cables are plugged in and where there are any subsequent connections. Using AC Wraps offers a calm stability to the sound, even with cheaper Power cords and cables. If you are already using more expensive cable's, we are delighted to say that no matter the brand it will work better with an AC Wrap. They do however have other interesting applications! Especially if you own a metal legged equipment support/rack? Please speak to your dealer or distributor for greater clarity on this particular application! 4 X Mini AC Wraps (1 Pair Free With Silver Tellus Ground Box) 1 X Large AC Wrap Free with Atlantis Ground Box. Shipping prices for these are unpredictable, as the weight of the items are pretty heavy, Please msg me your location and post code to determine accurate shipping cost. We do have a FedEx business account with large discount being applied, however for certain size boxes I need to call up fedex to gain spot rates for better pricing.