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  1. Impending house move means downsizing and rationalisation of Hifi and AV gear. Sadly for me this means I have a few items to dispose of as 2 systems are merging into one. So up for reluctant sale is my exasound e28 mk2 multichannel dac. Had it since new. The serial no is 417 and it’s v1.5 it has mini xlr outputs on the rear and included are 6 mini xlr to phono cables along with a supra usb cable. All have given excellent reliable service and effortlessly handled everything thrown at it. I'm sure those looking for a multichannel DAC will know all about them already. So looking for around £2000, but will consider reasonably close offers. The DAC is in Scotland and so p&p will be at cost to wherever it goes, insurance can be added in as well also at cost. A new e38 currently retails for $3849 usd according to the web site.
  2. Hi, i've been diving into digital audio lately and came to this problem. All of my music is replaygained, meaning the RMS values are -18dB (foobar 2000). I have it set up in gain + clipping prevention mode. If i play a song thats louder without RG, well, it sounds louder. This means both my dac and my amp have to have some volume (voltage) overhead (at the same knob position in the amp case). My gear is Schiit Magni 2U and Modi 2U. The DAC can put out 1.5Vrms max. Is there any way to atleast approximately calculate what RMS voltage numbers should i expect from my dac and then from the amp with -18dB replaygained music? I have done some small calculations, using this calculator and some basic equations. -18dB RMS signal should be 0.125 voltage gain ratio, so 0.125 times 1.5Vrms is 0.1875Vrms. If i watch peaks in foobar, most songs peak like 5-7dB under 0, which corresponds to 0.45-0.55 voltage gain ratio. Again i multiply that by the dac's max Vrms and continue down the chain with my amps and whatnots. Am i doing it right? I know there is a lot of relative subjects in this, but i am trying to get atleast approximate (+-1Vrms) number at the end of the amplification chain. Thanks a lot Dave
  3. Perfect condition Auralic Vega S/N 62xx. . Smooth, analog sounding DAC with great bass extension.Stereophile A+.The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice.Here's the Stereophile article:https://www.stereophile.com/content/auralic-vega-da-processor.Latest firmware. Selling because I upgraded to a Mytek Manhattan 2. Not sure I needed to, I almost listed the M2 instead. Didn’t because of MQA.The Vega is an amazing sounding, great DAC. A great value. $1500. I'll pay for US shippingOriginal double box, remote, manual, etc
  4. From PS Audio website. "Ted Smith has done it again. A major breakthrough in the art of digital audio. Over this weekend we have been beta testing our newest operating system for our DirectStream DAC, Snowmass, and the reviews are flooding in: https://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/listening-is-scary/#comment-94814
  5. Has anyone had a chance to listen to the pro-ject pre box S2 dac vs the pre box S2+? I don’t do head phones but want to buy the one that sounds better. Anyone been able to compare the two on a high end audio system and gauge their sound quality? either will work for me, I do CD digital only, MQA not needed but don’t need to avoid it either. Simply want to buy the better sounding one to add to a mid high end audio system.
  6. CES 2017 Meitner MA-1 V2 and EMM Labs DAC2X V2 Announcements Using technology developed in their flagship DA2 DAC, EMM Labs and Meitner Audio has once again updated both their multi-award winning DACs the Meitner Audio MA-1 DAC and EMM Labs DAC2X. In addition to being the perfect companion of their TSDX CD/SACD Transport, the updates provide a huge improvement in transparency, accuracy and overall sound quality. The new V2 unit updates consist of: MDAC™ in both platforms are now fully discrete DSD512/8xDSD D/A converters completely built in-house at EMM Labs' manufacturing facility in Canada Their multi-award winning MDAT2™ DSP has also been refined and updated to synergistically work with the new 8xDSD MDAC™. The new MDAT2™ DSP does real-time transient detection, processing and up-conversion of all incoming audio, PCM and DSD, before sending it to the new MDAC™ The DSD audio signal path has been re-designed allowing for further enhancements in transparency during the DSD to Analog conversion process Proprietary hardware galvanic isolation for the USB Audio interface Supports sampling rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz at word lengths up to 24 bits through all 6 digital inputs, Support for DSD128/2xDSD and DXD streaming via USB Audio Support for DSD (DoP) streaming via TOSLINK, SPDIF and AES No configuration necessary, just plug and play. Every other digital system from its proprietary jitter removal MFAST™ to its super accurate clock, MCLK™ has also been carefully revised as well for better sound. The V2 version pricing: Meitner MA-1 MSRP is $7,000 US EMM Labs DAC2X MSRP is $15,500 US Please note the V2 units performance are immediately noticeable and not subtle. So it’s quite a big jump in performance from the standard MA-1 and DAC2X to the V2 version. They are also offering an upgrade package for customers with older MA-1s and DAC2Xs to upgrade their units to V2. MSRP is: $1,750 US Note - Most units purchased in 2016 would already have newer hardware and you can just update the unit with the finalized firmware to make it V2. If you're not sure if your DAC already has the newer hardware, contact your EMM/Meitner dealer with the serial number.
  7. I am a little confused by the positioning of the new M12 Source Controller from Bricasti. I do not own a Bricasti, but was about to pull the trigger on one to replace my current DAC when I learned of the new M12 – which left me a little confused and believing that Bricasti’s best DAC is now not actually their DAC, but rather their new “source controller.” The new M12 would seem to be far superior for D-to-A conversion for DSD files and also features some new tech in the form of a network adapter to use the device as a streamer (something I presume will ultimately trickle down to the M1 – hopefully with support for the same range of file resolutions offered in their USB interface). I saw a video with Bricasti’s president (Brian) saying they created the M12 to meet a need in the market, specifically, the person who enjoys both analog and digital and wants a minimum number of discrete components. Hence, with the M12, no separate pre-amp needed. Certainly understandable, I imagine there is a real need for this in the marketplace. HOWEVER, in my view this leaves behind the person who chooses to operate a multi-component system as the M12 would not appear to be a reasonable choice to use strictly as a DAC. In my case, I have a sophisticated high-end tube preamp which I want to continue to use as my source and volume control. It appears there is no “line level/unity” out on the M12 which would be suitable for connecting to an input source on my pre-amp. This doesn’t really make sense to me from a product positioning perspective. A company offering a stand-alone DAC should reserve their best DAC technology for that unit and offer similar or lesser capabilities in their all-in-one integrated products. After all, is not the buyer for separates likely to be the most demanding of functionality? Buyers for integrated units are willing to trade a little bit of capability for convenience. I am interested in thoughts or opinions. Am I missing something? Are there others thinking about using the M12 with a pre-amp? Or pre-amp users who don’t care about the missing higher quality DSD and Ethernet connectivity?
  8. Hello. I'm selling my XEO 3s (white, up on eBay now!) and getting the XEO 20s. I think! I started down the path of exploring a direct USB connection to the XEOs, but not necessarily wanting or needing the Dynaudio Connect box. Then I came across a review of the KEF LS50 wireless, where an external DAC was used, I think via the analog outs. It sounded like using an analog out would be odd with the XEOs, as a digital signal stays digital until the driver, and an analog signal is converted to digital by the XEOs. So with analog DAC out, the digital signal would be converted 2x, if I understand correctly. Any thoughts on the following setups— With DAC 1. iPhone + ALAC files > Apple CCK > USB cable > External DAC > Toslink from DAC to XEO 20 master. 2. iPhone + ALAC files > Apple CCK > USB cable > External DAC > Analog out from DAC to XEO 20 master. No DAC 3. iPhone + ALAC files > Apple Lightning Dock > Toslink to XEO 20s (I think Apple's Lightning Dock bypasses the iPhone DAC when using Toslink and sends a pure signal.) On my setup, I'm thinking of using my iPhone 7 (gasp!) for the source. Don't really want to deal with a headless Mac mini (+ controlling Apple Music would be a pain). I was looking at the Aries Mini, as you can add storage, but it's sold out. Bluesound Node 2 doesn't work with Apple Music. Sources are ALAC and Apple Music for the mist part. Maybe Tidal at some point. So as much as it may offend, I like the idea of a iPhone or iPad as source. Thoughts?
  9. Holo Cyan - DAC+Headamp impressions With the new Holo combined DAC/headamp now formally announced and pre-orders being taken, first deliveries are expected in a few weeks. So time to start a separate impressions thread just for this product. This is for impressions not for discussing the benefits of DSD ! This is essentially a new version of the Holo Spring designed for headphone users - something I have been waiting for. I don't own a Holo or have any association with them but have been aware of them through very positive user reviews. The Spring contains 2 ladder DACS - one for PCM input and one for DSD. With theCyan, the first model being released contains 1 ladder DAC and 1 headphone amp instead. Essentials This first model contains only the PCM R2R ladder DAC - this will play your normal redbook and much higher resolution files and it will convert DSD files (up to DSD 256) to PCM files for playback - as many (most?) DACS claiming to be DSD capable do. The Spring and a minority of other DACs do native DSD (better for the purists and I do have one of those other non-holo ones) and there is a later version of the Cyan coming out for this. • Inputs are : -USB (isolated from ground) -Coaxial (RCA) -Coaxial (BNC) -AES -Optical I2S the HDMI interface (DSD256) USA and IS2 support DSD DOP mode DSD256 andall other digital inputs support DSD DOP mode to DSD64) • Outputs are: Fully balanced XLR and RCA output, and balanced headphone output using 4 pin xlr Full size 1/4 inch single ended headphone output Other points of note: • The clock is a still a femto one but not quite the same as in the Spring, whilst the USB input has apparently been upgraded compared to the USB input on the Spring. • Offers oversampling and non oversampling modes • The case is smaller than the Spring being 281 * 260 * 55mm or 11* 10 * 2 inches • The new fully balanced headphone circuit • Ability to select either low impedance or high impedance for the headphones and to change this easlily • The remote control functions include volume as well as switching between low & high gain to satisfy users of IEM's through to tougher to drive full size audiophile headphones. • Jeff the lead designer has commented that unlike other integrated units where the headamp has been poorly regarded he wanted to build a decent headamp inside. • Price - ~20% cheaper than the Spring but to be confirmed on a country by country basis . Kitsune will no doubt update for the USA and others for Europe and elsewhere
  10. Hello...this is my first question ever. I just purchased a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. i have ONLY connected it via USB through the laptop to the dac and played tidal and listened to MQA. Now for the queston...can someone please explain the other connects on the back? what is the wick in wick out? what would i connect via a 75 ohm coaxel cable? and where would i inout the coaxil into my AV receiver..i have the marantz sr7010. Im very confused and i think i spent a lot for not being able to utilize it the way i know its capable of. And also maybe someone could explain the xlr connects....and if you answer, please be prepared to carry on a dialogue for a few days while i work this out. I'm very frustrated and i would appreciate HELP!!!!! Thanks In advance...Stickyfi PS...Im very curious as to what wick in wick out means
  11. I've just bumped into this analysis software developer website which has published measurements of a few DACs: https://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/en/index.php
  12. If you don't know Audio Note, they make some of the most engaging (and mlst expensive) audio equipment in the world. Their entry level DAC, the 0.1x is no exception. This no frills NOS DAC has USB and coax SPDIF inputs. It does does away with modern trends and keeps it simple with a Philips TDA1543 chipset, keeping it to 16/44 processing. No oversampling, no filtering, and is the most musical piece of digital equipment I have ever owned. Audio Note's approach allows you to forget everything you've ever known about digital and get lost in your collection. The body, timbre, soundstage, and simply musical nature of this DAC is not only unheard of at this price, but a very rare occurrence in digital. This DAC is £1400 new, asking £700. Excellent condition in original box, will ship free within Mainland UK. Audio Note's own description below: The first and only digital to analogue converter in the Audio Note (UK) range to offer both coaxial 75 Ohm SPDif and also USB input, selectable via a fascia mounted button. Internally, it is pure Audio Note, featuring a Philips TDA1543 DAC chip, our 1x oversampling Direct from Disc technology and no digital filters. The analogue valve output stage utilizes a 6111WA miniature dual triode, Beyschlag precision resistors and our own Audio Note (UK) Tin Foil capacitors. Available with brushed aluminium or classic black acrylic facia."
  13. Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1844799967/applepi-dac-highest-performance-raspberry-pi-dac Reviews: The Audio Beatnik "Ok, specs are great and all, but how did it really sound? Frankly, very good, surprisingly good." and "The mid-range and truthiness of the music rivaled that of the other DACs I have on hand that cost significantly more." Read the full review at this link: http://theaudiobeatnik.com/applepi-dac-review-theres-art-in-this-dac-and-it-shows/ Volumio's Founder -- Michelangelo "Sound-stage and spatial resolution are just excellent." and "This DAC is producing the most detailed sound to ever come out of my Raspberry PI, all the subtle nuances of my test tracks were there and clearly distinguished from everything else." Read the full review at this link: https://volumio.org/forum/orchard-audio-applepi-dac-review-t9633.html
  14. Hello, I would like a discussion for my setup if possible. I bought a set of Genelec 8040B's on sale last November off of Amazon. They have been great to listening to for the purpose of "vibing" off to and enjoying music for listening to and not for the purpose of mixing or mastering. So far I have been borrowing my friend's Focusrite 2i4i audio interface, and with the latest driver for Windows 10 I have not spotted any cutting off or crackling which I am pleased of thus far. These monitors are really satisfying and have a lot of detail to show. I use 25' XLR to XLR cable with the addition of 2 XLR to TRS connectors to plug into the Focusrite audio interface. Having to return the interface to my friend, am I better off to repurchase this product? Or is there a substantially more worth it setup for my Genelec's? This is of course assuming I have a good room to start with. I'm talking about an upgrade to revealing audible detail and first hand comparisons that would make something more of a jem to listen to compared to the Focusrite 2i4i. I'm not using music to listen to equipment, but rather equipment to listen to music. Any discussion would be helpful, especially from first hand experience of working with Genelec's. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01E6T50LY/ref=s9u_simh_gw_i1?ie=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01E6T50LY&pd_rd_r=17a26602-4355-11e8-b4af-bb8759a2f7d7&pd_rd_w=SgdFF&pd_rd_wg=95DNU&pf_rd_m=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_r=Z5RB9RANYAGHJ1P0R55Y&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=07871b8e-d32a-4963-b98f-ba712077f7f5&pf_rd_i=desktop https://www.amazon.ca/Genelec-Bi-Amplified-Monitor-System-Woofer/dp/B00K2TP4TQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1524089363&sr=1-1&keywords=genelec+8040 Thanks, Reggy
  15. I’m selling part of my system. Aurender N10 , silver . 4Tb .$4750 USA ONLY. In excellent condition. PayPal only. Damian aka thequietman
  16. Any experience? I am just about to start to experiment with them, I wonder if anybody has any suggestion?
  17. OPPO was "nice" enough to post a peek into what they are working on at the OPPO Digital Future Products page. I think they would like people to be aware of it as they apparently can't pull it in before the holiday season and hope some fan base to hold off of purchases from other vendors by posting the planned hardware. And that is my question. I may be considering exactly this new combo (DAC+AMP+HF) for the holiday season in up to the 2.5K range. What would be an (un)educated guess of this respectable community - has OPPO a chance to best current offerings and so the wait is warranted? Is it even worth considering OPPO's first offering in a new category for them - headphones - given I am not a collector, but rather have a set for a long time? Cheers!
  18. Dear Computer audiophile readers, I currently live in France and will be moving to the US where the voltage is 110. The unit is 220-240 V As a result I am selling my Classe Audio CP 800 DAC /Pre Amp and also a Classé Ca 2200. The CP 800 is 3 months. The condition is as New. I have put it up on Ebay France. If any one needs to contact me feel free. I speak English and French. I personally love the apparatus and will be buying the cp 800. Apart from the fact that it is a great DAC the It is an excellent Pre amp in its own right. Thanks, Albert.
  19. $595 plus $15 shipping USPS priority. I have a Bladelius USB DAC for sale in the U.S. This DAC was designed in Sweden, but manufactured in California. Uses XMOS USB receiver chip to play asynchronous 24/192 files. MAC OSX 10.6 or above does not require a driver. Windows XP, Vista or 7 requires the included USB 2.0 driver (on the included USB stick). I have added the latest firmware update to the DAC, so it is ready to go. I have decided to purchase a Bel Canto Ref USB to SPDIF converter to go with my Bel Canto DAC3. Let me know if you have any questions.
  20. Hi all, I've built a quiet pc for my video and audio library and am quite happy with it with exception of the sound card and am wanting to upgrade it. The setup is: it runs on windows 7 64bit on a SSD (fast boot time) it is currently is hooked up to 2 pairs of B&O BeoLab 3 and a Velodyne subwoofer (ie all active speakers) via Creative Audigy 2 Platinum (yes not the best). I will add a centre speaker once I decide what to get. I use XBMC but am trialling JRiver Media Centre with an Andriod tablet for 2 way remote. This pc will one day drive a 84inch TV (when the new LG or Sharp LCDs finally get to Australia) I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for a great multichannel soundcard (for movies) for less than 1k. I considered adding DAC but its rare to find a mulitchannel DAC and I'm not sure if its feasible to run 2 DACs for front and rear. FYI the BeoLab 3 are great speakers (to me anyway), very detailed, neutral with high clarity and I would like to get something that would do it justice. FYI my requirements are: great sound stage,details - hopefully approaching Linn audio products. I listen to classical music, pop etc plus love movie multichannel (5.1 is enough) PCI Express windows 7 support for 192KHz @16/24bit minimum number of power supply i.e. prefers not to buy a prepro/AV receiver My current shortlist are: RME HDSPe AIO with the analog expansion card Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe with H6 daughter card Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe with H6 daughter card with OPamps on the h6 swapped to Burnson HD Audio Opamp I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Also any comments on how pro audio DA converter (eg RME) sounds and work in multimedia consumer environment would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, William
  21. For sale is a used V-DAC II plus dedicated Pangea Audio power supply from Audio Advisor. Not sure if it's a LPS, and guessing maybe not since they didn't market it as such. Anyway, a classic DAC from the recent past. To my ear, it's easily competitive with Schiit DACs in this price range. Has co-axial, optical and USB inputs, and it’s a 24bit/192kHz asynchronous USB design. Here are some links about it: Musical Fidelity | V-DACII DAC Musical Fidelity V-DAC II D/A processor | Stereophile.com Retail was $480 ($380 + $100). Asking US$200.00 PayPal only and no trades, please. Buyer to pay shipping. I'll cover the PP fee. I don't sell a lot, but I have all positive feedback under the same username at Head-fi dot org.
  22. Like new DAC / Streamer. First owner from a pet and smoke free environment. Serious buyers only. Pickup welcome in Toronto. Shipping anywhere in North America for the asking price. Buyer pays paypal fees. The unit is in rare silver finish and comes with the MiND streaming board with the latest firmware updates. Please check out the link for more info. Many reviews are available online. Non serious and tire kickers will be politely ignored. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking. Original box, papers, remote. $3400 USD
  23. Ayre Codex. I am the original owner and have owned it for maybe 18 months. Excellent condition. I have used it to drive my Audeze LCD-3s directly with which it does a marvelous job. Only reason I am selling it is that I just don't have time to listen to headphones by myself. Original boxes and accessories included. Asking price: $1250 includes shipping and paypal, USA shipping only. Feel free to make offers.
  24. Looking to sell my Bricasti Special Edition M1. This unit is purchased new less than 1 year ago as SE (original, not upgrade) from authorized Bricasti dealer. This unit can be upgraded to the streaming model. Perfect condition, pet and dust free environment. This unit is in my office so no kids. Original box, remote, and documentation included. $7000 - Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees.Continental US only.
  25. hi i'm totaly confused in what i can do to improve my music quality. current situation: 2 b&w M1's (small) linked to marantz pm6004 my source is currently laptop (analog) and mp3(analog) , both with 3.5mm jack. i also have a sub, denon dsw 65 with integraded amp and with a line in and out (LFE), but i can't use it currently my main goal is to improve my source, (all my files are on laptop, external drive, mp3 player), secondly i would like to create a 2.1 setup. the solution must be flexibel, if i want to replace my m1's with a 685 or q300 or other bookshelf speakers. how would you handle this situation? budget is important, and i i'm not in a hurry to finish this .....situation ps. would you recommend buying a SECONDHAND hi end dac? or cd player? thank you , pls HELP
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