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Setting Up the Monitor

Dell™ SX2210T Flat Panel Monitor User's Guide

  Connecting the Monitor

  Organizing Your Cables

  Attaching the Soundbar (Optional)

Connecting Your Monitor

CAUTION: Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the Safety Instructions.
NOTE: USB uplink cable needs to be connected for touch function; intergrated camera and microphone to work.

To connect your monitor to the computer:

  1. Turn off your computer and disconnect the power cable.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable, white (digital DVI-D), or blue (analog VGA) display connector cable to the corresponding video port on the back of your computer. Do not use all the cables on the same computer. Use all of the cables only when they are connected to different computers with appropriate video systems.

Connecting the Blue VGA Cable

Connecting the White DVI Cable

Connecting the HDMI Cable


NOTE: The graphics are used for the purpose of illustration only. Appearance of the computer may vary.

Connecting the USB Cable

After you have completed connecting the DVI/VGA/HDMI cable, follow the procedure below to connect the USB cable to the computer and complete your monitor setup:

  1. Connect the downstream USB connector (cable supplied) to an appropriate USB connector on your computer.
  2. Connect USB peripherals to the upstream USB connectors on the monitor.
  3. Plug the power cables for your computer and monitor into a nearby outlet.
  4. Turn on the monitor and the computer.
    If your monitor displays an image, installation is complete. If it does not display an image, see Solving Problems.
  5. Use the cable holder on the monitor stand to organize the cables.

Organizing Your Cables


After attaching all necessary cables to your monitor and computer, (see Connecting Your Monitor) use the cable management slot to organize all cables as shown above.

Attaching the Soundbar (Optional)

NOTICE: Do not use with any device other than the Dell Soundbar. 

To attach the soundbar:

1. Working from the back of the monitor, attach Soundbar by aligning the two slots with the two tabs along the bottom of the monitor.
2. Slide the Soundbar to the left until it snaps into place.
3. Connect the Soundbar with the DC power connector from the Soundbar Power adapter.
4. Insert the mini stereo plug from the back of the Soundbar into the computer's audio output jack.

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