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  1. Furutech had IEC inlet but without switch button.... https://www.partsconnexion.com/cgi-bin/sc/productsearch.cgi?search_field=IEC inlet
  2. Hi! Does someone heard or verified when the new version (not an update) of Euphony will be out? Thanks
  3. I’ve this set and plus Jcat Net Xe with Sablon net cable too - fantastic results - no issues....
  4. Maybe I messed something in the thread prior, but I think this is have some benefits if using both 8 and 4 wire connection from Taiko, if 8 ESP comes from external LPS here is possible misbalance power applying, no?
  5. I thought You need it for adding to pipe holder (like I did). sorry for misunderstanding . .
  6. I started to feed HDPlex 800 with 200 ac-dc while I was on build my SJ based DIY LPS.
  7. Try this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000107291369.html I ordered this and modded , a bit ugly - but working:)
  8. Hi! After one month and a half of break in on my shelf:) Today I’m finally mounted Taiko ATX on my PC. Taiko atx took place instead of my HDPlex 800, that work couple of month and I really liked the sound till Taiko comes... Mmm... It’s just better, really it’s not my “new toy placebo effect comes out”, improvement was reported here not once, but now I can say it too - straight out the PC starts sounding more airy (I was missed it a bit), deeper clearer, stage came forward. Can’t tested it really in a deep way and surely here is some break in, but for this moment I’m really like an love the result. Some pics added.
  9. Updated right now... so far so good:) actually very hoped that it’ll really fix temperature capturing of my Ryzen- but it doesn’t meanwhile...
  10. Thank You! i see it showing now a right pcm.
  11. It’s 8080, not 8089 see prints from the guide please
  12. First worked for me perfectly (it also written on Euphony manual)
  13. OK... tried some M tracks , but still 16... possibly not all M tracks are 24... Thanks in advance for some instant suggestion (Tidal link) to the “right” M track:)
  14. Great, it means that in case of M album You should see another pcm value on stylus, or this is only “feeling”?
  15. Thanks for info! regarding Tidal site there are only two general types Premium and HiFi, that including Master (if I understand it correct) - to this one I was updated. https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003662825-Subscription-Types
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