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  1. When I asked Larry (HDPlex) about ATX mounting, he said that it's better secure ATX module straight on the chassis surface for better heat release,
  2. Really good question.... what is all this hobby about:) Tons of money and efforts to spend , really why? Enough smartphone and kits earbuds - e voila- music is here, but when once my daughter closed her ears and ask me what a garbage is it that music that she love came from noisy speaker - I understood why:)
  3. I’m with USB XE and Net XE rules by Euphony from times of Net XE release - all work for me without any issues.
  4. I think not, but I’m on a “part” of putting powering modules as far as possible:) But where this not applicable... Anyway it’s not a problem to tap new holes, I asked Larry and he was admitted. Finally this is a DIY project. I sent him this pic and maybe in the next H5 gen it’ll be get place. After all I decided to increase side plates of H5 and mount 800 straight on the bigger front panel. But this is really job to do.
  5. Hello! in H5 is no predrilled holes for 800, and You should drill them. A bit issue that 800 in H5 case sit too close to MB (Asus ROG in my case).
  6. Hello! I'm glad to share that now I'm happy owner of DC3 5 rail PSU by DIY parts from Sean Jacobs! First at all I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sean Jacobs for his wonderful product and for his enormous support, help and patience to my endless questions Also, I want to THANK at @Elan120 for his support, hints and again for patience to me  and of course many THANKS goes to @Nenon without his great thread this project surely wasn’t comes to life, so THANK YOU ALL and here is my story (sorry for my English). Well, my old audio PC ruled by Euphony OS starts to show signs of retir
  7. Have a question: unfortunately Euphony OS meanwhile not supporting temperature monitoring of the AMD Ryzen (my MB is an Asus ROG Crosshair VII), so is here some way/trick to monitoring temperature externally(some small external display/panel that can duplicate on board status diodes)? To load Win OS with monitoring software this is too annoying and not comfortable of course. Thanks
  8. On my 5 outputs PSU (by SJ) I’m using as follow: 600VA "Supreme" toroidal transformer from Toroidy, with five outputs for 20VDC 5A, 12VDC 10A and 3x5VDC 3A. Power rating: 600VA core size Primary: 0-230VAC @ 50Hz Secondaries: 1x 0-20VAC @ 8A 1x 0-16VAC @ 14A 3x 0-9VAC @ 8A
  9. Great news @Nenon, if that so, can You please share final dimensions (H:D:W) and would be the holes the same as on HDPlex?
  10. Yes, I know and my MB have two m.2 direct cpu slots, but one is for boot (Euphony) and second if for ssd with music library, in case and ssd will full - PCI is an option.
  11. Hi! Just curious if using this adapter with M.2 ssd - will perform good or better to avoid it? I think this anyway better than external or sata option, but I want get a best performance and SQ as possible, so if here is some suggestions - many thanks!:) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WQ447MN/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=AN43ZP96D1535&psc=1 Intel Optane PCI ssd is abnormally expansive for now:)
  12. Just reporting-:) I’m with ER for one week now and out of the box Tidal starts play real music! Amazing! To be honest I was a bit sceptical (in general about switches etc.) that it can bring improvement when actually everything from streaming services first downloading to memory buffer and than playing from there... but... ER make magic... Thank You!!! My net pass: Fiber Internet Receiver-Transmitter->Router(supplied by provider)->(regular cat6 cable) LinkSys switch->(Supra cat8 diy cable)->UpTone EtherRegen->Sablon 2020 cable->Jcat XE net ca
  13. Well, thank You! I’ve got today Oyaide P-079/C-079 plugs and Oyaide EE/F-S 2.0 V2 cable, that I suppose to use as main power cable from wall (Oyaide R-0) outlet to my power filter. Will see what improvement it’ll bring, it’s also interesting Idea try it on PC too. will report and thanks all for answers and suggestions.
  14. I’ve a question regarding AC power cords that better to use with PC and external supply like SJ. I understand a huge importance and influence of power and cabling on SQ and using in my setup a really good and not a cheap cables with all audio component, but here I’m actually not sure what cable to use - some “good” brand or DIY one? Some suggestion what cable work better with Yours setups will help:) Thanks!
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