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  1. Hi! IS there a good DAP that has a variable line out plus remote control? If not I would like to use a good lightweight dac + SD card transport. No, I don't like chord dacs (Hugo 2 obvious choice but I find it boring with time) Thanks!
  2. I want a brighter than neutral DAC but by forward I mean the placement of instruments. Many components let the music play behind the speaker. I want the instruments in front of the speakers. I want to be on the stage or in the 1st row at least. I have done all the measures for acoustic room treatment. I know there are differences in DACs. Please recommend one if you know one.
  3. up to 3k used. Volume Control, Remote and XLR needed. Like to have a brighter than neutral sound signature. Thanks!
  4. Any comparison to resonessence Invicta Mirus or Resolution audio cantata ?
  5. Hi! I would like to know about the sound differences primarily between Resonessence Invicta Mirus (how is the digital preamp?) Resolution Audio Cantata MC 2.0 (confirm upnp capability and the pre is analog?) but it also in comparison to one of the newer Metrum converters (ONYX JADE ADAGIO PAVANE) LINN DS streamers (Klimax / akurate) For redbook only, used as DAC/PRE in a speaker setup. tonality bright neutral warm thin or full bodied prat timing imaging soundstage narrow wide close far dynamics Thanks!
  6. Hi! Initial reports indicate that the Jade / onyx is on the softer warmer side. Can you confirm this? I am looking for the opposite: Bright, lively, immediacy for my warm sounding speakers. Any recommendations? R2R including non digital volume control and remote ??? up to 4k used
  7. Too expensive Although extremely hard to get where I live, i will look at Benchmark DAC 3 + microrendu Resonessence Mirus (like the SD card simplicity and the apple remote) Tweaking the Klimax with Cables, power cords and conditioning (tips welcome)
  8. I would like to add: Mostly redbook, Device must have XLR output and a preamp As this is my travel system the device including transport and psu should be lighter than 10kg.
  9. I have a linn Klimax Ds1 renew now and I am looking for a brighter & faster more detailed device with great soundstaging, timing and imaging. Front row presentation.
  10. Thanks Rpi is a great idea, but can a Linux greenhorn install and tweak the software within 1 day? (I would use minimserver) What the have read on forums so far. Most Linn / Naim people use a LPSU powered switch as last device before the Streamer. It should be within 1m of the Streamer (short cable) on an anti vibration platform. A good budget psu is friwo mpp15 (better than Ifi ipower) The netgear gs108 or gs108t is the very best cheap switch (no not gs105 or others, all tested) there are audiophile tweaked versions from ppa and aqvox available. The most important Ethernet cable is the one that goes into the Streamer. The top 3 budget Ethernet cables are 1. Supra cat8, 2. Chord c-stream, 3. AQ cinnamon For everything else a cheap MicroConnect SSTP CAT6 WHITE LSZH SSTP603W is recommended. Asus and netgear routers seem popular. Some use the router as nas and disable the wifi part and use a separate wap instead. The best storage is battery powered and 1. Cf card, 2. Sd Card, 3. Ssd, 4. HDD I am not sure if that is only applicable to USB streaming yet. I guess I could try a Rpi as Nas with wifi disabled, 512 gb SD card, into a gs108 switch + asus Router, all friwo powered. My question would be if a audiophile switch would clear everything before and I could use a Nas-capable all in one router like Synology rt1900ac? When Nas, Router and Streamer are connected to a switch, does the data from the Nas ever go through the router or will it go directly from the Nas to the Streamer?
  11. Hi, I have got a Linn DS network Streamer + iPad and I need a new network setup. I am looking for a Nas or nano pc - fanless with Single ssd or sd Card (SD supposed to be superior and 512GB is fine for me), backup with external usb3.0 HDD. What CPU speed and ram would be the minimum? Which Nas or barebone pc? Switch? Cables, filters, PSU? If possible I would like the setup to be as small and light as possible with as few boxes and cables as possible and battery power or audiophile smps (100-240v, I travel a lot), with the best possible sound for 500$ I am sure some devices sound better than others. Sound wise I am leaning more in the direction of fast, detailed, big soundstage than warm and analogue. Please share your knowledge Thank you all. My spec based search so far , any good? Synology EDS14 NAS - could be battery powered and has SD cardreader 512mb ram and Marvell Armada 370, 1.20GHz Singlecore CPU, 2x GB LAN so no Switch required? + Router or Qnap qgenie, battery powered, 800mhz single core, ram 64MB DDR, 16MB Flash, 32GB SSD, 512gb SD Card, 1x LAN + switch + Router Or zotac ci323 nano barebone pc with 4gb RAM and 1.6ghz quadcore cpu, 2x GB LAN + 512gb SD Card, Router + psu, audiophile Ethernet card? Audiophile OS? audiophile optimizer? Or Synology rt1900ac Router with Nas function, 512mb ram, 1ghz Dual Core , 512GB SD card, direct to Streamer, but I guess the wifi part would not be good?
  12. I have found a budget voltage regulator https://www.amazon.de/APC-Automatic-Voltage-Regulator-1200VA/dp/B0000C88CR/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477209396&sr=8-1&keywords=APC+le1200 For individual filtering I might try lessloss firewall v2 - many positive reports from devialet users Still, if one finds a lightweight (under 5kg) budget all in one solution - please report!
  13. I have 2 studio monitors and a streamer, all with smps, and very power consumption, like under 30 watt each. Smps devices pollute the power system so one needs power socket / Filter with individual filtering for each socket. I am interested in surge and spike protection to prevent the smps from running hot (we have a lot of Voltage variation here). The filtering / protection must be very sensible cause smps devices need instant current and usually sound less dynamic with filters. Any advice? Would like to stay below 700 stones... (European devices preferred, I have schuko plugs)
  14. Has anyone tried the Auralic Aries LE + a cheap battery psu that puts out 16V via DC-DC conversion like: Anker® Astro Pro2 20000mAh Multi-Voltage Portable: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
  15. Can I use my Jriver macbook with music on the system sad and stream it via a router to the sms-100? Will a chord hugo work with it? Should I use an additional USB-SPDIF converter with it (no galvanic isolation in the chord hugo) Is it as good as a CAPS or Aries?
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