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  1. Agreed. I'll use Pandora to spin up background music and MOG for curated. MOG's quality sounds good on my system - given that they're 320kb mp3s..
  2. It works great and makes it easy to play mog through browser when I want to sample new releases.
  3. They've offered refunds before... This one apparently didn't take as much noise to get to as others, but the pattern is clear.
  4. I noticed some of your scrobbles show additional detail in the album field [Album: Meet Me In London (24 bit / 192 kHz Super Hi Def Edition Naim Label)]. <br /> <br /> Are you manually entering that when you rip or is there a way in db poweramp to autopopulate the additional data into the album name? <br /> <br /> Thanks.
  5. I read somewhere that it does - so I grabbed it too - but with the speakers in most phones being what they are i'm not sure I gain much.
  6. Server runs great but display is doa. I'm running headless with gizmo to control and hd streamer for overall remote management so it's not a showstopper but would be nice to get it working....
  7. I think the issue is the standby 5 volt on the VFD. I tried modifying and pulling from the jetway power harness but it didn't work. I'm going to ask my resident computer guru to see if he can figure it out but haven't had a chance yet.
  8. and if I recall it wasn't very pretty.You might do a site search.
  9. Can you share approx how much capacity is left on the SSD after installing Windows and the J River app? <br /> <br /> I'm thinking about trying a variation on your build using a HDD/Synapse Cache combination (inspired by the S10 review and their approach to avoiding NAS) but not sure a 64GB Synapse Cache SSD would have sufficient space left with the OS/J River software on it to cache music during a regular listening session - or if I'd have to go to a 128GB SSD.<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Mitch
  10. Thanks - wasn't sure if it was a performance/sonic situation vs technical abilities.
  11. I know when you released the CAPS 2.0 build specs, you felt Linux wasn't quite ready for use as the OS. Has your opinion changed based on the S10's use of it? I'm planning a build and wondering if Windows is still the way to go. <br /> <br /> Thx for the great review.
  12. http://shop.smallgreencomputer.com/CAPS-20-CAPS.htm
  13. They usually go on sale over weekend so I think the timing has caught folks off guard. I'm not affiliated with them in any way - just sipping the Barrows Kool-Aid...
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