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  1. Congrats on new speakers. I’ve been on a similar journey. I have cycled thru Magnepan 20.7, Magico S5, various Raidho speakers, etc. The speaker I have owned and kept is the TAD CR1 mkii. I had it listed for sale to downsize but this last week I received from Japan a Zanden 6000 amp. The two together create music on par with angels singing in heaven. Prior I found the TADs highly revealing but in a “must keep the volume low” to appreciate everything else they did well. The Zanden changed all that. Instantly the listening session became a spiritual experience. Like the one or two times in my life I have listened to music and was TRANSPORTED almost out of body lost in the music kind of way. I get the TADs now. I understand them. When placed and paired appropriately they sing. I hope you find this with your Wilson’s. Get lost in the music.
  2. I have a Berkeley Reference DAC (being upgraded to series 2) along with Alpha USB. Fed into ARC Ref 6 to Luxman M800A monos driving Magnepan 20.7 and TAD CR1. Looking for a digital server to help my digital compete with my Spiral Groove SG1.2 + Goldfinger. Was going to purchase Aurender or Auralic but am open to AA dmp1 (still have the original AA digital preamp from 1990s). However it is unclear when/how to secure a dmp1. Pls advise.
  3. I missed your most important contribution: In any case enjoy. It is a great thing when you can truly enjoy your music which is what it is all about.
  4. We each have different ears and listening preferences, and the S5s are certainly appealing to a very wide range of listeners, so they are the cup of tea for many. Being happy with my S5s and knowing I have an aspirational speaker of the same DNA is completely different than cycling thru speakers. Seems you have an axe to grind even with those who are happy with Magico sound.
  5. Excellent article. I do believe Magico is creating great value for the price. More importantly, Mr. Wolf is saving me time and money since I am no longer cycling through speakers...buying, selling, auditioning. I have had the S5 speakers for over a year and am happier with them today than the day I bought them. Previously I owned monitors, floorstanders, Maggies and various other speakers...always appreciating the one or two strengths each brought to the party (e.g., wall of sound and speed of a Maggie, dynamics and imaging of a box speaker), but never really getting lost in the music. The Magico S5 speakers paired with Constellation Centaur amp, with ARC reference preamps fed with good vinyl upstream, makes for listening sessions where I am focused on the music and not the gear. And always a little startled by the sheer degree of the S5's finesse, detail, engagement, extension, power, dynamics, spaciousness, etc. The S5s are only fully brought to life with the right ancillary gear feeding into them - I've tried 4-5 different tube and solid state amps and preamps, and the Constellation amp paired with ARC tube preamps is the ticket for me. Recently I tried the little Air Tight ATM-2 80 wpc tube amp paired with the matching ATC-2 preamp, and was blown away with the quality of that sound as well. #2 best sounding pairing behind the Constellation/ARC combo. So, I was pleased to know tube gear could also bring the mighty Magicos to potential. I have nothing but gratitude and admiration for Mr. Wolf and the rest of the Magico crew. Well done. One day I hope to have the Q7s...something to aspire to. BTW, I have no affiliation to anyone or any company...just to my ears and my wallet.
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