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  1. Googled RAAL SrXX and got interesting results.
  2. I used those instruction too. Had one screw that did not want to come out easily. Just take your time. The upgrade is well worth doing yourself.
  3. Would it be hard to have a way to view all new from the main page?
  4. Congrats, curious to see what you think. My install went smoothly after referring to this thread. https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/schiit-yggdrasil-gen-5-usb-upgrade-instructions.4842/
  5. I enjoyed listening to that interview. Thanks
  6. I hope they included something in addition to USB. My Yggy USB port has been spoken for.
  7. Oh please, BJ cables makes good quality cables at a reasonable prices.The new stuff is a separate thing, they even brand it differently.
  8. Added Saffron to the Trader Joe's list today.
  9. I'm getting back to my old vinyl from the 70 & 80". Sold the 70's Thorens 145 MkII. Played with and just sold a Music Hall mmf 1.5. Now enjoying a beta Schiit SOL. I love tweaking it and can spend an hour happily playing with adjustments. When I play my wife's original copy of the The Wild & Innocent & E Street Shuffle that is something special. Some of the old albums sound like crap but there are a few gems in there. I'm really enjoying J.S. Ondara on vinyl. Records are once again a part of our listening routine.
  10. I'd remove them and gently plug it in. If there is a gap then reinstall the appropriate washers
  11. 1.No, issue at all. Just moved on to a different setup 2.Yes. I have the original box and manuals.
  12. Is all this stuff really meant to make us all fearful?. Get us to tow the line.
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