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  1. 1.No, issue at all. Just moved on to a different setup 2.Yes. I have the original box and manuals.
  2. Is all this stuff really meant to make us all fearful?. Get us to tow the line.
  3. Eno & The Winkies - Baby's On Fire (Peel Session)
  4. UltraCap LPS-1 & ISO Regen. Both in very good condition. Includes USPCB A>B adapter. $500 + shipping Paypal
  5. Glad, I'm not the only one. I will miss his take. We need more not less various opinions.
  6. https://www.rawstory.com/2019/07/new-orleans-funk-icon-and-co-founder-of-the-neville-brothers-art-neville-dies-at-81/ He will be missed.
  7. I'm from Boston. I still hate that song. I grew up (almost) in Boston listening to WBCN. They and everyone else played the shit out of it. Makes me want to puke every time I hear it. Sorry.
  8. I have a similar setup. Occasionally the Uptone will drop. On my Yggy the sample rate lights will turn off but the power and input lights stay on. It happens so seldom I've yet to trouble shoot it.
  9. Maybe I listen too much but I now have the playlist pretty much memorized. For me the most annoying thing is when the stream stops and needs to be refreshed.
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