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  1. I've heard the stock unit and the Modwright Sony HAP--Z1ES quite a few times in a good friends system. Dan's mod gives the player a nice analog sound with some of the digital glare of the stock unit removed.
  2. I have been using the ultraRendu and CI Audio power supply with great success for the last couple weeks.
  3. Hi.... I know the thread is old but is your Prologue 5 still available? Thanks.... Richard...


    Oops.. I see the other thread... sorry... disregard.

  4. I own both the Mofi's and the APO Stevie boxset. IMHO, the APO Stevie set beat the Mofi's.
  5. Dan Wright clearly states on his website what mods he is making to the Sony. I have no doubt that his modded Sony will easily compete with the Lumin and Linn network streamers. Do you have an experience with any of the modded players or nodders your judging?
  6. The 105D will do DSD via the Asynchronous USB, but not the 105. You can stream DSD via SMB, or play DSD via a USB flash drive. Both sound great.
  7. No, the unit was sold yesterday morning.

  8. Still available

  9. No, it has been sold.

  10. Hi is the primaluna still available?

  11. For sale is my Prologue 5 tube stereo amplifier. The amp comes with the original tubes, which only have about twenty hours on them. Amp is in perfect condition, and has performed flawlessly for three years. The amp comes with original box, tube cage, power cord and directions. Specifications Output: 36 watts x 2 Freq. Response: 20Hz-85kHz +/- .5dB THD: Less than 1 percent at full power S/N Ratio: 89dB Input Sensitivity: 775mV Input Impedance: 100k Ohms Power Consumption: 210 watts Dimensions: 11" x 7.5" x 15.5" (WxHxD) Weight: 37.5 lbs Inputs: 1 pair RCA Outputs:
  12. Item has been sold. Please close this thread. Thank you.
  13. I have for sale a 2.0M Cardas Clear USB cable. Price is $100.00 plus shipping. Thank you for looking.
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