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  1. I am an ADI 2 DAC user for a year. I use Aurdivana on a DELL and send the sound to a mR(with Uptone ULTRACAPs) which is then connected with a Uptone USPCB A>B to ADI 2 DAC. I am upscaling in Audirvana and the dac understand whatever comes. Not many words from, it just sounds FANTASTIC!
  2. I wonder if it will be possible to use the new etherREGEN in a Merging Ravenna system, AES67 standard? I have ordered a MERGING ANUBIS DAC and will use AUDIRVANA as player.
  3. I think Audirvana plus for windows 10 will see the Anubis on your ethernet, well thats what I hope - can anybody here confirm?
  4. Thanks a lot Ferenc for your findings! If you compare the Adi 2 with its nice preamp feature against the Hapi also with its own preamp, what to you think then of SQ from the two? kind of same?
  5. Hi Ferenc I would be very pleased to hear about your findings when comparing the RME ADI2 DAC and the HAPI? As I will have a setup change from stereo to stereo plus stereo subs. Thanks!
  6. 1 qobuz hirez 24/192 2 3D labs nano dac se 3 microRendu
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