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    Warning on Chesky Records Issue

    Hi There DH, still no response from Chesky records.Emails still bounce back and I have been unable to reach anybody on the phone.Money still out of my bank account, have lodged a fraud dispute with my bank, however they are unable to contact Chesky as well.What a disgrace.I can not believe Chesky have not even bothered to respond.
  2. Vvd

    Warning on Chesky Records Issue

    Thank you for your info on credit card practices in the USA. In this case the money was physically drawn from the card more than a month ago. I suspect this will be resolved soon due to the reaction on this site.
  3. Vvd

    Warning on Chesky Records Issue

    Thank you very much, I appreciate that.I am sure they will respond now and resolve the issue.
  4. Vvd

    Warning on Chesky Records Issue

    Thank you for your comments.I have tried multiple times to email them at the address they provided with my order, as well the [email protected] adress and I have also completed their enquiry form online multiple times.All emails are rejected or bounce.I have also edited the topic as suggested.
  5. I purchased some discs from Chesky Records in September and received no product.They did however remember to debit my credit card.I have been unable to contact them as all their email addresses bounce back.I have found a few others that have had a similar experience.Are there any users on Computer Audiophile that have had the same problem?
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