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  1. +1 It would be great to share more actual experiences, fully in the spirit of this topic. Ps. I very much like reading along in this topic, but I’m holding back to start building a server myself. With the ‘bits and pieces’ of information I personally find it hard to determine (1) a proper HW/SW configuration, (2) how the sum would perform SQ-wise and (3) if I’m capable to build the project. Personally I think it would be great when C.A.P.S. would get some kind of a revival, where one or a couple of proven setups are shared in former C.A.P.S. style, ie ranked on SQ/budget or required DIY skill level. I reckon it could be very informative, lower the threshold and could even create a common ‘AS benchmark’, at the same I realise it’ll take a considerable amount of time.
  2. Just to mention, the first link now contains updated information.
  3. Great find C2U, good that the Xeon family get nucked. In the attachment a ‘Business NUC’ is mentioned, also with a free slot for an additional card?? (I’m not to sure if this is very different than the current NUC’s)
  4. Sorry to hear that Michael, welcome in the club 😕
  5. Imho this forum just isn’t a store where you can ‘demand’ after sale service. Please be happy with the answers people give you in their spare time. About 2 hours ago Nenon gave you a great answer, if want more, please use search
  6. Thanks John, Endpoint on opposite of the rest, appreciated and all clear!
  7. Hi Alex, Thanks for being so informative, the EtherRegen is keen product for sure. As the ER is designed symmetrical, I’m wondering: When connecting the ER between Server, Endpoint and switch/NAS, a double moat crossing can be achieved. Would this be beneficial? (Double treatment??) Reason I ask: SOtM and Paul Pang claim a double box or dual switch respectively increases SQ. Perhaps a similar effect can be achieved within one ER, thanks to the symmetrical design (or am I just talking complete rubbish? 😉 )
  8. Farad power supplies have their new site up and running, which includes an interesting ‘future developments’ category: https://faradpowersupplies.com/shop/en/content/12-future-developments
  9. FredM

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Haha, you must have had a deja vu when your setup increased with 5 boxes at once 🙂. Good to see a Pink Faun Network card is in the pipeline, nice! It would sure declutter things and very likely sound better than the D-Link/OP14/PSU’s/..
  10. Hi Simon, Your post is halve NL / Eng, I’ll try to help: According to the power input specs the Zen Mini requires (one) 12V/5A. I believe the LPS 1.2 produces max 1.2 A, so I doubt one LPS 1.2 would be sufficient. I don’t know how you want to connect two LPS’s with the Mini. Cheers, Fred
  11. FredM

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Hi flkin, can you share which switch you use? I wonder if you also have considered an internal (clocked) network card? (powered by the 2.16 or with a external psu, I.e. JCAT NET).
  12. The person behind TLS could be the nicest person alive in a private situation, but we’re not talking about a person here.. We’re sharing experiences about a company who sells multi thousand dollar equipment to customers worldwide. During the sales process false promises and claims are made about the OneServer, which reach the surface now. Using the forum search other TLS products are apparently also sold with false claims: - Regarding the TLS OCXO switch it was stated by TLS that the complementary TLS PSU was a perfect match, designed for the switch => comparisons with other PSU’s -also quite regular PSU’s- proved wrong - The Reference 1 PSU should be better than the SR7 => based on an one-2-one comparison this was also proved wrong (after this finding TLS still told me the Reference 1 is better) Regardless of specific products, imho overall TLS sells its products with way too much ‘confidence’ which they’re not able to achieve: regarding a reliable ETA and quality (which appears to vary). That said, I truly hate to see the level of disrespect to its customers. What on earth was the person thinking while sending the earlier seen OneServers to its customers?
  13. Given the awful build of the OneServer Ricones has received, the contrast of the TLS products are remarkable. I even wonder if the products Austinpop as a reviewer / opinion leader- received are similar to products customers have received, as if they are sonically talking about two different products: Austinpop wrote positively about the DS-1 “Great as that NUC sounded, the DS-1 sounds significantly better. The improvements are exactly what I have heard with clock improvements before. Clearly the OCXO is the reason for the bulk of this improvement.” Ricones says his DS-1 sounded “really bad: flat sound full of digital haze, very difficult to listen to more than several seconds.” We’re not talking about nuances here, it just doesn’t add up. (I also noticed that Austinpop’s DS-1 review sample was shipped in a nice yellow case, Ricones received his totl OneServer in a black case, with yellow tape, I admit). Hopefully Adrian/TLS has an explanation on this and the other issues in this topic.
  14. Essential typo: the first three ‘Adrian’s’ mentioned above, should have been Austinpop I can’t edit a post, so I’ll repost with the names in the right places, sorry for the confusion.
  15. Oops, thanks Indeed, I meant Austinpop / Rajiv
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