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  1. if only such a device exited that would make that possible..
  2. Exactly, I wonder how some people buy their car, beer, coffee, etc.. 🤔
  3. In October a similar switch measurements are performed on Alpha Audio with a similar test outcome (a). But... Last weekend a blind test with 7 switch scenarios (not the EtherRegen) is performed by Alpha Audio using a panel with 9 random readers of the site, result show that a difference is audible (b). Google translated summary: ”As you can see the differences are small. But not to be ignored. A good switch brings an audible difference in tranquility and sophistication. But…. make sure your set - and acoustics - is in order. Only then does it make sense. If the basis is not good, we strongly recommend that you first arrange it. That also applies to cables, by the way.” So I’m afraid the test you mention only tells half the truth. Do you know if a (random panel) blind test is being organised, to also have practical (actual hearing) data points? I reckon it is very relevant. (When ie buying a car I would care less about the specifications, the actual experience is more important, two 180 bhp spec cars can be totally different). ps Personally I would appreciate another tone of voice in some posts (a) https://translate.google.nl/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.alpha-audio.nl%2Fachtergrond%2Fmeten-aan-een-audiofiele-switch-deel-2%2F (b) https://translate.google.nl/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.alpha-audio.nl%2Freview%2Fzeven-switches-voor-streaming-audio-getest-blind%2F
  4. “ On Saturday 30 November 2019 we held a switch test at Alpha Audio with ten readers. Blind ... This purely to determine whether readers can hear a difference and if there is a difference, how they are valued compared to a normal standard switch. “ One room, two reader groups, seven tested scenarios: Silent Angel Bonn N8 Ansus PowerSwitch Meraki 8-port managed Netgear GS724T v3 Fiber converter SOtM sNH-10G Fidelizer EtherStream (Unfortunately one reader -with his switch- couldn’t attend) Videos on: https://translate.google.nl/translate?hl=&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.alpha-audio.nl%2Fachtergrond%2Flive-stream-alpha-switch-test%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2lbHam7scUs2A2cZBUGIspilJNSmxMmzbH-AlJkj6BRmv9REjeMqWI1mc The preliminarily results are interesting, to say the least. More details next week.
  5. 10 minutes to go! https://www.alpha-audio.nl/2019/11/alpha-audio-switch-test-met-live-stream/?fbclid=IwAR0ckHGuqvi8iTBWpwfgSm3_vupb6-L4SY0Av_z6G4u3jUK_DkjdxU_Xmsg
  6. The Fidelizer on the ~10 unit switch test tomorrow, more info:
  7. I don’t know (based on the info on the website and FB), it would be great if an unit would be available.
  8. As always opinions will vary on a test setup, no matter how the test is performed (the same opinions don’t seem to apply on individual testing/reviewing at home..) Personally I’m thankful and find it great that this test is being organised (glass more than half full!)
  9. Just to share: this Saturday ~10 switches will be used for a double blind test. Live stream and article will appear later. More info (translate from Dutch): https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.nl&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://www.alpha-audio.nl/2019/11/alpha-audio-switch-test-met-live-stream/%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0kcAn2I0JCe2hLnKkl8q4kFlzC6wdpEo7o0wJQOcM69SuXwp78wbaDWdI&xid=17259,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265,15700271,15700283&usg=ALkJrhh2x3O9_o14ThVTKVTRgWnJhRBTJg Edit: You can find some additional background information on the test here:
  10. I understand it’s all cumulative, but I wonder if front-end priorities are changing now that clocked switches appeared on stage (especially the EtherREGEN). Suppose a budget of ‘10 tokens’, where to invest for the best bang for buck? In other words, is the order of importance changing upstream? (hope this better explains the question).
  11. When the EtherREGEN is directly connected with the streamer/endpoint, does the EtherREGEN diminishes the need for a high quality server? Has someone tried the EtherREGEN on different (Roon)servers? Example (Roon)server comparisons: - Standard NAS vs AudioLinux NUC - Roon Rock NUC vs Custom build server (ie AudioLinux, ECC memory, LPSU) - etc, go get the idea ie, impact on adding the EtherREGEN (with a fictive ‘score’) Roon Rock => streamer : 60 Roon Rock => ER => streamer : 90 Custom build => streamer : 80 Custom build => ER => streamer : 95 When the need for a high quality server is diminished, the EtherREGEN could reset priorities upstream (ie ER and streamer would have priority).
  12. That’s very interesting! To understand you correctly, please elaborate on your finding: a) is the EtherREGEN better than the JCAT Net? (A vs B comparison) or.. b) does the EtherREGEN make the JCAT Net redundant (no benefit from JCAT Net with the ER in the chain) c) ..? Case (b) would be a stunning result/achievement!
  13. FredM

    NUC or Xeon

    I believe that Farad had some kind of solution mentioned under ‘future developments’. This could eliminate the weak spot. Also a multiple output PSU was mentioned. The future developments section is no longer on their site, so I don’t know the latest status.
  14. Direct link, in Dutch: https://www.alpha-audio.nl/2019/10/doe-mee-met-de-alpha-switch-test/ Also some articles about switch measurement.
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