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  1. Hi, I don’t know at which level the internal Rossini streamer plays, but you could have a look at the Grimm MU1. It would be on my list. https://www.grimmaudio.com/hifi-products/music-players/mu1/
  2. Just to share.. After positive individual experiences, the Silent Angel Bonn N8 Switch is now also wider well received: (google translate) https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=nl&sl=nl&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hifi.nl%2Fartikel%2F28188%2FReview-Silent-Angel-Bonn-N8-ethernet-switches.html
  3. Good initiative! I recognise the pattern you describe. Recently I received similar experience from a user via PM, what a mess. @The Computer Audiophile Which position do you have? You asked TLS to response, with no response till today. Given the actual experience, please clean up the false and misleading article and comments about TLS or able users to so themselves. I’ve PM you with this request before, with no answer. My guess is that AudiophileStyle members are already in this mess for more then $50.000. I would hate to see others getting in this rabbit hole due to the misleading information / comments on this site. We know better now, need to act accordingly imho. Ps. A new product appeared on the TLS website, so they are still active. First hand experience with similar setup/‘product’ is already shared here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/43611-tls-the-one-server/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-981825
  4. Be aware of dealing with The Linear Solution! You can find some first hand consumer experiences here, a must read for anyone who considers dealing with TLS:
  5. I don’t know when the Phoenix will appear in the wild. Perhaps someone knows? Looking forward to a comparison with a full blown SOtM tX USB Ultra setup (with master clock and psu’s): As the Phoenix doesn’t improve on a Statement due to the shorter signal paths/less cables as the main reason, I really wonder how this €2500 one box reclocker differs from €2500++ SOtM setup, which isn’t very cable shy. Innuos could have a real winner. Besides comparing the effect of the Phoenix at XFI, shortly the Blu MK2 was removed and added in the chain (with the Phoenix still in place). Still, take it with a pinch of salt given show conditions and a very short comparison: but imho the Phoenix had a bigger impact in the sonic presentation (also different, as they both have a specific function: reclocker/upsampler)
  6. Some other info about the Phoenix USB in other topics (reply’s from Nino): “The PhoenixUSB contains the same USB reclocker board design as the Statement plus two linear power supplies dedicated to USB, just like the Statement. On our tests, the PhoenixUSB does not improve the USB reclocker output of the Statement. In fact, there seems to be a slight degradation due to the extra cabling required. The PhoenixUSB is intended mainly for ZENith/ZENith SE users who would like to get their sound quality closer to a Statement. You can use the reclocker though with any USB output from any streamer or computer, it's not specific to Innuos.” and “There is still a difference between the ZENith + PhoenixUSB and the Statement as the Statement is more than just adding a reclocker board. Some thought the difference was considerable and others thought it was more subtle but clearly there. Do take into consideration that the SE is superior to the ZENith MK3 so it will be closer to the Statement than the ZENith. But not even theStatement board USB output connected to the PhoenixUSB sounds like the reclocked USB output of the Statement - this is where short signal paths make a difference... This is something I write based on the feedback of a few hundred visitors that heard the comparison at RMAF, X-Fi and WestDeutsche Shows. Imaintain my opinion that SE users will be very happy with theimprovement the PhoenixUSB considering the investment of getting a PhoenixUSB vs selling the SE and buying a Statement. As always, if you have the chance, have a listen for yourselves so you can make your own decision.” with:
  7. The new Innuos PhoenixUSB reclocker has been mentioned several times here on AS. I’ll try to give a brief impression. After hearing it at the XFI Show I reckon the Phoenix deserves its own topic. Please understand that show conditions apply: meaning an unknown room, components and music. Nevertheless thanks to a direct comparison with/without Phoenix a first impression is definitely possible (before the actual comparison I was the room for about 30 minutes to get familiar with the setup/room). The base setup was already quite impressive, consisting of an Innuos Zenith server, a Chord Blu MK2 (acting as a m-scaler), the Chord Dave DAC, Chord Ultima mono amps and ATC SCM (100ASLT?) speakers. During the demo @nvitorino (dis)connected the Phoenix between the Zenith and Blu MK2 back and forth. The difference using the PhoenixUSB is noticeable within a second, hands down. The pictured stage gets much wider and deeper, as if the artists are playing on a bigger podium. More 3D if you like, as if a quality wide angle less was used. I also thought the sound had a bit more punch with less decay when the PhoenixUSB was added. So yes, it made a positive impression. I also fancy the keen addition/upgrade approach, with a reclocker board, OCXO clock ánd two LPS’s in one box. It was a nice and very useful day at XFI, lots to see/hear/learn in a relaxed atmosphere.
  8. For those who won’t visit a show, here’s an impression of the Phoenix USB reclocker at RMAF:
  9. Looking forward to it this weekend, I hope the Phoenix is there also. Would be great to hear the impact it makes.
  10. Based on the topic length, the sMS-200 Ultra is older than 2 years. Are there any signs of a sMS-300? (I’ve only seen an upcoming SOtM server mentioned on AS for q3/q4)
  11. Since there is no overall Innous topic, I guess it’s best to share here: Looking forward to the Darko review
  12. +1 I’m looking forward hearing the Phoenix at X-Fi
  13. Based on the article, yes “Innuos’ latest digital audio product isn’t a server/streamer but a box that promises to elevate the sound quality of any USB source”
  14. more possibilities ahead: https://darko.audio/2019/09/innuos-to-launch-phoenixusb-re-clocker-with-a-b-demos/
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