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  1. A recent review on Stereophile, including some nice format conversion comparisons with the FPGA board (heart of the MU1). Ps. At home I even use the FPGA board for the FL and FR (active) speakers in a HT-setting 👍 (via Toslink to uncouple the HT gear with the stereo gear) CD Lossy 24/192 DSD Summary For the full review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/grimm-audio-mu1-music-streamer
  2. I can’t remember that I’ve seen an estimated release date. @[email protected], perhaps that you know something?
  3. Mid 2021 is mentioned in the interview above (in the timestamp list underneath the video there’s a shortcut: What’s next?)
  4. Perhaps techniques from the new MU2 DAC are reused in the LS1be. Interesting for sure, nice to have this upgrade option ahead, curious how it will sound 😀 Here you go, with thanks to the time stamp from @Alpha Audio😉
  5. It’s a true pleasure, the experience as I shared earlier still applies. Which reminds me, as you also use LS1be’s: Recently the Grimm LS1be were tested in a live session, together with two other active speakers (connected with a dCS front end). Great to see the reaction of the listening panel when the LS1’s played, even with goosebumps for the panel. Very familiar 😀 Here you can rewatch the session (the MU1 is also mentioned shortly) TL;DW https://www.grimmaudio.com/reviews/alpha-audio-the-ls1be-is-in-its-own-league/
  6. Indeed, synergy is key. From specs only it’s hard to predict, it’ll depend. The proof of the pudding is..
  7. In this fragment you can find an explanation what the FPGA does, and why AES-out is chosen. I don’t know how AES-96 will pair with the DAVE DAC. Indeed, the proof of the pudding is in the hearing 😀 Somehow I was quoted without typing the message 😁😁😁
  8. Everybody has their own preferences, all good Ah sorry, I was talking about the MU1 firmware https://www.grimmaudio.com/news/new-firmware-for-mu1/
  9. Personally I just love Roon, great experience and easy to have everything at the touch of my finger: Discovering new music with Roon radio, easy volume control, etc.. If Roon would impact SQ a bit (which I haven’t noticed with the MU1), I guess it would be okay given all benefits of Roon. Earlier you mentioned that you don’t fancy a product that is bound to Roon. Well, perhaps this approach is an advantage to create an optimised package. Off topic: I’m actually kinda surprised that on the WBF thread Taiko owners report such an apparently big decrease in SQ with Roon (two recent: “R
  10. Hi, given your size / decluttering preference, have you considered other options? (Antipodes, Pinkfaun,..?) If not, a straightforward route is to ask for a home audition directly. At home you can also better experience the effortlessness play of the MU1.
  11. @ASRMichael Good that you’ve found a purpose for the device. Oh boy, Adrian and TLS.. what a disrespect to its customers and complete waist of time
  12. Ah, I meant how the three speaker would compare with each other when the D&D and Grimms are connected using the digital input. (AA explained they wanted to compare apples with apples)
  13. Here you go, the summary of the event: https://alpha-audio.net/review/triple-test-high-end-studio-monitoren-met-samples-en-video/?fbclid=IwAR0_d1pBDM2sALFxYV5zotS62pUde72LKM_dFwWd6-ZhCvfiHc7vuS6gqu4 I can fully echo the experience with the D&D and Grimms, I listened both side by side at a dealer. Both excellent speakers without a doubt. I went all-in for the LS1be’s 👍, the flow and connection with the music is just stunning. Nice to see the goosebumps and emotion the panel also experienced during the session.
  14. Many thanks for setting up the session and sharing your recordings and your actual listening experience in the room! I can image it did ask for quite some preparation, using the recording studio and collaboration with two professionals. Much appreciated 👍
  15. Yes, the recordings give an impression for playback at home. With the local (your/our) system and room in the chain it’s certainly not ideal, but better then no sonic impression at all. Luckily the panel is there to share their thoughts. As I understand the analogue output is used for all speakers (as the ATC don’t have a digital input). In wonder if there would be differences when a digital signal would have been used for the D&D’s and Grimms.
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