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  1. This NSM Model 5SE speakers are in excellent overall condition. Come with grills, manuals, original box. They are an acoustically matching pair, serial numbers confirm that. My price is $200. New they were selling for $499 and they still command excellent value. The review below summarizes my impressions of them. It is hard to buy speakers of this quality now, especially SE version of Model 5 with all the upgrades. The Model 5 Signature Edition is a hot rod version of the Model 5. The cabinet is a hand rubbed white Russian Baltic birch plywood cabinet, long known for its anti-resonant properti
  2. I can see why Apple does not want to make them upgradable because previous gen will outlast current gen due to upgrade possibilities and quad core CPU.
  3. I had it for a year. It is in perfect condition. Zero problems. Sold my Fritz Reference monitors and Teac sits unused. It is $849 everywhere on the Net now my price cut makes it my loss your gain. Please see hi-res pictures for conditions. All original packaging, accessories, manuals are included. I have perfect rating on Audiogon, USAudiomart and eBay. Buyer pays actual insured shipping and PayPal fees. Please feel free to ask questions. Spec: Supports DSD 2.8/5.6MHz playback and PCM 32bit/384kHz playback (via USB) Supports PCM 24bit/192kHz playback (Coaxial) and up to 24bit/9
  4. I am selling a pair of the mint NHT SuperOne 2.1 sealed bookshelf speakers in excellent like new conditions. 6.5" paper woofers are fast and so you can listen to them without a subwoofer. I paid $310 for them. My loss is your gain. $170 + actual shipping charge. All original packaging and manuals are available. Buy with confidence, I have solid feedback on eBay and Audiogon. Specs: SuperOne 2.1 sports a 6.5" long throw pulp cone woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter. It features a lower crossover point at 2.4kHz than the original using a 12 dB/octave LP and a 18 dB/octave HP.
  5. For Late 2012 build-to-order Core i7 Quad-core MacMini A1347 , (Apple no longer makes powerful Quad-core MacMini's and this is the one, it can run Final Cut Pro without breaking a sweat, in this one you can also add memory and change SSD, not that you need to but on new ones you cannot. All upgrades are genuine Apple including SSD and upgraded 8GB of RAM and installed by factory. The price new was $1280 for it. My price is $825 + actual shipping. It is in perfect condition, see the pictures, all factory OEM boxes, manual, AC cord are provided. I take extremely good care of my equipment and thi
  6. The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Reference Monitor excellent condition in high gloss black. Only 25 hours on it. I bought them 3 weeks ago and just now got an offer to pay the deposit for the custom speakers of my dream. It will take a long time 3x the price of the Audience The One. My impressions of these speakers in nearfield with Teac 502 DAC and DSD material are just 9 of 10 and I mean it, fantastic soundstage, excellent instrument separation, precise and accurate but non-fatiguing, you can listen for hours to them on the desktop. New these speakers are $1070 with stands. I am selling
  7. Teac UD-01 does not get attention that it deserves. I do not read specs much other than features, then all of the testing is done by listening, and not those A/B tests but just sitting for hours and listening to one DAC and then another. I put Teac vs. Bitfrost vs. ODAC, vs. Emotiva via Audirvana and USB and to my ears (I have been measured recently by an audiologist to be up to 20kHz, hear violin really well), Teac has very strong emotional sound with 24-bit content. You enjoy listening to it for hours but not in the "elevator music" style listening, it pulls you in. Bitfrost is anemic, lows
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