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  1. Next time try calling your dealer, too. That's what we're here for.
  2. Aurender has had US based support for quite a while. They are prompt and helpful when your dealer is unable to help.
  3. I always thought that cover art needs to be a JPEG or similar format.
  4. Try running AMM to scan the NAS and populate the database stored in the iPad.
  5. Correct. It is an N100H with an SPDIF coax output in addition to the USB audio out. It is not on their website yet because it isn't shipping yet. The N100 page will be updated when they start shipping in a few weeks.
  6. We have a first generation iPad mini which has been replaced with a current standard size iPad. The Mini is adequate, but you might find things a little harder to tap accurately and to read. There's a lot of info on the screen.
  7. We've been enjoying our A10 in the Rosemont 3 room, including streaming Tidal MQA tracks. I spoke with the Aurender folks yesterday at length on a range of topics. Replacing hard drives in the various units is possible, but formatting them for use is reserved for dealers. It's something we can do for our customers as a service. Don't try replacing the SSD, though. The only potential advantage of a larger one is more caching capacity. You'd have to have a huge playlist to exceed the installed capacity and create the need for a hard drive to spin up. 3.5" drives (WD Red) are available in up to 10 TB size. A W20 could hold 20 TB of music, for example.
  8. Did you purchase your Aurender from Music Direct? If so, contact me via email (not PM, please) and I will see if this is feasible.
  9. No, of course they don't want you to open the unit, which voids the warranty. But some dealers should be willing and able to do the work for the original purchaser.
  10. As noted above, the hard drives in an Aurender can be replaced, but because the formatting needs to be done either by Aurender or an Aurender dealer, I suggest it's best to not open the unit but simply hand it off to the dealer along with the new drive(s) -- WD Red -- for installation and formatting. One way of restoring the music from your current drive(s) is to put them one at a time into a USB enclosure and plug that into the back of the Aurender to copy the contents to the internal drives.
  11. MQA compatibility is something for the DAC to have, not the Aurender (the Aurender A10 which has a DAC built in is MQA compatible, though). The N10 and other models can transmit MQA content to the DAC. If the DAC is MQA compatible it will be decoded as such, otherwise it will be played without being decoded.
  12. Not yet, as in the next couple of days I'll be installing the A10 and the N10 which we just received. We'll be using Shunyata digital power cords in the systems because they are heavy favorites and people keep them.
  13. As good as the N10 is, the improvements provided by the W20 are readily heard. Fuller, richer, more dynamic, better bass, bigger soundstage, etc.
  14. An Aurender music player is not an endpoint that Roon requires.
  15. The N10 hasn't existed for anywhere nearly that long. I think it's just under 2 years.
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