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  1. I had a Qobuz account for years which they changed to France when I could not download some music apparently not available in the US. I also subscribed to their Sublime + and enjoyed to find a lot of interesting music, lot in hires. I recently asked them to change the langue to English or German as my French is very lacking so the account got changed to US. Now around 40% of my favorite list is inaccessible mostly the more interesting and obscure albums. After contacting support they made 2 of these available but that is little help for my selection. So I am quite disappointed with US version of Qobuz. I just testing Amazon HD and I am not amazed by the availability of music in certain areas. Spotify has still the best catalog and maybe the best thing Amazon HD will do, is inducing Spotify to make lossless streaming available. My attempts to stream "ultraHD" have failed. Using the Amazon music app on my Mac it tells me the res of the album but refuses to play it at more than 16/44.1. And also tied to use it on my Astell&Kern but unto now it completely refused to play anything (no issues with Qobuz and Spotify)
  2. Thanks for that reply. I tried before just to change language but I think I could not figure that out with a French account. I could use Qobuz with my Innuos via Logitech media player but it is not so elegant. I had a Roon trial and using Quobuz worked great until Roon updated itself and it just did not worked never again in spite spending 2 month with Roon and Innuos support to solve that problem. I can understand that Qobuz has not the full catalog in the US but I feel the US catalog is severely dumbed down (I never thought Tidal has interesting music). I think there is since today even more pressure on smaller Streamer services, Spotify may react to Amazon by having a CD-qality or higher service.
  3. I have subscribed to Qobuz (Sublime+) and enjoyed to discover a lot of interesting music ( a lot in hires). My account was in French and I asked them to switch to English or German. So they changed my account to US and roughly 40% of my music favorites becomes unavailable (streaming and download). I contacted Qobuz and Sebastian from Qobuz helped me to get access to some of them again but I am amazed that such high percentage of albums (which are not exactly mainstream but then why you need a streaming service for the obvious) are restricted. This also makes me think that my searches will omit a lot of interesting music I could find before. Just today Amazon announced its HD service. I still have to figure out how I can use it with my equipment (Innuos Zenith) as I want to keep my computer away from my music system and test Amazon sound quality and music selections. I hope Qobuz figures out how I can access the full catalog or it will become irrelevant.
  4. I wonder how much the quality of the server makes a difference with the PhoenixUSB. I had significant issues with using Roon on my Zentih II and it may be a problem with Roon but possibly also with the processor requirements of Roon which Innuos can not fully meet. So would be servers like Roon Nucleus+ with the PhoenixUSB completive with the Innuos servers?
  5. There are a lot of SD players. I built one from a SD trans 384 board and it sounds better than my Innuos Zenith II but it such a pain to know on which card is which album that I never use it now! So that issue does not disappear if you pay 180x for it!
  6. Its not quite wood but "panzerholz" a significantly compressed beechwood ply. It should increase the material cost by 200$ and the cost of a router bit.
  7. never liked Wilson, had much more respect for TAD even if they are not the newest thing
  8. I am very happy that Purifi is also considering DIY with their modules. As amp technology is advancing to very small distortion levels it may be more interesting to focus on loudspeaker distortion. Purifi shows a mid woofer and claim it is designed to reduce driver distortion. The surround has an interesting shape: half rolled forward and half back. A rolled forward surround distorts with large movement forward (and rolled back the reverse) so does this shape really remove this distortion? They also claim low magnetic distortion. Is this an iron less design?
  9. in my previous house here in California I had an ufer ground (foundation) and an additional grounding rod and it worked fine but I started to get problems over the years of extreme drought. Just watering around the foundation (not so easy with all that water restrictions) made it a little better. So ground with low resistance is what I am trying to achieve in my next house. Still wandering what is the best method. Multiple spaced ground rods (connected by high gauge wire)? Lot of rocks in the ground may make that difficult.
  10. why not "condition" the offerers? I had a simple filter parallel to my fridge and that of course did not limit the power to my audio system and all my computer stuff had its own cheap filter. In my present (intermediary) rental none of that is happening but I would like to implement that approach again!
  11. I just read some of this video got blocked https://www.analogplanet.com/content/high-end-munich-2019-day-two-coverage—even-more-turntables until sound got deleted. The music industry is your friend!
  12. Devialet has a topology which makes the filtering after the the class D stage unnecessary.
  13. I think filtering is the main issue with class D to completely surpass classical amp topologies and obviously higher frequencies are making filters easier. I am using class D to drive my woofers and therefore filter design is less of an issue but even then I can hear differences between different designs preferring Anaview AMS over Hypex. I would be very interested to try these Purifi modules!
  14. I wonder if RPG room sizer can simulate the shape of your room's ceiling (likely the most acoustically problematic part). I used several softwares to predict room acoustics recently mostly Room EQ Wizard (no Windows required) but all allow only for parallel surfaces.
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