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  1. There were a number of excellent new digital audio products at RMAF 2011 that are omitted from the above list:<br /> <br /> 1. dB Audio Labs' new battery-powered Asynchronous USB DAC; supports up to 24/192 files (debuted at RMAF)<br /> <br /> 2. The new Mach 2 Music Mac Mini OSX Lion music server running from a PI Audio BatteryBuss (that also powered the connected hard drive) (debuted at RMAF)<br /> <br /> 3. Auraliti linux-based music servers (of various types)<br /> <br /> 4. Empirical Audio Overdrive Ultra DAC (debuted at RMAF)<br /> <br /> 5. Red Wine Audio battery powered DACs (with USB input)<br /> <br /> The dB Audio Labs DAC and Mach 2 Music server ran the room that The Absolute Sound awarded Best Sound for the Money. Very interesting that all of these manufacturers get zero mention here.
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