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  1. For a special project, I would like to create a 1kHz sine wave DSD signal using a MCU (in C). Can someone give me some pointer of how best to do it? Many thanks 🙂
  2. People ask how does it sound? It actually sounded ok, better than the generic SMPS, more refine sound and less glare. But overall no match for more advance power solutions, for example the iFi iPower or ZERO-ZONE SUPER -PSU.
  3. Aqvox USB Low Noise Power Supply is just a very generic old style linear wall wart power supply, both filtering and regulator used are nothing to write home about, but it is better than generic SMPS power supply out there, so a score of 60 ? 1. 95 9V alkaline battery 2. 93 iFi iPower 9V SMPS 3. 90 ZERO-ZONE SUPER-PSU 4. 80 TeraDak TeraLink X2 5. 65 Breeze Audio DC-1 / S.M.S.L Panda dual 9V (both flawed) 6. 60 AQVOX USB Low Noise Power Supply 6. 55 Apple charger 7. 50 Xiaomi 10040mAh battery bank
  4. After this upgrade: Better ripple rejection (15dB more) Better output filtering Better transformer (better DC noise resistance) How to: Buy an Iomega ZIP Drive 15W AC ADAPTER R4W005-100 for US$10 either on ebay or google search “R4W005-100” and will come up many results, for example: http://genuine-ac-adapter.com/zip-r4w005100-ac-power-supply-charger-adapter-p-5725.html and swap the DC connector with AQVOX USB connector, then bin the AQVOX power supply? NOTE: the R4W005-100 is 120V input, so for people with 220V mains, you w
  5. I will do an Aqvox post in the next couple of days "How to improve the Aqvox?".? The simple answer is Aqvox is not really a match for iPower, but that's not the point. Something else very interesting came up during the review.
  6. I heard the Lite CT3 too, it's quite a colored phono stage IMHO, may be because it has a lot of coupling caps in the signal path (c.f. iPhono2 that is direct coupled, no coupling cap), and each additional coupling cap adds a different sound; also the MC stage was quite noisy for my taste. Comparing to the iPhono2 will be quite difficulty I would say, it's like Fish Curry vs Sashimi (I like both), the Lite CT3 is the Fish Curry, the iPhono2 is the Sashimi?
  7. I found the new iGalvanic3.0 really help with USB grounding issue, it really took the system up a few notches.
  8. We man needs toys, don't we I guess the ANC circuit inside the iSilencer clean up my PC USB ports one by one and lower the overall system noise, as all USB ports are connected to the main motherboard. But agree with you, most of the time one will be enough ...
  9. Tests all done, but didn't have time to do the write ups. For a short summary, all those small USB gadgets they all worked in various ways. Both Bonnes Note Dressing (what a name) and the AQ Jitterbug is USB2.0 device; both iFi iSilencer and iDefender is USB3.0 devices. Bonnes Notes Dressing (US$55) and the AQ Jitterbug (US$49) The 2 Bonnes Notes Dressingand the Jitterbug does make the sound a bit more organic, but not on the same class as the iSliencer (seems like their ANC actually works). I tends to prefer the BoneNote slightly more than the Jitterbug
  10. Li-Po voltage is normally 3.7-4V, in order to give a 5V output, a SMPS is needed.
  11. I sent him a few power supplies to test, he told me new tests will be up next few weeks , stay tuned
  12. I have similar experience too, USB3.0 works better than USB2.0 ports for audio (more compatible and better audio performance), even for running USB2.0 devices.
  13. I would suggests wait for the iGalvanic for normal use (basically a all-in-one USB fix), for the ultimate and cost no object people, go for the iGalvanic + micro iUSB3.0, I am awaiting the iGalvanic to be launched and will report back
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