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  1. Hi Firedog, It runs Win10, but with performance issues, not only on the video but the more I use it the more I find that it freezes every now and then for a second. When I leave the PC on overnight starts beeping about 4am... (isnt that lovely) Matrox is a very reliable video board and the Drivers are Win10 certified. I have no clue what else to do @Chris, is been asked before but, Is there a CAPS v5? 3 years is a good time for an upgrade. See reply from Support at Supermicro.
  2. Just an update in case is useful for anyone else. I flashed the BIOS to the lasted version that SuperMicro support confirmed is v3.0a. (from 2015, I asked for a BETA BIOS but got no reply yet) The 3.0a BIOS made an improvement to performance and stability for Win10x64, my motherboard is X10SLH-F revision v1.01 The problem that I am having is with J River MC still not solved and is discussed here https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,113694.msg786059.html#msg786059 Attached my own notes and photos for reference. The Intel 10
  3. Hi FireDog, Lucky you :-) your board is the 1st one on the list that is compatible, mine is the standard PIPELINE X10SLH-F (last in the screenshot) and seems is not. Great link you gave me, after a few clicks it took me to the latest version: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/26859/eng/releasenotes - pv.htm So Intel upgrade seems to support Win10 x64, the E3-1200 and C226 Chipset This is major surgery... but I probably will go for it. Any other suggestions welcome :-)
  4. Is the PIPELINE fully compatible with Win10 x64? I just upgraded from Win7 Pro x64 and I am having a lot of issues... then I see that the C226 chipset for the X10SLH-F in not ticked compatible (see link and screenshot below) http://www.supermicro.com/support/resources/OS/C226.cfm If so, is there a firmware/BIOS upgrade available? Thanks
  5. Thanks guys! Sorry for the late reply :-) @Jay yes i do look at the room and treatment as well as speaker placement. I got jim's get better sound book and dvd, highly recommended @firedog ATC SM-25 look great not a single distributor in Australia has them in stock :-( I am leaning towards the KEF LS-50 Anniversary with a classe 5.1 multichannel power amp They are small and coaxial supposed to be best for near field Ive listen the Magies 3.7 they are a soft beauty ideal for analog and voice. I do a lot of electro
  6. Is there any indication if mch DSD playback will be later available in the Mytek 8x192 DAC? Timeframe? It would be nice to have 5.1 and 2 spare channels for a dedicated headphone amp
  7. Ted, One more big thank you for doing this! U already have a proof of concept working! Now with proper clocking and fine tuning is becoming a great DSD dream come true. I am looking forward to your progress and the reaction from other manufacturers. U are making a bit if history on mch DSD! Cheers
  8. In doing that the DSD will be lost to PCM? I remember that Flac can be the "containner" of DTS but not sure about DSD If it holds DSD that will make flac much more atractive for tagging etc
  9. Thanks Tailspn, After I wrote my previous post I started thinking about what u exactly said, thanks for that. I am upgrading Amp-Speakers as well, for which we are not waiting for a new mile stone :-) I will re-focus on Speakers now and Hopefully is a matter of months for the DAC. Then the rest of the industry follows to support DSD more. Cheers,
  10. Thanks guys, very clean explanation sadly its wait time then for me. :-) I rather get something that plays every format, no that i have to switch the output to send DSD then back to PCM
  11. Well, it looks like the Myteck 8x192 is a clear winner. It does DSD and PCM just $3500, it's it that easy? Would this audio chain work? Windows 7x64 PC ISO DSD64/128 SACD file (effectively should play anything like DVD-A ISO and FLAC) Foobar with DSD plug to ASIO Lynx Driver installed Lynx Studio Technology AES16e (does the Lynx card break DSD in to PCM?, then I need to go Firewire to bypass and keep DSD) DB25 to DB25 (EAS/EBU, need to check pinouts?) Myteck 8x192 DB25 to 4 XLR (8ch Balanced Analog) Any tricks? e.g. re-clock the Lynx card from the Mytek CX 797 clock out?
  12. Thanks for these detailed replies It sounds that we are not there yet for 5.1 DSD from ISO files Btw, daniel Weiss reply a similar enquiry from myself that they are working on DSD support for the DAC 202 (stereo) via firmware and driver upgrade Don't know of any time frame and if it will include other products I was tempted to have 3 stereo dac 202 with one as master clock but that would be more expensive than the emmslabs DAC 8 :-) And a silly 3 volume controls etc Is it fair to say that weiss and emmslabs are much better SQ than mytec? I ve only listened to weiss 202 dac
  13. Hi, I have been looking for a multichannel DAC 5.1 that plays DSD64 multichannel SACD ISO images but seems that not many solutions out there. I use foobar SACD plug in (PCM) in 2.0 The EmmLabs DAC8 MKIV 8 Channel D/A and D/D converter seems interesting Manufacturer Link: EMM Labs - DAC8 MkIV Multichannel Digital to Analog Converter Price is around $8500 EMM Labs and Sonoma Pricing An out of production model DAC6e look interesting too: EMM Labs - DAC6e SE 6 Channel Digital to Analog Converter I suppose that a PCI card is required to input in the DAC. I would u
  14. Thanks again, Purite Audio, I did listen to some Genelec (8030 & 8040) but didnt like them and went for Focal Twins. I may listen to higer end Genelecs, I do like that they are strong build, integrate 5.1 and DSP/room correction. Danq, I will have a listen at the Magnepan. I really like Monitors (no amp hanging around) and I do listen at Near field (1mt) from them. I plan to integrate 5.1 later on. That narrows my options, may be I should give up the monitors type and have an amp I definetly have to go arround and listen to more systems to make an opinion.
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