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  1. Thanks for the note. I would say be cautious what you believe to be absolute truth. As for 'complete nonsense, there have been dozens of articles online, and in Absolute Sound from reliable sources about the faults of USB and audio file transmission (firewire is thought to be vastly superior). Many high end digital audio component manufacturers admit that the USB interace is the weak point in their designs. That said, I'm using a balanced (XLR) digital link from my cd transport to my DAC. Balanced analog cables to the DAC to the preamp. Unfortunately, the Squeezebox only has SPDIF digital output. I've experimented with at least 10 different digi cables, and decided the Acoustic Zen MC2 is the best to my ears. I do agree that the Touch solution is not optimal, and would of course use an upgraded power supply with that. As mentioned in my original post, my current Squeezebox has had several mods, most having to do with the power supply. I did look into the Cantata (current issue of Stereophile), but it's $6K, and I'm not sure if I can simply run audio files to it via ethernet - like the Squeezebox. The problem also becomes one of control. How does the Cantata know which of my computer files to play? It's complicated, but I have a feeling new products are on the horizon that will do what the Squeezebox does, only better.
  2. Don't really want to set up another full computer system (console, monitor, keyboard) in my living room. If I could've used the Mac Mini as just a hub I could control from my office, that would be fine. But I still don't think I get get files to play from the Mac Mini that way? This leads me to believe I still need the best sonic solution for digital music files that are 'arriving' at my hifi via ethernet cable - as it's currently set up. The Squeezebox 2 does the job, BUT, even though I paid $400 in mods for it, still degrades the sound. My understanding is that it's the clock in the SB that is the drawback. Which is why I'm looking into the Touch - it has a better clock. Thanks!
  3. This makes some sense - even though there a ton of information published about USB being the worst way to transmit audio files. I understand that's the purpose of the converters. However, the SB3 allows me to PLAY MUSIC FILES in my living room. Once I take the Squeezebox (or Touch) out of the equation, how would I play music files on my hifi? thanks!
  4. Hi Steven: Per my post - my computer system is at least 30 feet, and several rooms away from hifi. Need a solution that works through ethernet cable... Thanks!
  5. I've been an audiophile for over 30 years. My computer system (with many outboard drives and several terabytes of music) is in my office. My hifi is in my living room: Electrocompaniet modded 24/192 DAC, Audio Research preamp, Pass Labs X250.5 power amp, Aerial 9 speakers, Parasound belt-drive cd transport, PAD cables, Shunyata AC conditioning. I run digital files via ethernet cable (under my house) from my office computer (27" iMac) to my hifi. Right now, I'm using a modded Squeezebox 3 with a custom power supply to transfer the digital signal from the ethernet to its SPDIF output, into my DAC. Here's the problem. Digital files from the computer (16/44.1 or even 24 bit) do not sound nearly as good as digital files from my cd transport. So, something in the 'chain' from computer to DAC is causing degradation of the signal. I'm looking into a Logitech Touch, because I've been told the clock is better the than SB3. However, I'm also completely open to other alternatives. Thanks very much!
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