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  1. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    I think what your referring to is the black tabs & I refer to them as jumpers I have a DAC that you adjust gain by placing jumpers over the pins.
  2. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    I just started with this one I don't remember if its a new one or not? A:B-W-Y-R B: B-W So far I'm liking it I gotta give it few weeks before I make a complete consensus....
  3. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    After couple of weeks with the A:B-W-Y B:B-W and most recently last night I noticed that the soundstage presentation on my hd800's is strange. By this I mean it feels very rectangular the left and right feel very wide but the depth front to back is very narrow. This puts the vocals really up front almost dead center in your head. Headphone users will now what I mean this can work for albums that highlight the vocals. I think its time to move on to another configuration...
  4. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Yes the configuration that I'm stuck on is... The pictures upthread is correct! A: B-W-Y B: B-W As noted by Peter it just has something special I so far tried 18 different configurations and they lack something. This ones grabs the listener because of its clarity in the vocal, imaging, and being able to bring up certain frequency ranges that let you hear something you otherwise didn't hear before. I haven't noticed a buzzing in the low end as Peter put it I probably need to listen more. Peter could you list the track you used that led you to hear this "buzz" so I can see if I'm hearing the same? I been stuck on DCD for last week listening to the SACD's and the original CD releases. I used to prefer the SACD's but I'm leaning more towards the original CD releases they just sound more balanced. SACD's are to load to forward with a focus on upper frequency range to my ear.
  5. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    I found one that really like! A: B-W-Y B: BW It’s hitting on all my check boxes Tight bass, air, timbre, and soundstage. The drums sound nice the cymbals are distinct. Vocals don’t sound overly etched. It’s still early but I think this ones a keeper!
  6. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    I gonna keep messing with this I find the bass on the new one to be a little much as well. The new setting really focused on the rhythm section bass and drums are more forward some might like that which it is exciting but just feels like EQ to me. Ultimately I trying to find one that’s hitting on all my tastes. Clarity, timbre, air, tight bass, highs but not overly etched, and wide soundstage.
  7. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Okay I think I throughly burned in so I stayed to play around... A: B-Y & WR B: BY & WR On first listen this sounded pretty darn good nice amount of air, soundstage, strings more pronounced, and vocals sounded lively. I did prefer this over A: B-W-Y-R B: B-W-R I found the bass on this one to be a touch too bloated. A: B-Y & W-R B: B-Y I did find this to trump the previous two I found it detailed, bass not bloated, wide soundstage, vocals seem balanced. Best thus thus far. Then I wanted something that can make drums sound amazing and after 5 different arrangements I found it! A: B-W-R B: B-W Drums sound fantastic detailed you can hear every hit of the snare and it has a nice deep extended bass that’s not bloated. Vocals sound good as well. I need to listen to more genres but for sure it works with rock music or anything with heavy percussion.
  8. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    I see what I did basically I messed up so essentially the configuration was... A: B-W B: B-W At first I liked this one vocals seemed more present but when switching to DSD I found all the air was zapped out of the recording no more atmosphere. but I’m intrigued about... A: B-W-Y B: B-W This one is similar to one above but works not as dry. This one is vocal king no edginess smooth presentation and decay is very quick. Acoustics picking is very distinct. Sorry for my misunderstanding I need to start taking notes on what configuration plus findings so I don’t get lost in the 10k permutations. music used Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser MFSL DSD “Songs Of Our Stars” for imaging Beck - Sea Change MFSL “Already Dead” acoustics and vocals Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet W.German target “Wanted Dead Or Alice” acoustics and vocals Michael Jackson - Bad “Speed Racer” for imaging PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me for vocals and drums
  9. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Thanks Peter I got my Lush^2 on Monday and after probably 50 or so configurations I finally found one that sounds exciting to my ear! Vocals on this one are unreal, soundstage is wide, and imaging is pin point. Acoustics are more distinct and decay is faster on guitars and vocals. A: B-W &&Y B: B-W The first & jumper is horizontal and the second & jumper vertical. Curious to know if others hear the same?
  10. kurb1980

    JS-2 Power Supply Installed!

    Thanks Alex we spoke the other day about the JS-2. I just wanted to say it was apparent to me your passion for what you do and wanting to share your expertise with others. You covered a lot of ground in that phone conversation pun intended most of it was over my head. I could tell your a great speaker I could listen to a webinar have you ever considered doing that? Long story short can’t wait to hear the JS-2 once it arrives! i do have a question should I plug it in to my filterless power strip which is plugged into the topaz?
  11. kurb1980

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Just got my UltraRendu waiting for the JS-2. Super simple pretty much plug and play. I’m using my second gen HDplex adjusted to 7v to test it out works great sounds stiff I’m sure it’s the HDplex. It will be a great comparison to hear the difference in SQ once the JS-2 arrives.
  12. kurb1980

    Article: Free Higher Resolution Upgrades*

    I'd rather have the expanded color gamut than the 4k with that said I'd rather have dynamic mastering over 192kHz MQA because what's the point of having the added frequency response if levels are squashed.
  13. I love the sound of the HD800's with my Mjolnir2 w/Siemens CCa's all balanced from the DAC2 HGC. I also like them with the Reflextors too. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  14. I talked to Rory he told me basically if I have done the firmware update that will get you 95% of what the DAC3 is capable of. So I'm sticking with the DAC2 a while longer.
  15. kurb1980

    Computer Advice

    I use JRiver and I recommend the following.... 1. You can optimize JRiver for better sound quality by setting Prebuffering to 2 seconds, open DSP and change 'Clip protection' to 'Flat line overflows', change audio output to Kernel Streaming, ASIO or WASAPI depending on your preference and set buffering to smallest possible. You can choose to play files from memory instead of disk depending on your preference. 2. Disable dithering in JRiver in advanced set to off. 3. You can disable CPU throttling by changing power plan to 'High Performance' so CPU will always run at 100% utilization. On contrary, if you want to reduce noise from CPU on high performance machine, you can choose 'Power saver' instead and set CPU utilization to 0% for min/max. You can tweak your CPU even further by visiting here Black Viper | http://www.blackviper.com – Have You Tweaked Your OS Lately? this all really depends on how dedicated you want your system to be and how far you want to tweak it.